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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
A Mighty Collision of Two Worlds
by Safi

Anisa is raised in the Islamic faith. Mike is a white man and is ignorant of all things spiritual. Anisa and Mike take the plunge. But is this marriage made in heaven?  
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Featured Book
The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While Y
by Tina Tessina

Your marriage vows may have said, ď'til death do us partĒ but no one said anything about what happens when career, circumstances, or a child or family member with a probl..  
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Featured Book
Free Download - Narcissism Book of Quotes
by Sam Vaknin

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists - The point of view and lessons of the victims. ..  
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All Relationships Articles

25 Most Recent Relationships Articles

How to Save a Failing Relationship Single Handedly! by David Roppo
You wake up one day and your relationship is shattered. Most of the passion that existed between the two of you is gone, and your mate says "I'm not i...
How to Save a Relationship - Relationship Myths Exposed by David Roppo
Did you know that there are 3 common and very misleading myths about how to save a relationship?...
How To save your marriage and say good bye to divorce by Shani Dwan
Do you know what are those conditions or situations because of which your relationship has come to this stage. Are you aware whatever has happend, it...
How To Show Love To Your Teen by Mileah Shore
Some days it seems as if teenagers are actually from another planet. This piece will hopefully help us to deal with that....
How to Spot an Abuser on Your First Date by Sam Vaknin
Is there anything you can do to avoid abusers and narcissists to start with? Are there any warning signs, any identifying marks, rules of thumb to shi...
How to stand out in the e-crowd: Write a personal ad that gets results by Kristin Marqet
Hearing the words ďonline dating,Ē can make us a little skeptical. Yet, over the last few years, this way of meeting prospective dates has become acc...
How To Stop The Revenge Cycle by Liz Wertman
How to stop revenge in divorce....
How to Stop Worrying About the Past by Timothy Arends
Do you ever worry or obsess over some faux pas, or some perceived faux pas, that you have committed in the past? "That was a really dumb thing I ...
How to Stretch Time by Tina Tessina
Stretching time is not difficult if you have the prerequisites: self-awareness, a sense of purpose, thoughtful action, and a playful approach....
How to Tame a Lion by Bernice Lakota
Article from my Ladies' Success Magazine....
How To Write A Love Letter by Tina Tessina
The following exercise is designed to help you fully express feelings that may have lain dormant for a long time....
Hughes-Luing Wedding Vows by Philip Hughes-Luing
After fifteen years of building our relationship, we finally were able to put our commitment to each other into marriage vows....
Hurricanes: More Male/Female Differences by Elaine Carey
Natural disasters reveal once again that men and women approach everything from opposite poles. ...
Hurt by Bernadine Fawcett
Motivation to happiness in all relationships...
Hurting Men - Ungodly Attractions by Kathy Jones
Help for Hurting Men involved in ungodly or fatal attractions....
Husbands & Wives - the apples at the top of the tree are amazing by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
wisdom and advice for husbands and wives...
I Ain't Saying She's a Golddigger but.... by Leslie Whittaker
In the 80s it was Madonna's 'Material Girl.' In the 00s it is Kanye West and Jamie Fox's 'Gold Digger.' It is the media perpetuation of the perception...
I Can't Live Without Him/Her by Sam Vaknin
So, while you can surely survive without your intimate partner, you believe (erroneously) that you cannot go on living without your addiction to him o...
I didn't sign up for this!! by Cassandra Daniels
Part I is for the women who don't have children and dating a man who does. ...
I Dreamed You Happy by Rene' Shazer
We can dream for ourselves and hope for others. ...
I Love You, But I Am Not In Love With You... by D.L. Carroll
What is your opinion?...
I Remember Lillie Mae by Andrea Conley
Just about anything good that you can say about the woman I have become, is because of her......
I see You: The Soozhee Way by Soozhee Low
Thereís something very mysterious and magical about staring into your eyes. Itís like Iíve been there before staring into those very eyes and I would ...
I Wanna Sex You Up: Modern Day Dating by Gillis Triplett
Fueled by the media, music and Hollywood and shows such as Sex in the City, Girlfriends, Seinfeld and Living Single, modern day dating has evolved int...
I Was Made for You! by Richard Orey
Romantic Love: Finding, having, keeping...
I'll Call You -- 10 Reasons Men Are Still Single by KA Francis
If you are a man that just can't seem to find that special someone, this may be for you....
I'm somebody's litmus test by Chrisann Almeida
how he sees me...
I'm Sorry by Wesley English
My Bad...
Identifying Abusive Relationships by E Detetcheverrie
Think you may be abused? Not sure? Here's a description of different kinds of abuse and 20 warning signs that you might be in an abusive relationship...
If I Should Die Before I Wake... by Elaine Carey
There are a few things my family needs to know:...
If it feels good, do it" comment by Poet Pablito
"if it feels good do it." my response....
If You Divorce You Will Have To Plant The Seeds by Liz Wertman
If You Don't Another Man Might by Don Juan Amante
Learn What A Woman Wants...
If You Tell The Truth, You Donít Have To Remember Anything (Mark Twain) by Ernie Heavin
Iím Not Upset That You Lied To Me, Iím Upset That From Now On I Canít Trust You ...
If You Wanted To Help Me In My Pain by Nellie Feng
written for those who are hurting and for those who cared. ...
Ifs and Whys In My Mind by Nellie Feng
I wrote this to mourn the passing of a friend....
In all Relationships...Pay Attention! by Kelly Morgan
When someone is being honest about their feelings and intentions, pay attention! ...
in today's email 06062007 by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) ..... learning about our relationships !~!...
in today's email 09052007 by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) What is marriage, anyway ... ??? :)...
Infidelity Expert, Stephany Alexander, advises on whether to spy on a mate by Stephany Alexander
Is it morally wrong to spy on your partner? Get advice if you suspect infidelity and are considering spying on your partner....
Infidelity: Top 20 Warning Signs of Infidelity and Surviving by Stephany Alexander
Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? Top 20 warning signs of infidelity and surviving....
Intellect versus Senses-Relationships by E T Waldron
It could help marriages....
Interested in Knowing Why We Love? by Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman conducts an interview with Dr. Helen Fisher author of WHY WE LOVE. ...
Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach: Book Review by Irene Watson
If you've tried online dating and given up, or even if you thought the Internet wasn't right for you, "Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza" w...
Interview of a South American Gay by Randall Barfield
Meet Miguel Rodriguez: Miguel Rodriguez, a colleague of mine, is one of Colombiaís elite citizens in terms of philosophy, education, cul...
Interview with Doug & Jackie Christie, authors of Luv-Pons! by Irene Watson
You've seen Doug and Jackie Christie on Larry King Live, Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, Just to name a few! Now, The most talked abou...
Interview with Doug & Jackie Christie, authors of No Ordinary Love by Irene Watson
Meet the real Doug and Jackie Christie. He's a 14-year NBA star. She's a former fashion model. They've been criticized, attacked, and scorned, simp...
Interview with J. J. Smith, author of Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating by Irene Watson
Dating has never been more fun or diverse than how J.J. Smith describes it in Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating. Smith has created a valuable collec...
Interview with Jane Treber Macken, author of by Irene Watson
At last, a book that bridges the worlds of business and psychology. Jane Treber Macken expertly reveals the secrets to successfully manage your busine...
Interview with Sandra L. Ceren, of Essentials of Premarital Counseling by Irene Watson
Dr. Sandra Levy Ceren has been counseling premarital couples and fine-tuning her program for more than two decades. A five-year follow- up survey of h...
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Relationships Articles
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  20. Creating Family Acceptance

Featured Book
Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited (e-Book)
by Sam Vaknin

The e-book version of Sam Vaknin's "Malignant Self - Love - Narcissism Revisited". Contains the entire text: essays, frequently asked questions and appendices re..  
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Featured Book
Friends on a Rotten Day
by Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Friends On A Rotten Day is an astrological guide to understanding your BFF's...  
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