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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Fire Canoes
by Anthony Dalton

Tales of steamboats on great Canadian rivers, from the earliest sternwheeler to the giant ocean liners of the 20th century...  
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Featured Book
With Love Stan: A Soldiers Letters From Vietnam To The World
by Karen Epp

A primary source book, a compilation of Sp4 Stanley D. Ross's letters home from the front lines of Vietnam in 1969.Photographs and recollections of the men who served wit..  
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Featured Book
The Roots of Reno
by Al Moe

The true story of how Reno, Nevada became the "Biggest Little City in the World" through casino owners hard work, intimidation, and treachery...  
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25 Most Recent History Articles

The Black Death & The Vinegar of the Four Thieves by Beth Trissel
The Bubonic Plague...
The Boston Tea Party: A Criminal Act For Freedom by C Hare
The Boston Tea Party was considered a criminal act, at least by the British authorities. Thankfully, the early Patriots were willing to stand up for ...
The BraveHeart Of Robert-The-Bruce by JC Pinkerton
Who was Robert-the-Bruce?...
The Case for William 'Kid' Thompson being Billy Fox. by David Taylor
This article won't make much sense unless you've read 'The Killing of Frank Fox'. ...
The Celebration of Imbolc, by Karen Michelle Nutt
The Pagan celebration, Brigid’s Day is the fire festival to honor the great Irish Goddess Brigid. They would build hillside bonfires and light candle...
The Chisholm-Romayne & Blount Schemes by David Arthur Walters
Senator Blount's conspiracy to seize the Spanish Plums was grander....
The Civil War Months by Walter Coffey
A Month-by-Month Compendium of the War Between the States...
The Confederate Constitution by Nomde Lum
The Confederate Constitution had some good ideas, if you leave out the slavery....
The Corpse King by Dorothy Davies
a short outline of the London bodysnatchers, or Resurrection Men...
The day US AmbassadorStevens was Killed by Emile Tubiana
The US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three staff members at the US consulate in Benghazi were deliberately murdered Tuesday night Sept 11...
The Devil in Massachusetts--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
The Devil in Massachusetts, written by Marion L. Starkey, published by Alfred A. Knopf, 1949...
The Doomah Discourse by David Arthur Walters
Hanley Harding and the personification of the president of Iran exchange notes on history...
The Druids by David Rountree
While researching information on the Tuatha de Danaan, I discovered a wealth of references to the life and times of the Druids; sources include The Wu...
The Edwin Forrest Home at Springbrook by Gerard St. John
Long ago when I was young, old-timers used to point at the Mayfair Diner and say, "That's where The Edwin Forrest Home used to be." I had no idea wh...
The End of Days by Cheril Goodrich
The end of days signals the end of time the way we know it. This historical event is beyond a physical interpretation because it is Universal in propo...
The Enola Gay by Susan Smith
The mission of the Enola Gay hastened the end of World War Two - the worst in the 20th century - and up to that point, perhaps the worst of all record...
The Equalizer by Mark Lichterman
Tales of the Gun - the history of and the Guns of Colt ...
The Erosion of the Self in the Early Christian World by Dena Moore
The perfected, athletic ideal of the human form and the use of reason so abundant in Greek Hellenic philosophy and art gradually evolved into the wide...
The Etermination Of The American Buffalo by Marlene Affeld
Bison were the most numerous single species of large wild mammals on Earth and is the largest land mammal in North America since the end of the Ice Ag...
The Etruscans by Robin Fowler
A series of articles devoted to the Etruscans, a slightly mysterious civilization that predates the Roman Empire....
The Evolution of Don't Call Me Rosie by Kathleen Thomas
Kathleen shares how the writing of "Don't Call Me Rosie" evolved....
The Execution by Tom Hyland
30-29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21- 20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11- 10- 9- 8- 7- 6- 5- 4- 3- 2- 1- ALLAH BE PRAISED ! ...
The Ezekiel-Hitler Connection by Franz Kessler
When I was reading EZEKIEL in my old Lutheran Bible, I didn't hear the voice of God, but someone else instead: Adolf Hitler. This article ponders som...
THE FAMINE POT by Mattie Lennon
John Cassidy has discovered some lesser-known facts about the Irish potato famine...
I was there. I was in Montgomery on the "first day" of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I was an eyewitness. More than that I was a participant. That day I...
The First Ever A Forever Stamp by Linda Meckler
Did you know there is a stamp that when used - the price of the stamp will never change. Are you surprised at this information? Do you think it is not...
The Forgotten Symbol Dan Brown Omitted From The Lost Symbol by Bettye Johnson
The forgotten symbol in the U.S. Capitol is one of the most prevelant, but ignored. The time for revelation is now. ...
The Fort at La Ramie by Celia Hayes
A lonely outpost on a crossroad of the emigrant trail...
The Four Dominions, All the Words of The Life! by George Holman
The Four Dominions, covers 6,015 years of Biblical, Secular and Political History. From 4004 BC. Adam's time - 2011 AD. President Barack Obama's ti...
The Funeral Of Tiana Rogers by JC Pinkerton
The Funeral of Sam Houston's Cherokee wife....
The Galleon by Richard Arrington
Galleons often had a crew of 100,... ...
The Ghost of South Presa Street by Celia Hayes
A visit to the ruins of a haunted hotel...
THe Gipsy Parrajmos by Nily Naiman
The Parrajmos (the great devouring), the holocaust of the Romani people, the Gypsies, was rooted in hatreds that preceded the Second World War. For h...
The Glorious Freedom by Marguerite Lemoine
This glories freedom of the children has been misinterpreted...
The Great Egyptian Sphinx by JC Pinkerton
If you lived in Egypt centuries ago, you might see a creature with the body of a beast and the face of the ruling pharaoh. ...
The Greater Journey--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
The Greater Journey by David McCullough.Published by Simon and Schuster, 2011. Reviewed by J.S. Bradford...
The High Oath of Impeachment by David Arthur Walters
Senator Byrd sang a hymn that day....
The History & Romance Behind Scarborough Fair by Beth Trissel
The History Behind Valentine's Day by Birgit and Roger Pratcher
A few historical facts on Saint Valentine's Day...
The History of Captain Cook by Mr. Ed
The History of Christianity--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
The History of Christianity by Paul Johnson, published in 1976 by Simon & Schuster/Atheneum (USA). ...
The History of Flip Flops by Christy French
Although I know flip flops aren’t the best footwear for our feet (but they’re so comfortable!), I was curious about the history of this shoe, and here...
The Hollywood Writers' Wars--Book Review by J.S. Bradford
The Hollywood Writers' Wars,by Nancy Lynn Schwartz, published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1982...
The Holocaust Revisited by Sam Vaknin
As scholars such as Bauer and Hilberg clearly documented, the phase of extermination was an improvised solution to the exigencies of war. The Germans,...
The Hottest Part of the Cold War by Leland Waldrip
A lady rides a motorcycle through a radiation nightmare. ...
The Illustrated History of Hypnotism by John C. Hughes by Irene Watson
This scholarly exploration of hypnotism's history traces the roots of hypnotism from ancient times to the start of the modern era. John C. Hughes, the...
The Joy of Celebrating Freedom by Aberjhani
The Enslave or Not to Enslave. (photo of children at Journey from Africa to Gullah exhibition by Luther E. Vann)...
The Lady of the Lake by Theresa Koch
Article and Photograph by, Theresa Koch ...
The Last Full Measure of Duty by Scott Rezer
Article appearing in the History Channel Club Magazine September 2011 that I wrote about my Civil War ancestor to honor the memory of his service. I ...
The Last of the Anglo-Normans: the loss of the White Ship by Lindsay Townsend
The death at sea in 1120AD of William the Atheling, son of Henry I of England, brought the end of a dynasty....
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Featured Book
A Long, Dangerous Coastline
by Anthony Dalton

Tales about shipwrecks along the west coast of North America from Alaska to California...  
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Featured Book
Freedom's Light: Quotations from History's Champions of Free
by Alan Cook

Quotations from the world's leading champions of freedom, including the founders of the United States of America...  
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