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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies
by Betty Jo Tucker

"The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies" is designed for people who want to learn various techniques for writing movie reviews as well as for interviewing actors, directors,..  
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Featured Book
Travelers in Grammar Part One
by Teresa Pelka

The book introduces to the Simple, Progressive and Perfect tense Aspect mapping, along with the Affirmative, the Interrogative, and the Negative. Two appendixes offer gui..  
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Featured Book
Times Tables (Hardcover)
by Brainard Braimah

A times tables book for 5-11 year-olds.The tables are set out in three columns: How we read it, how we write it and what it means. This presentation of the times tables m..  
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All Education/Training Articles

25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

Nepal, country of Mount Everest and Lord Buddha by Hari Khadka
Nepal is a land locked country sandwitched between two giants India and China.But Nepal is well known all over the world as the country of MOunt Evere...
Net Neutrality, the Life Blood of Creative People by Toni Seger
The web is the most important means for creative people to reach a broader audience. Without net neutrality, Big Media will own all audience access....
Network Behavior Analysis by Sandeep Kumar Seeram
A network behavior analysis (NBA) system examines network traffic or statistics on network traffic to identify unusual traffic flows, such as distribu...
Never hurts to REVIEW WRITING BASICS by Dr. Joe Reed
Writing 101: Reviewing Essential Basic Writing Skills. A step-by-step guide for the creative writing process and some helpful hints too. ...
The latest vocabulary words just heard on the Rush Lumbaugh/Bill O'Reilly hour.. ...
New Book a Platform For First-Cause Debate by Joe McCaffrey
Retired businessman tries to provide an objective platform to discuss intelligent design vs naturalistic explanations for existence of the universe in...
New Poetry Form by Paul Mc Cann
Here I would like to share some of my new poetry structure . ...
New Requirement for NSAs - Background Check by C C
More and more, we, as a nation, are becoming ultra-concerned and extremely protective of personal data and personal information....
This article by Margot Finke, and the links she lists ,point out the pitfalls of rushing to sign up with an agent or publisher that promises you THE W...
News 10 features author & poet Terry a O'Neal by Terry O'Neal
News 10 Sacramento & Company speaks with founder & director of the National Black History Bee...
NMJC graduation: Sibling success story by Marie Wadsworth
My last Associated Press article of my journalistic career. Published May 9, 2009. Also Published in national magazine, Community College Weekly....
No Analysis, No Cheaters by Karen Palumbo
TEA can't honestly think this is a path to truth..........
No Child Left Behind by Mileah Shore
This article summazies the issues of the FCAT test in Florida. There are many more cons than there are pros and it is my hope that eventually the righ...
No Kooks by Timothy Buchanan
Important reasons that Obama is unfit for ANY public office in the United States....
No Wind, the Art of Painting by Deborah Russell
the ability to move humankind ...
No-Sweat by Cynth'ya
The link above is from GUIDESTAR to assist fundraisers....
Not Everyone Will Like You by Ernie Heavin
Oasis Life Truths...
Nothing Personal: Mr. Tirupathi and Any Mr. Milekani by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
I am not sure if I am qualified to write on Tirupathi, but what shall I do if He wants to become a sterteotype in my book "Ur Bangalore"?.........
November, 2008 Newsletter by Dana Reed
I posted it online on the 15th and never added a link here. Sorry....
Number Your Homes and Business by Linda Meckler
Did you ever try to find a house or business? Did you find out the numbers which should have been clearly displayed were not. Did you find yourself ri...
Numbers: To Spell out or to Write? by Yasser Butt
Have you ever thought about the way numbers ought to be composed? In the event that you have dependably been acting under the standard of comfort, tha...
ObamiCains by Cynth'ya
EM>Right nice people them blue collar ObamiCains. They's just a bit cornfused!/em> ...
OCCUPY EDUCATION ! -- HELP Stop Illiteracy...Support Edutainment by Melvia Miller
October 18th is National Necktie Day. by Sybrina Durant
October 18th is National Necktie Day. Tie one on to celebrate....
Of Interest by Naomi Hoomalu
Advertisment placed for promotion of Public America book, "Lights On In The Window" ...
Office tips: What you should never say in an email by Faten Abdallah
Here are tips of what you should never say in an email....
On farm waste used as organic fertiliser by Farzana Panhwar
Fruit farmer Mrs Farzana Panhwar, based near Hydearabad, Pakistan, has written to farmingsolutions to explain how and why she produces ecologically so...
On time freshmen by Yvonne Mikell
Freshmen and time management...
On Writing A Screenplay by Dana Reed
Not quite the same as a novel...
On Writing Blogs by Dana Reed
Whatever you write, make sure it's you....
Once Upon a Time... Storytelling by Dr. Joe Reed
Why Storytelling is such a powerful communication tool. ...
One Size Does Not Fit ALL Motorcycle Training by Mark Carroll
Navy Motorcycle Training does not adequately meet the needs of experienced or New riders....
Open Source Libraries by Artem Iashin
Want to give your mobile apps a much deserved pick me up? Why not make use of some really cool iOS source libraries....
Organizational Change by Kathryn Carrington
In analyzing the changes that have been implemented, new product developments, change processes, governmental actions and addressing problematic issue...
Organize Your Life and More Get Organized For College by Christina Scalise
Preparing for college can be stressful. To help reduce that stress, get yourself as organized as possible and keep a continuous checklist of what nee...
Other English Language Specialities: LSP and CLIL by Virginia Allum
English for Specific Purposes now encompasses a wide range of meanings and uses. English as a Foreign Language is taught for niche language markets an...
Our Education System is Failing our Children by Nicole Murphy
The reason that some many children seem to be failing at school is because the system is set up for them to fail. This article details what I believe...
Our Tools by Ameera Anoor
More on our tools...
P.E.A.C.E for Parents by Judine Slaughter
In this day and age, a college degree holds the equivalence to a high school diploma. Taking into account the stiff competition, even qualified applic...
Paid Internships Programs for HBCU Students at Savannah River Site by Nordette Adams
Links to other internship resources within the Department of Energy complex are included at the end of this article, including non-HBCU programs....
Panel calls for letting students leave high school early by Karen Palumbo
An article discussing the pros and cons of sanctioning students to leave school after completing tenth grade, instead of twelfth grade....
Paper, Pencils and Plan books by Damaa --
Preparing yourself for the first year of teaching....
Parental Love by Emile Tubiana
There are many forms of love....
Part II: Multicultural Education Means Mediocre Education by Jay Dubya
Author Jay Dubya identifies the detrimental harm being done to American public school children with the new Multicultural Education Curriculum....
Passive Voice is not to be Feared by C. Barrett
Understanding what passive voice really is and how to tell when to use it....
Pathogenesis: Vitro and Vivo by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
There are lot of big people coming to Kolkata, and our college; I may have to make a presentation. I posted a few slides just like that.......
Pathological Lying by Yovan Putra
A pathological lying is a phenomenon when its easier for someone to tell a falsehood. This might happen because of unusual imbalance of brain matter,...
Pay Attention To The Details by Ernie Heavin
Oasis Life Truths...
Paye Pari Buddhamama: 5 by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
This is not a joke!...
Pears Cyclopaedia 2014-5 Edition: Human Knowledge Encapsulated by Sam Vaknin
What renders this single volume unique is not that it is a cornucopia of facts (which it is, abundantly and lavishly so), but that it arranges them lo...
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  19. High Output Evaluation Review: Introducing
  20. A Letter to American Mensa, Ltd.

Featured Book
Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for Elementary School and ESL
by Charlene Tess

At last, a version of Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for younger students and those whose native language is not English. Students can learn to analyze sentences in 5 eas..  
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Featured Book
Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions
by Andrew Williams

The procedures, the problems and pitfalls of extending or altering property are discussed in this fully updated edition. It gives helpful advice on how to make a project ..  
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