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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
My Twill is Tasted: I Mean…My Tale is Twisted
by John Rayburn

A demonstration of how such stories as Aesop's Fables, student word play, inadvertent slips of the lip can contribute to hilarious verbal and written language mishaps...  
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Featured Book
Oh Zaperetta! the hilarious trilogy
by Albert Russo

THE LITERARY REVIEW “... Be warned, Zapinette's gems of insouciant wit tend to become infectious. This wise-child's deceptively worldly innocence takes the ent..  
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Featured Book
Hand in Glove
by Paddy Bostock

Never judge a zebra by its stripes.....  
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25 Most Recent Humor Articles

Mindless Fodder for a Thursday Morning by Cheryl Sellers
These are questions that need not be answered, but should be thought about not at all.... lol...
Mister Millet - A Tribute by Dave Field
Read about a teacher with a different approach - and it’s true!...
Mixed up Bible History - children's essays by Kathy Armijo
This was sent to me via email. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. Out of the mouth of babes .... --------------------------...
Mobile phones, dealing with devices of frustration in our modern world! by D B
My cell phone bugs others when it rings, bugs me when I forget to be unavailable, sends me into a panic when I misplace it somewhere, makes me feel li...
Mom vs. the Radical Toddler by P.C. Fergusson
You can find more of my humorous columns on family life here:
Mom's Eye View...Life From A Mother's Perspective by Debra Conklin
One part life experiences. Two parts humor. Three parts gossipy neighbor. Mom's Eye View is a book you keep flipping through...if only to see how the...
Mom's Meddling and My Madness by Tova Gabrielle
A child’s nature is so inconvenient......
Moms Have Their Own Major Food Groups by Lisa Barker
Give me fat and carbohydrates or give me death! ---------------------------------...
Monday Night Mutiny by Cynthia Borris
Week Four and the kids have the remote...
Mondayitis. by Paul Nipperess BMin
In today's email ........
Money vs. Seniors by Patrick Kennedy
Admit it, it’s on your mind a lot these days; cash, currency, funds, legal tender, money; and that thinking comes right after you worry about bills, b...
Monkey Experiments by George Albitz
To error is human!...
More CHEESY PICK-UP LINES For Your Enjoyment by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
NO...NO...NO...need to thank me. I am doing this as a public service. This list of cheesy pick-up lines, will help all the smucks out there with a f...
More Differences Between Men and Women by Elaine Carey
They are so numerous and obvious that we really should live in separate dormitories. ...
More New Rules for 2008 by Dennis Coleman
If George Carlin can do it......
More Oxymoron’s by Lew Duffey
I had some fun with an oxymoron and wrote a poem which seemed to attract some attention so I picked out a couple more to play with but I am not going ...
More Ponderisms by Chip Bergeron
From a friend in Blighty across the Great Waters, and oh so true.......
More Stupid Questions For Your Enjoyment by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
If you have time to waste...this page is probably the page to do it. This page serves no purpose; is not educational; is not inspiring; no motivation...
Motor City Madness by Dave LeGates (YankeeDave)
God Bless the Department of Motor Vehicles!...
Movies We Almost Saw in the 1980s by John Sheirer
What if studio executives got their way in the 1980s?...
MPR Testimonial by Edwin Larson
A parody of what I heard on the radio today. ...
Mr. Nico's Monday A.M. Surprise by Randall Barfield
And then it was decreed: Woe unto the ethically challenged!...
Mrs Bean goes to Verbier by Francesca Prescott
Have you noticed how advertisers portray family car-trips? All those shiny, happy people with well-behaved children. I don't know what happened to me...
Mudslinging by James Anderson
My wife drags me into a pottery class. The next thing I know, evetything is hitting the fan.......
Music To My Ears by BJ Appelgren
The meaning of the annual cricket invasion...
My body thinks I'm an 200 pound anerexic by Tami Williams
It's a look into how I'm am dealing with the news that I have Celiac Disease....
My Cantaloupe Kids by E. P. Ned Burke
Cabbage Patch Kid craze has nothing on these dolls....
My colonoscopy 3/20/14 – I have to tell you... by Dennis De Rose
Are you putting it off? Do you need a colonoscopy? Let me help you end your fears. Ask your Doctor about a Cologuard test....
My Digital Legacy by Monte Anderson
What will our families find on our computer when we die?...
My Dirty War with the CIA by Ann Diamond
If I am ever called upon to decide which human being should be the first to go to Mars, my choice would be Tom Clancy's research assistant, whom I met...
My friends on Halloween by JASMIN HORST SEILER
I just read Georges exhuberant little lay in the party of Hallows Eve and so I thought, we should be aware of couple of things just in case!...
My Funeral by Randall Barfield
No summary. You'll have to read it or else....
My Humble Opinion 40 by Jennifer Butler
Power - it's what most people think they want when they are feeling weak and ineffectual....
My Humble Opinion 47 by Jennifer Butler
WHY are so many people comPLAINing? (Question Mark.)...
My Humble Opinion 57 by Jennifer Butler
What We Learned in Boating School (Cheat Notes for SpongeBob)...
My Humble Opinion 73 by Jennifer Butler
Giving the Bush Some Cutbacks...
My Humble Opinion 74 by Jennifer Butler
Sugar has been falsely accused! Now I'll have to brainwash my kids all over again....
My Humble Opinion 87 by Jennifer Butler
Animals usually say one thing right away: "It's a long tale."...
My Instruction Manual by Mildred Achoch
"Give him your instruction manual." I followed this advice and came up with...well, read on to find out!...
My Knight in Shining Armor is Coming... by Dianne Harman
Interview with author of book on having your fairy tale come true....
My latest humor column! by Erica Ferencik
One Day on the Grammar Hotline...
My life is an Open Book by Susan Barton
On The Jane Pauley Show yesterday, the topic was "tellling your story" and one of the segments was about a prject at The Washington Post where readers...
My Lunch With George Harrison by Rane Sevin
Published in Guitar Magazine...
My models for Relative Danger by June Shaw
Inspiring my spunky heroine were my squeeze, Bob, and my mom, Nora T., who's 100. My heroine is nowhere near that age, but she's a spry boomer....
My Mother by Zenith Elliott
My fourteen year old son wrote a story for one of his classes at school. I found this humorous, even if it's at my expense and felt he did a good job...
My Muse by Cornelia Amiri
The On-going saga of Clio and Cornelia...
My New Answer to Solicitors by Theresa Franklin
Tired of solicitors calling even though you are on the Do Not Call list? Try this....
My personal collection of odd words and expressions. by Dennis Coleman
Is it just me, or do we all use words and phrases that make no sense at all?...
My Personal License Plate Reads: SLOWPOK by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Humor and creativity just seem to go together! Everyone has their favorite story to tell and I have mine. And, this is a story about two things that...
My Sense of Humor Ain't Always Appreciated? by Walt Hardester
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  18. Cajun View on Terrorist Torture
  19. Calling Dr. Mengele, Calling Dr. Mengele
  20. A Chuckle For You

Featured Book
Zapinette Baguette and Tagliatelle
by Albert Russo

Zapinette lives with her mother, a staunch ‘felinist’who owns a beauty parlor in Paris, as well as with Firmin, the latter’s boyfriend. The girl however feels much closer..  
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Featured Book
New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer
by Annette Gisby

What do you do if your spouse becomes addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies and swoons every time Orlando Bloom appears? Thud! Quick, fetch the smelling salts.....  
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