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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The sources of values
by Antoine Raphael

Certainly, we live in a new century. Unfortunately, everywhere on our planet, humankind betrays a widespread distressing situation, confusion, perplexity, a lack of conta..  
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Featured Book
Les sources de valeurs
by Antoine Raphael

Certainement, nous avons débouché sur un nouveau siècle. Malheureusement, partout où se manifeste l’humanité sur notre planète, elle accuse un état de détresse, une certa..  
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Featured Book
Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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How to Plan a Wedding in Two Weeks by Peggy Duffy
When you've been living with a man for five years, the last thing you expect your mother to say when you tell her you're getting married is, "It's bad...
How to Succeed as a Writer by John Lindermuth
The best advice I ever had on the subject...
How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days by Helen Gallagher
With the book’s 30 day method, the reader can quickly grasp the style and methods that produce essays to build a true memoir, rich with emotional remi...
How Will You Be Remembered When You Die? by Donna Shelton
Make something of your life. ...
How Writing is like a Hysterectomy by Lisa Lickel
A sort of humorous article comparing the process of writing to a surgical procedure....
Hubris, Vanity, Rejection by Karren Alenier
This essay about pride, genius, and obstacles blocking an artistic work was first published in Scene4 Magazine on the Internet....
Human Kindness by Zada Connaway
How often is one's day brightened by a simple act of kindness? Sometimes just offering or being offered a kind word or smile can brighten my day. Wh...
Human Potential by Jeff Nolan
Evolutionary Potential...
Humility by Tova Gabrielle
Admitting when you're wrong.......
Hunter S. Thomson by Ronald Dondiego
A Great Soul.......
Hurricanes Taught Lessons by Patricia Behnke
Jeanne and Frances blew through north Florida leaving more than a few limbs down....
Hurt by CJ Heck
Hurt doesn't discriminate ......
Hyphenating-America by J Michael Kearney
Cultural "sensitivity" has become as much or more about gamesmanship than respect....
I Write by Walt Hardester
My writing...
I Am Barbie! Hear Me Roar! by Katie Gabrielle
Trying to create a human Barbie is like opening a Pandora's Box! It creates thoughts in womankind to be something larger than oneself! And this is th...
I Am Not Amused . . . by L. Craft - Hisayasu
Humor is often used with a purpose . . . pondering this satical cover, I am not amused . . . ...
I am poor by Hilding Lindquist
I am poor...
I Can! by Katie Gabrielle
Two simple little words that remind us that self confidence does not come in bottles --self confidence come in cans... "I cans!"...
I Can't Believe My Ears! by Carol Kluz
Did I write that?...
I Don't Want a Man Who Fears Women by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
Things that make me go hum!...
I Gotta Have Meat!! by Walt Hardester
Meat ...Meat ...Meat...
I Hate Writers by Graham whittaker
Just parody! It's only for fun! ...
I have a dream for my country by Arifa Khan
An essay on Indian politics, and an innocent dream of an educated woman...
I have to agree with LaBelle by Walt Hardester
Get a grip. ...
I KNOW TIME WILL PASS BY……………. by Ashik Rajak
Something i felt...
I Know Why the Old Folks Sleep by Katherine Pritchett
A look at why people in nursing homes sleep so much....
i need help deleting my account on authorsden and eteamz. can someone pleas by Blank Blank
i need help deleting my account on authorsden and eteamz. can someone please tell me how to do this, it's starting to really piss me offi need help d...
I saw a UFO last Night Just Before Jesus Appeared in a Tortilla by Lisa Adams
Between God and outer space, we are a country that loves the goofiest things....
I Think Conservatives Are Misinformed Because by D. Kenneth Ross
Another civil discussion. Almost....
I Think Conservatives Are Misinformed Because Wk. #3 by D. Kenneth Ross
Another civil discussion. Almost....
I used to be a rape victim by Vanessa Yates
Finding strength after suffering. ...
I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Driving a Chrysler Product by Duke LaRance
Dear Click and Clack.......
I'll Take The N-word by Edrea Davis
During the last few months of 2006 the n-word made headlines, taking on a life of it’s own....
I'm Afraid to Write! by John DeDakis
Five ways to get over your writing fears. ...
I'm Gonna Sue the Discovery Channel by Lisa Adams
Geological alarmists should never gain access to the Discovery Channel....
Ice Ain't Cool Nohow by Kalikiano Kalei
Substance abuse is not an isolated occurance that is limited to certain parts of society; it is a hazard to everyone, everywhere, that needs to be ack...
Identity Politics: Not Just for Democrats Anymore? by Daria DiGiovanni
Why I reject hypocritical "sexism" charges and look for character, accomplishment and philosophy in my political candidates, regardless of their gende...
Ideological Property by David Arthur Walters
The Ideologues derived the concept of material property from the idea of the wilful self....
Ideologues by David Schwinghammer
Ideologues' unwillingness to compromise is really unAmerican. ...
If I Ruled the World by Alvin Romer
This is a satirical, but practical homily on changes that would be part of change if someone could rule the world for one day!...
If You Don’t Get BIG Answers From “God” … by Leland Waldrip
Here are some BIG questions. They deserve BIG answers....
Ignorance and Arrogance by Edward Phillips
Ignorance and arrogance are twin evils that must be eradicated if we are to survive as a beacon hope to the world....
Ignorance Is Bliss by Sandy Knauer
Use your manners, respect your elders, get along with everyone, and you will be fine...
Imagine by Katie Gabrielle
Imagine for a moment that you are happy whatever happiness means for you this moment in time. You don't have to be anything but yourself...
Immigration in America by Edward Phillips
This essay is critical of our immigration policy in that we have ignored our own sordid past in how we have treated Native Americans and other minorit...
Immigration to the United States by Debbie Adadevoh
Immigration has existed since the beginning of time. Immigration is a manifestation of the human spirit and desire for adventure and the pursuit of a ...
Impact of Lighting and Symbolism in a Play by Jolene Rodriguez
Long essay featuring drama techniques....
Improve morale, improve education by David Schwinghammer
If our schools are behind, it's because teachers don't get enough input. ...
In a New York state of mind by Eric Croas
A first time visitor's reflection of the Big Apple....
In Defense of Fantasy Fiction by S. Reisner
Not that it needs defending, but some people still believe it does....
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  14. The Story behind the National Debt
  15. Retro 60s Flashback: The Stew - Lucy in th
  16. When is Freedom Day?
  17. The God Particle
  18. I'm Afraid to Write!
  19. 7-Eleven
  20. Coal: Energy and Pain in Eastern Kentucky

Featured Book
Messages from Nature
by Patricia Daly-Lipe

How would it feel to be in a small sailboat far from land in gale force winds? Are horses psychic? Did Sweet William come back to say goodbye? How can a puppy found starv..  
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Featured Book
Beyond Religion Volume II (eBook)
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The collection is subtitled: An Inquiry into the Nature of Being...  
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