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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Smart Brain Train
by Nina Anderson

A delightfully illustrated story that teaches children how to have a healthy brain with note to parents & teachers in the back. Great for home schooling...  
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Featured Book
Warrior Patient: How to Beat Deadly Diseases With Laughter,
by Temple Williams

Warrior Patient will change how you approach the miracles of modern medicine. Read the stunning, and the surprisingly funny story of someone who recovers completely from ..  
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Featured Book
Analyzing Sports Drinks
by Nina Anderson

What's right for you: Carbohydrate or electrolyte replacement...  
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All Health/Wellness Articles

25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Healthcare Reform by m w
Not really an article but instead ideas on Healthcare reform in the USA....
Healthcare Reform Checklist by Sam Vaknin
Healthcare legislation in countries in transition, emerging economies, and developing countries should permit - and use economic incentives to encoura...
Healthcare: Become An Advocate For Yourself by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
If you're a lazy person; a pill-popper; a penny-pincher; a person with a closed-mind...I don't think this piece is for you! Good healthcare has bee...
Healthy Families by Alicia Kirschenheiter
An Overview of the State of Obesity in America...
Healthy Smoothies Can Help Your Lose Weight by John Neyman, Jr.
Getting fast weight loss tips is very important because you can take them with you. You are able to not only take the weight loss tips with you but th...
Heart attacks & warm water ..... by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Hi folks, A good friend of mine, who is a doctor in Singapore, emailed this note to me, today ... ... worthing r...
Heart Disease Prevention in Women by Carolyn Strimike
More women die every year from heart disease than men yet many women are unaware of their risks and what they can do to prevent heart disease. We want...
Heart Healthy Holiday Tips by Carolyn Strimike
The holiday season officially begins with Thanksgiving and ends after the New Year’s celebrations leftovers are gone. Whether you celebrate Christmas...
Heart to Heart by Loretta Scott
Oh, how we take this life for granted, eating what we will, lack of exercise, and the distance we make from seeing the doctor can inevitably not to sa...
Heart transplant no longer needed by Jerry Engler
Exercise, drugs and medical knowhow contribute to bringing Gerald Kelsey of Marion, Kansas, off the heart transplant list, but you can't beat the bigg...
Heat? You're Just a Party Pooper! by Bonita Quesinberry
Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus victims affected by heat: what they should and should not do; how the world perceives them...
Heath Report: When Medicine Makes You Sick! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Six hours after the attack, I was flattened with severe constipation, and I told the ambulance people, that, if the building was on fire that night......
Helichrysum Italicum: A Natural Cure for Rosacea by Sarah Catherine
Helichrysum Italicum calms burns and raw skin and can even be used to fade bruising and calm the redness that afflicts rosacea sufferers....
Hello, My Name is Carla and I'm a Vegetarian by Carla Landreth
Becoming a vegetarian or a macrobiotic is just not becoming one, you must change your whole life to understand it all....
Help ... my husband's snoring tortures me every night” by Dr Rick Donald
“Amnesty International categorizes sleep deprivation as torture … my husband tortures me every night” ...
Help for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver by Marie Cloud author of Stolen Memories by Diane Compagno
Helpful hints for the caregiver....
Help The Disabled Make The Best Out of Their Stay in Rehab & Nursing Homes by Mary Coe
Things that I’ve observed in past and recent visits to Rehab Centers and Nursing Homes inspired me to write this article. ...
Help We Need More Electric Carts In Stores by Linda Meckler
Did you ever need an Electric Cart while shopping in a large store? Did you ever accompany a family member who needed one? Do you think all large stor...
help with food -The Second largest woman's website on the internet by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This article on food addiction appeared in Bellaonline by Kathy l. She recommends my book "The Food Contrarian" as a tool to help with the food battle...
Help with drug addictions . . . or “spreading the hate”? by Joe Herzanek
"My personal belief is that ANYONE CAN QUIT ALL SUBSTANCE USE AND ABUSE if they want to—and by that I mean anyone. There are no unique cases that have...
Help With Night Sweats by Anita Mahaffey
This article explains the many reasons for night sweats, as well as tips to help diminish the night sweats so that you can increase your chances of a ...
Help, please make this feeling go away... by Loretta Scott
A sudden defense mechanism that takes one by storm, a silent killer that if goes undiagnosed, may lead to ultimate sacrifices, and suicide....
Helpful Techniques to Deal with Your Asthma by Stacey Chillemi
Managing the Stress of Asthma can be devastating for the people and their families who are affected with the lifelong disease. Many people who have be...
Helping The Mind Cope With Stress by Ian Thorpe
Stress is probably the big killer of humans today, yet there is no vaccine, no pill that works against it. Could the cure lie within ourselves?...
Hemorrhoids by Stacey Chillemi
How to heal hemorrhoids naturally...
Hepatitis C and Alcoholism by John Mayer
My friend has Hepatitis C and is an alcoholic. After attending three support group meetings, I left each time with a better sense of how important the...
Herbal Antibiotics by Cindy Jones
You can have more control over your health. By using herbs you can not only boost your immune system to prevent infections but also use herbs to treat...
Herbal Surgeon, By: Shifu Hwang by Nicole Sorkin
Western methods for treating cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatment, and immune boosting treatments....
Herbal Viagra - Pros and Cons by Karen Phillips
Are these "Herbal Viagra" products safe for everyone?...
Here's the Skinny on how I Lost 40 Pounds! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I lost 40 pounds in 2001 and I didn't spend a dime on snake-oil or magic dust! 1) moderation; 2) water diet; 3) "mental toughness" 5) "sweat therapy...
Herman Neuman's Encounters with Death and Destruction by Herman Neuman
This is an expanded and revised article, which replaces one previously titled " Angels Are Watching Over Me."...
Hidden Agendas In The Cancer Industry by Niki Collins-Queen
Why the nations leading cancer organizations make no mention of the enviromental causes of cancer. Published in Atlanta's Oracle2000 Magazin...
High Cholesterol – Your Hearts Worst Enemy by Stacey Chillemi
“Learn How to Lower You Cholesterol - Improving Your Health and Your Heart - The Natural Way” ...
His Leg COULD have been save !!! by Manny Bermas
When you have the opportunity, share with people the good things you know. ...
His Legs Saved !!! by Manny Bermas
His toes and legs were numb, no hot or cold sensation anymore. It could be amputated sometime down the road. ...
History of Mental Illness by Lakeisha McKnight
What is the history of mental illness in the U.S.? Read below!...
HIV - a Zimbabwean perspective by Mary Charles
A desperate and silent question is often asked, "I am HIV positive - will anyone ever love me?"...
Hoarding vs Clutter Phobia, which one is really OCD? by Dr Annabelle Charbit
Why is the media so fixated on OCD being about hoarding, when hoarding is the opposite of everything that OCD stands for? People with OCD tend to be o...
Home Medical Equipment Helps Man Cope with Broken Leg by Peter Egan
An elderly man maintains his ability to live independently despite suffering a broken leg thanks in no small part to technological advancements with h...
Homeopathic Remedies by Marie Frabutt
Homeopathic,Natural,Natures Recipe, we have all heard these terms. ...
Homogenized Milk - It's Your Choice by Vena McGrath
Is homogenized milk safe or are we running a risk with our health by continuing to drink it without ever wondering what homogenized actually is?...
Hope in Fitness by Jeremy Belter
Exerpt from Jeremy Belter's blog. To read more go to ...
Hopefully, Demons Only Travel in Pairs by Leland Waldrip
Trigeminal Neuralgia is no laughing matter! It can ring your bell, but good! ...
Hospital admits it broke law by Karen Palumbo
It did not get court order before disabled gir, 6 had hysterectomy in 2004........
Hospital Hell by Ronald Hull
I have waited a while to write this since my hospitalization, but my memory of the hell I endured lingers on and I feel in need to explain. When I at...
Hospital Visits: What do you talk about? by Lisa Copen
Visiting someone in the hospital doesn't have to be awkward and uncomfortable. Real people share what makes a difference to them when someone visits....
Hospitals Make Great Ideas For Stories! :) (For Karla With Love! Thanks For The Inspiration!) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Went with my sister to the emergency room last week, and ever since, I have had a plethora of ideas cooking in my brain! :) Thanks, Karla, and especia...
Hot Flashes & the Foods You Eat by Beverly Mahone
In the heat of the moment, what are you eating?...
Hot Tips for Healthy Looking Hair by Jennifer Moore
Is your hair healthy? ...
House Calls..Can HPV cause cancer in men? by Lisa Stevens
. HPV can not only cause cancer of the cervix, but also of the vulva, vagina, anus, and penis. It is estimated that approximately 50% of sexually act...
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Featured Book
Walking the World: Memories and Adventures
by Alan Cook

Named one of the Top 10 Walking Memoirs and Tales of Long Walks, by “As Tolkien said, not all who wander are lost. Alan Cook is a walker who is alwa..  
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Featured Book
Saving Bill Bailey
by Alan Greenhalgh

A Short Story How Men's Sheds Save Lives..  
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