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Free Download - Narcissism Book of Quotes
by Sam Vaknin

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists - The point of view and lessons of the victims. ..  
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Featured Book
Money, Sex and Kids:
by Tina Tessina

Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage! "With a Ph.D., eight books, and 30 years of counseling experience under her belt, [Redbook Lov..  
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Featured Book
Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited (e-Book)
by Sam Vaknin

The e-book version of Sam Vaknin's "Malignant Self - Love - Narcissism Revisited". Contains the entire text: essays, frequently asked questions and appendices re..  
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25 Most Recent Relationships Articles

How can you tell a TRUE friend from a FAKE one? by Sam Vaknin
A TRUE friend supports you only when he believes that you are doing the right thing in your self-interest and welfare; A FAKE friend supports...
How Do You Give the Heave Ho When It's a No-Go? by Marla Martenson
If things aren't working out in a relationship, how do you end it?...
How Do You Handle Relationship and Marital Conflict? by Gillis Triplett
When you are faced with differences of opinion, friction or disagreements, how do you handle yourself? What type of person do you become? Do you invok...
How Does He Put Up With Me? by Inspire Hope
Many times I must confess I have often asked myself the question "How does he put up with me " I am thankful that he does! May this challenge you as i...
How Great Is Your Relationship? by William Cottringer
Take the following test to determine the quality of your current relationship in comparison with ten aspects related to great relationships....
How I Managed As A Minority In The Office by Vannie Ryanes
It's not easy being "the only one" in any situation but if you can manage to handle it with grace you may be able to teach others about tolerance and ...
How I survived the Holidays by Pam Reynolds
Even having the best relationships with family, we still fight to maintain control of our thoughts and feelings. We all want to be number one and seco...
How Jealousy Creates Fear In The Mother-In-Law Daughter-In-Law Relationship by Pam Reynolds
I keep coming back to fear because more mothers-in-law (MIL) and daughters-in-law (DIL) ask questions that are basically loaded with their fears. They...
How Love Quotes Can Improve Your Relationship by Boon Kiat Chua
I love collecting and sharing love quotes and also inspirational quotes with family and friends. And I have always received words of 'thank you' from ...
How Not To Be A Wicked Stepparent by Tina Tessina
4 Real Ways To Make It Work...
How Not to Fight-Myths about Fighting In Relationships, And What to Do Abou by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance clears up some myths about how we fight. ...
How to let go by Linda Kaye
An incredible releasing affirmation that actually works....
How to Attract the Guy of Your Dreams by James Taylor
In this article I describe four qualities that you need as a woman to meet and marry the guy of your dreams....
How to Avoid Financial Infidelity by Tina Tessina
The most valuable thing in a long-term stable relationship is having a partnership, and most new couples donít realize that money is a major factor in...
How to be a Good Lover by Bob Makransky
A good lover is light yet masterful; considerate and tender; uninhibited and adventuresome; and we will consider each of these points in turn. ...
How To Be Irresistible To Your Mate by Tina Tessina
Listening and understanding your partner doesnít necessarily mean you agree with everything that partner wants or thinks. Being pleasant doesnít mean ...
How to Be Irresistible to Your Mate by Tina Tessina
So many couples I see in my office are in trouble because they have a knee-jerk oppositional response to each otherótheyíre defensive and critical, ra...
How to Celebrate Your Life Back to Love In Minutes by Jaci Rae
"Celebration," according to, means, "To observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony or festivity." When we first begin a relationship...
How to Choose to be Part of a Miracle by John Tracy Wilson
There is more at stake from the ripples we make than just simply passing through this life. We can be part of a miracle; the sharing of Godís light an...
How to Communicate Effectively With Your Spouse by Stephanie Davies
This article will show you tips and techniques for effectively communicating with your spouse so that it enhances your relationship....
How to Cope with the Loss of a Friend by Tina Tessina
There is nothing you can do to make such a loss less tragic, so the grief, anger and frustration that you feel are normal reactions to the circumstanc...
How To Create A Wedding Ceremony by Tina Tessina
To help you create a design of your own, Iím presenting the basics of wedding/commitment celebrations here, to use as a guideline....
How To Divorce Like You Are Buying A TV by Liz Wertman
How to find Compatible Partners for good Relationships by Kwan Loo
Based on 30+ years research here are a few useful tips to find compatible partners in your life. Why suffer? Life is short !!...
How to Find Love by Changing Your Thinking by Amanda Harvey
You Can Find Love and Lasting Happiness With the Right Mindset. How to find love by ridding yourself of limiting thoughts and beliefs. True love and h...
How to Get a Man to Love You by Jaleh Donaldson
You may ask, "Is it possible to get a man to love you?" The answer is YES! The following tips will increase your chances and teach you how to get a ma...
How to Get Him to Put That Ring on Your Finger in 365 Days or Less by Glenda Wallace
Single ladies this is the one you've been asking for.....
How to Get Him to Put That Ring on Your Finger in 365 Days or Less! by Glenda Wallace
So itís been years and you canít understand why youíre still just ďdatingĒ your Mr. Right! Youíre ready to take your relationship to the next level bu...
How to Get our Relationships Right by Edet Effiom
The article teaches how to establish and maintain Godlike relationships....
How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship by nina bee
How long can you stand being in an abusive relationship?...
How to Get the Man You Want to Marry You! by Glenda Wallace
Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not! ...
How to Get the Spark Back in Your Love Life by Jaci Rae
Is your relationship is on the brink of disaster? Save Your Relationship and Get the Love You Deserve....
How to Get Your Ex Husband Back Ė The Real Secrets Revealed by David Roppo
A real 3 step secret formula that will attract your ex husband back and get him to fall hopelessly in Love with you all over again!...
How to Grow Old Together by Richard Orey
Despite Lying, Cheating, Arrogance & Secrecy...
How to Have a Near-Perfect Marriage Or Not. by William Cottringer
Having a near-perfect marriage involves finding the right person and being the right person....
How to Have Greater Emotional Intimacy by Shela Dean
Emotional intimacy is the foundation of a great relationship. Use this advice to learn how to improve your emotional intimacy, become a better partne...
How to Have Happier Holidays! by Tina Tessina
No matter what you observe: Ramadan, Kwaanza, Chanukah, Solstice or Christmas, this is a celebratory time of year. ...
How to Heal a Rift with an Adult Child by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance addresses how to heal a rift between adult children and their parents. ...
How to Keep the Passion Alive Beyond the Bedroom by Beverly Mahone
Tips on how to get your man to make you hotter than a hot flash!...
How To Keep Your Man - Communication by Darren Burton
Without effective communication between you and your partner your relationship will eventually be doomed. Everything else thatís good in the relations...
How to Keep Yourself Out of a Violent Relationship by Tina Tessina
Doctor Romance has guidelines for protecting yourself from a violent relationship....
How to Know When the Relationship Ain't Working by Elaine Carey
The tell-tale signs are obvious to the bystanders, but often half of the couple keeps trying to bail out a ship that is sinking, sinking...hmmm, maybe...
How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime! by Richard Krejcir
We all desire and seek love and companionship to fill an empty hole we think we have. For some singles, this is the driving force in their life, as it...
How to Make an Instant Connection with Anyone You Like by Jennifer Moore
Eye Contact, Compliments, Small Talk, Smiling and Flirting Are Great Ways to Make an Instant Connection with Anyone...
How to Marry and Keep a Supermodel by Herman Franck, Esq.: Book Review by Irene Watson
Mild mannered attorney Herman Franck, Esq. chronicles his once in a million chance meeting of the supermodel known as Sassafras in "How to Marry and K...
How to overcome co-dependency and live a fulfilled life by Dr. Ulla Sebastian
Do you feel a deep need to be saved from inner loneliness and emptiness? Do you get entangled into co-dependent relationships? You can break free. Fin...
How to Raise Heroes and Defeat Rule Breakers by Pam Reynolds
I wonder how many people admire rule breakers, or are inspired by them. At times we perceive them as courageous. The truth is they are seekers of a mo...
How to Rekindle the Spark in your Relationship by Stacey Chillemi
Many married women claim that the spark begins to die down a few years into their marriages. They feel like their spouse feels Ďcomfortableí in ...
How to Remember Names in 5 Simple Steps by Timothy Arends
The five rules of remembering names: Hear the name, spell the name, comment on the name, use the name in conversation, and use the name when you leave...
How to Save a Failing Relationship Single Handedly! by David Roppo
You wake up one day and your relationship is shattered. Most of the passion that existed between the two of you is gone, and your mate says "I'm not i...
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Featured Book
Money, Sex and Kids:
by Tina Tessina

Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage! "With a Ph.D., eight books, and 30 years of counseling experience under her belt, [Redbook Lov..  
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Featured Book
Excerpts from the Archives of the Narcissism List
by Sam Vaknin

Hundreds of excerpts from the archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study List regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissisti..  
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