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The Impending Social Security Crisis: The Government's Big
by Allen Smith

The government has embezzled $2.7 trillion of Social Security money and spent it on wars and other government programs. Unless the government repays the stolen money, it..  
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Free Download - Putin's Russia
by Sam Vaknin

Russia's economy and politics under Vladimir Putin. ..  
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Choas, Synchronicity, and capitalism
by Arthur Jackson

This is a profound new look at an old system, Capitalism. It has changed the world,but is it for better or worse...  
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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

Mon Conseil aux Voisins Arabes d’Israël by Emile Tubiana
« Si un frère vient à l’aide à son frère, personne ne pleurera son père. » « Eloukan Khou Yenfaa Khou la Had Mayepki aala bouh. » ...
Money and Politics by Robert Liu
"Too much money in politics is not a good thing" is what the author of this article occasionally hears on TV talk shows. But it fails to convince him ...
Money for War Needed for Economy at Home by Paul Kogel
Why did we spend money on a war with Iraq when our economy is going to the dogs at home?...
Monopoly, Life Edition by Shane Maddon
An article about the legal monopolies that America has allowed our own government to take over so we can live comfortably....
Monroe County Georgia’s Barriers to Enforcing the Clean Water Act by Niki Collins-Queen
Some EPD laws are not enforced in Georgia due to interference from legislators and how not enforcing EPD laws hurts the environment and the economy. ...
Monroe County Georgia’s Water is More Precious Than Gold by Niki Collins-Queen
As Monroe communities face rapid growth, the politics of local land use planning becomes critical to water quality protection. One of the most importa...
Monroe County, GA should should seek other water sources by Niki Collins-Queen
Repairing the Monroe County, GA's Water Treatment Plant is a waste of taxpayers dollars. (May 4,2011 Monroe County Reporter) ...
Moral Hazard - the failure of traditional financial values by Stephen Cafaro
Traditional financial values have suffered a near fatal blow during the current economic crisis....
Moral Hazard or Bailout? by Michael Hayutin
What are the roots of our current lending crisis?...
Morality is not on our side by Huda Orfali
Morality is not on our side By Ze'ev Maoz ...
Morality VS Ethics by Lee Garrett
What the Liberal Left just doesn’t get:...
Morally Wrong by irving jackson
When will the Cons..uh..GOP..uh..repugs take responsibility4......
More free money from your out of touch government by Stephen Cafaro
There are no free rides in America!...
More Oil Than We Can Use by Mark Lichterman
Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world....
More Time and Tax Dollars Wasted by M.L Bushman
Another non-binding resolution, this one by the House of Representatives......
More to the issue than guns, 12/20 SF Examiner by Theodore Soderberg
Sure, guns are a big part of the problem, but what about the rest of the issue? In the past 20 years, Hollywood has doubled down on violence, yet I do...
Most Government Programs Actually Work Very Well, Thank You by Edward Phillips
Politicians are the problem....
Mr Obama Don't Go too Far by Emile Tubiana
Enough is Enough...
Mr President are you the president of all Americans ? by Emile Tubiana
Mr President are you the president of all Americans ? ...
Murder by Suicide: Internet Predator Attacks the Most Vulnerable Among Us by Jane St Clair
An ex-nurse in Minnesota encourages people to commit suicide in Internet chat rooms. The Final Exit Network puts up suicide billboards to encourage su...
Musharraf's dilemma: Nibbling with individualistic style. by Basit Ghafoor
Article is written on General Musharraf and his recent Plans to become the Preseident of Pakistan....
My Advice by Emile Tubiana
Advice to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...
My Advice to the Newly Elected President by Emile Tubiana
Advice to our future President...
My comment by Emile Tubiana
In reference to this article:...
My Experience in the Arab World by Emile Tubiana
In light of today's situation, Arab culture and history revisited....
My Experience in the Arab World by Emile Tubiana
In Light of Today's Situation, Arab Culture and History ...
My Extraordinary Early Voting Experience by J. Joy Matthews Alford - Sistah Joy
Sharing my extraordinary early voting expereince in Maryland....
My Grandma, My Dog - A Compassionate Death for Both by Jane St Clair
"Let me die like a dog" say advocates of assisted suicide. What if we could ask a dog's opinion of it? ...
My Humble Opinion 88 by Jennifer Butler
Pancho Villa and Austin Powers are up to their very, very, very, dirty work ... AGAIN....
My Humble Opinion 90 by Jennifer Butler
Sometimes, the truth gets cut off before it's finished speaking....
My Lost Response To... by Mark Lichterman
Jerry Aragon's Election 2012: Moral Decay in America! ...
My Name Is Teague by Jane St Clair
A small boy tells the reasons why assisted suicide is wrong ...
My Opinion by Emile Tubiana
Are we losing our common sense....
My Opinion about the article appeared in the New York Tiimes by Emile Tubiana
In reference to the article:Obama Scolds G.O.P. Critics of Iran Policy) In the New York Times march 6 -2012 By JACKIE CALMES and MARK LANDLER ...
My Parents Could Teach Governments Good Financial Management by Alan Cook
Government officials should be able to balance a checkbook--and a budget. And how about making them do their own tax returns?...
My Personal War About the War by Patrice Lauren
As our President commits American troops to fight on foreign soil, I ponder for what we are fighting....
My Second Wakeup Call by Emile Tubiana
The author's call for decency....
Myths of Islam: How Many Do You Buy Into? by Susan MacAllen
Conservative voices warn of the danger of Islam, and are called racist crazies. Liberals advocate for understanding. But who is the real voice of re...
Name Calling by Joseph* OneLight*®
Am I a traitor? ...
Narcissistic Leaders by Sam Vaknin
The narcissistic leader is the culmination and reification of his period, culture, and civilization. He is likely to rise to prominence in narcissisti...
National Radio Feature: Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System by Anthony Davis
The Nationally Syndicated radio program, "Homeland Security Inside and Out" recently featured Anthony M. Davis new book, "Terrorism and the Marit...
National Right to Life: Killing Babies Compassionately April.2006 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
The Netherlands Follow In Germany's Footsteps ...
Nationalism or Globalism? by Stephen Cafaro
Which system meets the needs of the American people?...
Nationalism vs. Patriotism: Narcissism vs. Self-love by Sam Vaknin
Nationalism is very much like compensatory, malignant narcissism. It rears its head when people stop being patriots, when they are rendered by circums...
Nations cannot last forever… by Sanjay Sonawani
Thus it makes us think and challenge the very need of the Nations. If mankind could abandon old useless systems, we too can abandon the present one. ...
Need to Educate the Literates by Shandy
The decision making power sometimes comes to be controlled by people who, may be, are literate but certainly are not educated. Consequently, the major...
Negative—But Is It Time To Move On? by Zahala San Simone
ABC News has reported that 91% of GOP television campaign ads are negative. Comparatively, 81% of the Dems ads have been negative. ...
Negotiations under Abbas’ blackmail? by Emile Tubiana
Jews have been expelled from all the Arab lands where they have lived for centuries....
Neighborhood Life Cycles by Erik Hare
Conventional Wisdom dictates that neighborhoods, particularly urban ones, are subject to a "life cycle". While it's sad that an obviously flawed pol...
Neo-Liberalism and Oppression by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
The questions these 'notes' pose concern the degree to which Neo-Liberalism and globalisation have become systematically oppressive’. This short pie...
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Featured Book
The War on Christians
by Will Clark

Is there really a war on Christians as some suggest? Absolutely - positively, and the war is more widespread and in-depth than many doubters might believe. There are real..  
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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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