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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness
by Albert Russo

'The benevolent American in the heart of Darkness' includes three of my award-winning African novels, namely: 'The Black Ancestor', 'Eclipse over lake Tanganyika' and 'Mi..  
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Featured Book
At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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Featured Book
Taking Care of Harry
by Frank Ryan

A contemporary novel about relationships...  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Articles

Ooops! by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
Quite a tale, I got this, this morning from a friend in Arizona, who actually flew these, huge aircraft, and others, for the military. ...
Ooops, My Bad by Sandy Knauer
My skin crawls every time I hear a noncommittal ooops, my bad ...
Oops... No Life Rafts by Sonny Whitelaw
Today is Earth Day. We don't have Earth Days in Australia, but someone asked me to expand on the first paragraph for their newsletter, Bobbing Around...
Options for That Expensive Car Repair by Kyle Busch
This article provides options to help people deal with an expensive vehicle repair....
Our Beloved America by Raymond Morrow
Our Changing Economy by Marguerite Lemoine
The Economy has effected everyone. Now we are told gas could go up to four bucks a gallon. What next? ...
Our Government- A Failure to Communicate by Michael Timothy
Congress and the state of our Government is in a mess. They have forgotten what this country is built on. They have buried the Declaration of Indepe...
Paradise found.... by ~Indigo~ Elga
I wrote this for a challenge on ~~~MENTAL IMAGERY~~~ If you believe that I have met the challenge,your comments would be appreciated ...
Parallel Life of Africans and African Americans by Rudolf Okonkwo
Can you imagine how much the cause of Black Renaissance would be advanced if these two parallel lines meet? Can you image the force of nature that wou...
PARAPROSDOKIANS by Mark Lichterman
Pretty clever stuff. If you've already seen them, doesn't hurt to see them again. Example: War does not determine who is right - only w...
Parasites by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
What will they think of next?...
Peace Through Global Terror by David Arthur Walters
Reposted in light of IRS bomber's claim that only violence will work ...
PEOPLE OF HATE Include MEDICAL People by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
It used to be (back in the Stone Age), that the medical profession was squeeky-clean...but, no more. There are as many crimials and people of bad beh...
People Without a State by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
The main tragedy in Somalia is not state failure but a failure to create a new center to stop the nation from further bleeding. ...
Perception - Only U ! by Karen Dunn
I think the war on Iraq Stinks! My Son - the hero Does Not!...
Perception of Arguments by Peter Jessop
There are two sides to every argument or point of view....
Personal Responsibility by Rodney Bohen
Ah yes responsibility! Grown-ups dodge it's barbed wire boundaries and sweeping ramifications, as well as children, make no mistake about it! ...
Photograph of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright Surfaces by Chris the Abducted Alien
Do you think I am pandering to the passionately ignorant Americans believing only what corporate mainstream media has to report? Or am I still just tr...
Please don't call my name. (Jury Duty) by Ron (sketchman) Axelson
Hope all are well. Art by Ron Axelson....
Please Respond to A Brownstone in Brooklyn Quote! by J.E. Thompson
This is a quote about the unpredictability of Life!...
Poetry and Jazz Lovers Kick off Month-long Celebrations (part 1) by Aberjhani
Music and poetry combine to provide some April spring-time relief. (cover of the newly-published Poem in Your Pocket Anthology) ...
Politically Correct by Rodney Bohen
Yes, somewhere along the way some damn committee met and made up a few thousand rules, I don't know who started this odd panel of perfect, but I do kn...
POPE: Preachers Prayer by Karen Dunn
A Preacher Knows Failure There is Silence...
Portrait of the Artist as a Skylark Dressed in Black by Aberjhani
Presented for those about to rock literary, a chronological profile of one artist at work. Cover art for ELEMENTAL courtesy of Luther E. Vann and Bona...
Poverty in Somalia by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Please refer to my poem: TEXT BOOK WEALTH...
Pragmatism? by Tom Hyland
Well GURLZ N' GUYZ - this doosey will put me on somebody's _hit LIST! "If the shoe fits - wear it!" OH - this picture? I CALL IT -...
Preachy! Who Me? by Rodney Bohen
Aha! Already your panties are in a bunch! Because you judged the book by it's cover in haste, meaning the title, Did you not? ...
Prejudicial Bias by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
The past fifty years has been an unending battle against racial prejudice, beginning in the violence and trauma of the 1960s and continuing into the s...
Press Release by Darlene Winston
Outskirts Press Announces Where I Wanna Be, the Latest Highly-Anticipated Fiction Book from Chester, VA Author Darlene P. Winston Richmond, V...
PREZ EMAIL 2 by Tom Hyland
As a result of reading Mr. Ed's Post of: "Disaster on Our Shores" - I went to The White House Website and sent this email Message. ...
Prince William and the Little People by Ian Thorpe
A short comment on the British Royal Family...
Print Vs. E-Book Publishing by Karen Michelle Nutt
How do you pick the Publishing house best for you? I entered contests and I submitted my story when the publishing house called for a certai...
PRO-ROIDS = Men on Steriods: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track by Karen Dunn
Natural Nutrients For Body Builders, Runners, Athletic Performance, Vitality, Recovery, Rejuvenation, Arthritis Relief...
Progressive Union Carpenters for OBAMA! by Chris the Abducted Alien
Video Links Below...
PROMISE YOURSELF by Bettye Johnson
"Promise Yourself" was first written by Christian D. Larson in 1912 and was adopted in a slightly altered form by the Optimist International organizat...
Allowing shopping centers (malls) and similar venues to be designated as private property and then denying citizens their First Amendment free-speech ...
Proud Author: Standing by my Name by Clara Abron
Authors are sometimes apprehensive about using their names when writing for the public. Though that reluctance does not hamper their creative writing...
Published June OM-Times by Debby Rosenberg
OM-Times June Issue published my poem "Garden of Zen" - see page 154....
Published October OM Times by Debby Rosenberg
My poetry piece "Brain Field" selected in the October issue of OM Times. Page 156....
Published September OM times by Debby Rosenberg
September edition of this awesome carbon neutral, multi media digital magazine. My poetry piece "who are you" is on page 139....
Publisher Interview by Scott Tenkman
My publisher interview that is also available on the website:
publishing is difficult, for some !~! - ebooks by Paul Nipperess BMin
Some writers have given up on the mainstream publishing process, to seek and exploit the advantages of publishing and marketing their bo...
Push the Right Buttons for Obedience by David Arthur Walters
A tirade blaspheming The System...
Putting Ourselves In The Other Man's Shoes by Rodney Bohen
Alas....The Golden Rule,whatever happened to that I ask?...
Questions and Answers for Saving Money on Transportation by Kyle Busch
This article provides information about saving money on transportation...
Racism and Justice in the Heartland of America by Edward Phillips
Racism Still Runs High In The United States by Mary Coe
Sgt Crowley arrest Havard Professor Gates at his home for disorderly conduct. ...
Radical Love by David Arthur Walters
Today's crisis may be a prelude to revolution. ...
Raging Fury - Fire in California by Sherry Russell BCBT BCETS
Sitting in the comfort of my home with playful nature on display outside my window, I feel voyeuristic into the world of pain and anguish, as I stay t...
Rape:: POPE : In God's Name - Catholic Priests Frock Up & Rape Our Children by Karen Dunn
Preverted Pedophiles Hiding Behind Cleric's Collar! Catholic Priests: Sterilization, Castration, Death-- Gas Chamber or Prison! or an old Fashioned ...
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  19. Enough Already
  20. ASK NOT ...

Featured Book
The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 1, the collected stori
by Albert Russo

WRITER'S DIGEST AWARD Judge's commentary: What I like most about this collection is its variety - there are stories set in Africa, stories for children, essays,..  
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Featured Book
The Complete Writer's Journal
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Writer? Journaler? Traveler? Artist? This new journal will inspire as you go!..  
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