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Sept 11, 2001
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Monks, Beasts & Dreams on Heavenly Terrace
by Alexander Goldstein

This book pages form the record of events that really happened in the Tang period China in the 8th century at Guoqing Temple secluded on Mount Tiantai. For this no extra ..  
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From the Other Side of the Couch: A Biblical Counselors' Gui
by Judy Lair

My Roadmap to Freedom shows how to walk through the valley of woundedness, liberate your feelings from captivity, wrestle inaccurate beliefs into submission, plant your f..  
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Like A Flood
by Elizabeth Proske

Young missionaries cross paths with Colombian drug traffickers. Kindle Edition only $2.99!..  
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25 Most Recent Religion Articles

Living Waters Closed by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I got word today from my dear mentor Sister Ruth that the Church I called home for almost a decade Living Waters Closed...
Living Worship - Book Review by Angela Watkins
Shachah. Worship means the spirit of bowing in homage to God. We can bow down before Him, inwardly and outwardly, if we have lost a loved one or if ...
Local Principal's Book Hits Shelves Across America by Jim Clifford
Local Principal of elementary school publishes first book that addresses readers who are struggling with unresolved spiritual issues in their adult li...
Logos II Benedictine Deconstruction by David Arthur Walters
The Relatively Absolute God - Work Now In Progress...
LOGOS III Benedictine Desconstruction by David Arthur Walters
The Papal Jihad - Paper in Progress...
LOGOS IV Benedictine Deconstruction by David Arthur Walters
From Violent Verbal Intercourse to the Universal Love of Mo Ti...
Logos VI Benedictine Deconstruction by David Arthur Walters
We should never say never to virgin birth....
LOGOS X Benedictine Deconstruction by David Arthur Walters
From Primeval Foreplay to The Maternal Dogma of Christ...
Lord Above by Charles Keech: Book Review by Irene Watson
In "Lord Above" author Charles Keech asks the question, "If the Lord were to speak to you would you listen?" The book is a compilation of Scripture, i...
Lord You Gave Me A Mountain To Climb this Time by Lance Gargus
A poem about mountains God gives us to climb....
Love Changes Everything by D. Arant
God speaks to Scott about the power of love....
Love Conquers All - All of The Time! by John Domino
The Bottom Line: God is Love and God Rules! Enough said? Amen!...
Love God by Sha Yan
Love God...
Love of God and Neighbour... by Fr. Kurt Messick
Some small reflections... ------------...
Lutherans Urged to Accept Gay Clergy by Sage Sweetwater
A national assembly of Evangelical Lutherans urged its bishops Saturday to refrain from defrocking gay and lesbian ministers who violate a celibacy ru...
Made In His Image by Cherie Hill
God gave us our emotions on purpose but He intends for us to ALWAYS match up our "feelings" with His Truth. Our feelings and emotions can be our great...
Make the Move by willis evie
When God speaks we should be quick to obey....
Make Your Church More Accessible by Danny Von Kanel
Tools to help people find you ... and ultimately receive ministry....
Making Friends with Angels by Joyce White
It takes only one more mindful step to purposely commune with the messengers of God and/or angels. We can do this by direct invitation, especially thr...
Many different articles concerning Occult and Esoteric matters by Edward O'Toole
Most of the articles were published in Phenomena Magazine as I was their Esotericist-at-large. Many have been featured on Coast-to-Coast AM and th...
Many Rooms by D. Arant
Scott ponders his thoughts during today's meditation and prayer....
Mark 16:18 - If you handle snakes? by Angela Watkins
Job 1:6, Matthew 6:33. Parable, Warning, Reminder. Are you able to handle snakes and live? Miracles Considered, The Apostolic Miracles. A conspi...
Mark of Mark's Gospel by John Howard Reid
Although we use his surname in referring to him, Mark's name was actually John Mark....
Martha, Mary, or Delilah? by Beth Elaine
Which Biblical character has a lot in common with you? Find out, and discover your gifts and calling! ...
Matthew 10:9-15 Bible study by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Matthew 10:9-15 exegesis, attached to this article, too ..... !~!...
Matthew 12:1-14 briefly ... by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Doctrinal brief on the Sabbath references in Mt 12:1-14 :) ...
Matthew 13:47-50 Bible lesson ... by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Framework for a Bible lesson using Jesus teachings (Mt 13:47-50) Exegesis on this passage is also available for download .....
Matthew 5:38-48 essay by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Matthew 5:38-48 exegesis is attached to this article ..... :) :) ...
Matthew 9:18-25 Sermon Outline by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) Matthew 9:18-25 exegesis is attached to this article ... :)...
Meaning what you say... by Fr. Kurt Messick
A short piece on Joe Jones' magnum opus ____________________________________________...
Medicine To Our Soul Concordance by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
to live inside love's eyes you will see love... we each are responsible for our love the depths of our hearts voice... ...
Meditation Class: A Mystic's Journal, January 12, 2006 by Laurie Conrad
St. Bonaventure's "A Mind's Journey to God", end of Chapter V: A Mystic's Journal, January 12, 2006 by Laurie Conrad....
Meditation Class: The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel & The Arrival o by Laurie Conrad
Meditation Class: The Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel & The Arrival of Oleg Alexander: A Mysticís Journal Entries: July 25 - 27, 2006 by Laurie ...
Meditation Class: The Third Power of the Soul: A Mystic's Journal Entry by Laurie Conrad
Meditation Class:The Third Power of the Soul: A Mystics Journal Entry October 27, 2005 by Laurie Conrad. Thursday, October 27 Last n...
Meditation Class: Contemplation on Divine Unity Saint Bonaventure: A Mindí by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry December 21, 2005 by Laurie Conrad....
Meditation Class: The Three Stages of the Interior Life by Laurie Conrad
The Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel and The Three Stages of the Interior Life: Meditation Class, A Mysticís Journal Entry, August 5, 2006 by La...
Messages from the Madonna to the World; Medjugorje and Garabandal: A Mystic by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad....
Messenger, majesty, and Grace of Christ by Angela Watkins
BEHOLD, I will send my messenger, .... and ..... "he" .... shall prepare the way before me: .... and .... the LORD, .... whom ye seek, .... shall sudd...
Metaphysics 101 by D. Arant
God dialoges with Scott about the subject of metaphysics...
Migrations by Gary Varner
Recently I left my long time home in Northern California to relocate along the central coast of Oregon. This article is a result of my thoughts about ...
Millions of People Have Left Organized Religion! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Everybody in the world is going to die sooner or exceptions! I never gave death much thought until I turned 60 and now 65 years of age. I...
Ministers are people, too... by Fr. Kurt Messick
Some reflections... ----------- ...
Miracle in Manhattan by Aubrey Hammack
This is a brief article about my daughter's trip to New York in 1998....
Miracles & Methods of Revelation by Angela Watkins
MIRACLES - Deaths in Large Numbers, The Tabernacle & The Ark, From Moses to Solomon (Sacred Places) - The Miracle of The Milch Kine. Mediums ...
Miracles At The Church by Gwen Schutz
Singing With Friends Of God Was Truly Miraculous...
Miracles, Wonders, Signs: God's Interactions with the World by Sam Vaknin
God has allegedly created the Universe, or, at least, as Aristotle postulated, he acted as the "Unmoved Mover". But Creation was a one-time interactio...
Misery's Own Anguish - A Prayer of Torment by Paul Kogel
The soul is never so fragile as when it acknowledges its own dark condition....
Mistakes to Masterpieces by D. Arant
God dialogues with Scott as a continuation of the series entitled: "Endless Love"...
Modeling Faith For Children by Alfred Garrotto
What is the one thing we as parents can do to pass our faith and values to our children?...
Modern Spiritualism-- A Philosophy, Science, and Religion by Catherine MacDonald-- Spiritual Psychic Medium
An article examining Modern Spiritualism as a Philosophy, Science, and Religion....
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  17. Blood is Red - Like Dead Is Dead
  18. I Meet Up With An Old Friend
  19. Randall's Humble Analysis of the Parable o
  20. What Is Love

Featured Book
The Theology of Focus
by Jelani Kafela

Jesus said, "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21. So then, it seems that where your heart is, you will also find your focus...  
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Featured Book
Truth Seeker: Bible Topics
by Warren Mueller

Have You Ever Wondered What The Bible Really Says? Then Truth Seeker: Bible Topics is for you! ..  
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