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The Platinum Rule And Other Contrarian quotes
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The Platinum Rule is a book that takes the other side of our most cherished sayings and proverbs. It is the result of years of reading and recording words of wisdom fro..  
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The Path
by Mary Nickum

essays, short stories, poetry, interviews, book reviews..  
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The Path, Vol. 2 No. 2
by Mary Nickum

A literary magazine for the general reader...  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Articles

My Humble Opinion 41 by Jennifer Butler
When they said, "Get dressed," do you suppose they meant it?...
My Humble Opinion 69 by Jennifer Butler
The Emerald Ring...
My Humble Opinion 72 by Jennifer Butler
Young people have a tendency to trust everyone. Unfortunately, by the time they learn that strangers are often careless, it's after they've already...
My Humble Opinion 84 by Jennifer Butler
SECOND NOTICE, a True Account of a True Texan...
My Humble Opinion 97 by Jennifer Butler
From FASHION DISORDER - A Common North American Malady...
My Last Article of 2006 by Loretta Scott
This year shall surely come to a end... ...
My Sincere Advice by Emile Tubiana
Observations of a senior citizen about what is going on among our people...
My Words, My Thoughts, My Heart - a book review by E. Richardson
a fine book......
My Writing Credentials by Martin Ingham
Without flashy diplomas or workshop certificates, what makes me a worthy writer? ...
NASA Continues To Throw Money Away! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I was born in 1945, and I don't believe the United States landed on the moon in 1969, I think it was a conspiracy between the federal government and ...
Nataki Suggs Book Signing at Karibu Books Bowie Town Center by Nataki Suggs
Nataki Suggs will sign copies of A Life Beyond Limits: Overcoming Private Pain on Saturday, July 28, 2007 at Karibu Books Bowie Town Center, 15624 Eme...
National Society Newspaper Columnists Contest Deadline by Cynthia Borris
Seven categories even online and blog! ...
National Society of Newspaper Columnists Contest by Cynthia Borris
It's Win, Place or Show Time!...
Nature Does Not Negotiate by Ian Thorpe
While not wishing to appear to be trying to gain from the New Orleans catastrophe I want to bring this year old article back into view. While Bush con...
Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants by Vannessa Garrett
Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants (New York Times - Submitted: 6/22/2010 Residents of Fremont, Neb., a meat-packing ...
Need a new or better credit card? by D B
Do you like the convience of your credit cards, but don't like the deal your getting? How about bad credit or bankruptcy and where to go to start ove...
New Book to Expose Social Security Fraud by Allen Smith
For decades the American people have been led to believe that revenue from the Social Security payroll tax was used exclusively to fund Social Securit...
New Novel Dives Into Terrorism by Craig Thompson
Author Craig O. Thompson has combined his expertise on terrorism--and over a dozen years of research on NBCRW (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radiolog...
New Orleans pet rescue effort gathering steam by Peter Paton
Pet Rescue...
NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION? Bah...humbug!! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
If you ask me, I think New Year's Resolutions are FICTION by most Americans, because I think most Americans, who make promises to themselves...don't...
New York Post: Remedy; the Broader Issue-- Money Talks What Will YOU Do? by Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD
The cartoon which appeared in the New York Post has incited outrage in many of us (of all races and nationalities) around the country. We have taken...
News Reporting from Outside the Ball Park by Dusti Sparks-Myers
When Legitimate News is Pushed Under the Bus of Yellow Journalism ...
Next President Of The United States Is... Obama? Clinton? or McCain? by Mary Coe
We all can count on one thing; either Sen. Obama, Sen. Clinton, or Sen McCain will be the next president of the United States. ...
Nightmare scenario,SF Chronicle,insight, Nov.2/08 by Theodore Soderberg
Editor - As polls continue to favor Sen. Barack Obama, Wall Street will continue to slide. If Obama wins, on Nov. 5 the stock market crash will make t...
No Child Left Behind-Ruth Peterson by susie harrison
Child protections laws sound like a good thing, but what does it really boil down to...protecting our children or creating corruption? ONLY P...
No se puede vivir sin amor!!! by J Russell Rose
See below......
No Title by phyllis snook
About me, my mother and a toy box in the attic....
North/East/South/West Question ? Relationship? by Karen Dunn
It is Possible?...
Not So Fast, It's My Country, Too by F William Broome
Notebook on: Michael Brown, Kajieme Powell, and W.E.B. Du Bois (part 1) by Aberjhani
The recent social and racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and other communities in the U.S. have been extremely reminiscent of the 1960s and prompted...
Notes on the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation (part 1 of by Aberjhani
(Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation Proclamation illustration courtesy of Creative Commons License) ...
Novel writing by Jacqui Morrison
A short article on the discipline of novel writing....
November 04 beanz by Paul Nipperess BMin
Reviewing some previous Gann-related analysis for November 04 soybeans and looking a little further ahead, in this popular commodity ..... b...
Now That You’ve Convinced Me…What Do I Do? by Zahala San Simone
I’ve had this question asked of me a few times from compassionate, intelligent souls wanting to know how they can help to make peace happen in our wor...
Obama & the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) by Chris the Abducted Alien
Commentary, article edited and posted by Chris the Abducted Alien, October 16, 2009...
Although it is a silly question to ask, "Does President Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? or to entertain his critics' declaration, "Obama ...
Obama/Clinton Ticket by Mary Coe
Should Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton be on the ticket together? Will They be the dream team? Does Sen Obama need Sen. Clinton on the ticket?...
Of Blues and books and Captain Beefheart by Frank Ryan
Closing down a small press that served me well, plus the blues and dealing with two of my best books......
Official Michael Jackson Opus Published: Different Sides of a Global Icon by Aberjhani
Like the iconic performer himself, a book that is triumphant and controversial at the same time....
Oh for the Good Ole’ Days by Lew Duffey
This probably sounds like the corny ravings of an old man but think about it. We have poison in dog food from China. Small amounts that po...
Oilpatch - a huge loss by Paul Nipperess BMin
Sometimes, we drift apart from good friends, due to circumstances in our lives ..... then, we can be jolted back in time, with news out of lef...
OJ & FOX, are you kidding, get lost.... by Loretta Scott
As I watched the media broadcast in horror, I was in awe of how selfish, and malicious one can be, and how greed can play an important part to "who ca...
Old Fashioned Ass-Kicking! by Rodney Bohen
Yes, there remain those, hardheaded, rude and bullies still among us, that seem to only understand one thing! Yes, a good old, honest to good...
On Palm Trees & Paisleys by Wm. Hammond
Living in Florida, and in my own head....
On Rejection by Persia Walker
The Writer's Badge of Courage...
One by Stanley Alston
a href="" target=_blank>img border="0" src="" alt="The ONE Campa...
One Day To Go: Let Your Vote Be Counted by Mary Coe
Don't let someone else decide for you. Get out and vote for the president of your choice. Let your vote be counted....
One More Story, but voiced by Many Women...Palin by Chris the Abducted Alien
Written by Eve Ensler Posted by Chris L. Joanet and Sisters in the Trades across America September 27, 2008 ...
One shot, or two of lead in your drink? by Ron (sketchman) Axelson
What percentage of lead would you like in your toy?...
Ooops! by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
Quite a tale, I got this, this morning from a friend in Arizona, who actually flew these, huge aircraft, and others, for the military. ...
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  18. The Quotable James Baldwin
  20. Published October OM Times

Featured Book
Taking Care of Harry
by Frank Ryan

A contemporary novel about relationships...  
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Featured Book
by Amy Zajac

A story about destruction of the earth and the pockets of survivors who are part of the long term recovery...  
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