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Sept 11, 2001
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The Path
by Mary Nickum

A new literary magazine..  
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At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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Lord Eaglebeak
by Regina Pounds

Betrothed for the sake of convenience, Richard Darby thinks he has one year to win Lady Hetty's heart. She thinks she has one year to discourage him -- and lays a wager u..  
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Raging Fury - Fire in California by Sherry Russell BCBT BCETS
Sitting in the comfort of my home with playful nature on display outside my window, I feel voyeuristic into the world of pain and anguish, as I stay t...
Rape:: POPE : In God's Name - Catholic Priests Frock Up & Rape Our Children by Karen Dunn
Preverted Pedophiles Hiding Behind Cleric's Collar! Catholic Priests: Sterilization, Castration, Death-- Gas Chamber or Prison! or an old Fashioned ...
Rape::POPE: Statutes of Limitations? NO WAY! Pedophile Priests must Pay!! by Karen Dunn
Time canNOT erase the Crime of Pedophile Priestly Pigs! Perhaps if the Pedophile Priest was punished properly and exposed, the victim's healing proce...
re print from usatoday by Theodore Soderberg
Bad acting activist that turn a good cause into a no win solution....
Reaching the Unattainable by Leslie Garcia
When a 'real' publisher snatched up Unattainable, my debut romance with Crimson Romance, the circle finally closed......
Reading Local Portland: Q & A S.W. Capps by S.W. Capps
S.W. Capps answers questions about his novels and the writing life....
Reading-What Good Is It? by Leann Marshall
Could reading be a waste of time?...
Really Dumb Joke 7 by Mark Lichterman
In these days of misery and pain and sorrow.......
Recall Notice! by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
My God-grandson sent me this, thought it was worth posting. Rock...
Reclusive Rodney by Rodney Bohen
Yes, when separated in heart due to steeped pain, bewilderment and dismay, we all withdraw, one and all! In heart or in body, our departure is a r...
Red Skelton, How'd he know? by Chris the Abducted Alien
Red Skelton’s “Pledge of Allegiance,” was first introduced on “The Red Skelton Show,” on CBS television, January 14, 1969. It has since been twice rea...
Reform by Rodney Bohen
The pen of the reformer who's mighty pen once wielded it's power in unbridle impact upon society, has now become still! ...
Remember Old Cowboys? by Mark Lichterman
Ever wonder who all of those minor characters were that populated western after western after western? Those characters with few lines and...
Remember Mother today and always by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Mothers have so many good words and perform many good deeds for us....
Remembering a Friend. by Jan Richards
Friend in nursing home....
Remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by C Hare
Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. was certainly one of the most important Civil Rights leaders in American history. Let us never forget him....
Report on 2011 International Year Part 7: Photograhy of African Continuum by Aberjhani
Major photography exhibitions celebrate the United Nations' 2011 International Year. (photo courtesy of Ludovico Maria Gilberti) ...
RETRIBUTION by Uriah Fields
Retribution demonstrates that you may get by but you want get away. Rewards and punishment await you....
Return of the Daughter of Joy? by Helga Ross
See the picture? It's not the one that usually accompanies my articles....
Review by Jane Bernard
LONG STORY SHORT a Magazine for Writers Home Story of the Month Best of LSS Writing School br...
Review of Conduct in Question by Mary Martin
This review of my novel Conduct in Question was written by Robert Denson, Editor of the Sunpiper Press. If you'd like to have a closer look at the nov...
Review of Conduct in Question by Mary Martin
Review of Conduct in Question by Norm Godman, of
Review of Final Paradox by Mary Martin
Review of Final Paradox by Mary E. Martin ...
Rewarding Evil by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Gotta rush out and buy a paper! Be right back ......
Riding the Cape May-Lewes Ferry by Jay Dubya
Author Jay Dubya had ridden the Cape May-Lewes Ferry across Delaware Bay at least seven hundred times between 1967 and 1981. The author describes some...
Right Or Privillege ( Or Should We Allow the Pledge to be Altered ) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Why take the pledge and alter it?...
ROAD CREWS vs. ROACHES by Tom Hyland
DETOUR - CONSTRUCTION - go this way ---> OOPS! GOTCHA! - go this way ---> PARDON US - while we make yet another improvement - BLOWIN...
Road Rage: Death Imitating Life by Edward Phillips
How to die without a cause....
Roads Melt as Temperatures Soar by Peter Paton
Roads Melt as Temperatures Soar ...
Rodney Atkins, Pole-Dancing and Innocence by Leslie Garcia
Rodney Atkins'song "Watching You" should put us all on notice: someone is watching. And that someone shouldn't be pole dancing. Are you listening,...
Romance by J Mariah
My opinions on romance....
Ronald Kessler Is Either Ignorant or A Liar by Chris the Abducted Alien
Twilight Zone USA By Chris the Abducted Alien Editor Deon Paul ...
How significant was Rosa Parks in the Civil Rights Movement? Like Rosa Parks, I was there (in Montgomery) during the bus boycott....
Rough Sketch House Descriptions by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Rough copy feel free to make comments. ...
RubberBand Money (Makin'It, Losin'It, Makin'It?) by Susan James
RubberBand Money (Makin' It, Losin' It? Makin' It?) ...
Run for your life, it's an atomic clock! by Edward Phillips
The benefits of carrying a big time piece ...
Russian Flash Dance by Mark Lichterman
Maybe, to cement some kind of relations, maybe we should have some of these in North Korea & Iran ...
Rx Leads to Suicide by Fallen Sword
Before 1857, doctors were still bleeding patients to cure "bad humors". Medical Science began less than 200 years ago. The science is young ......
Sad, but true.--&--Poem by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
This is the sad,truth; revealed thru a quip, and a poem....
sarah’s sheeple … by Joseph* OneLight*®
must be blind! ...
Savannah Artists Combine Creative Resources to Assist Haiti by Aberjhani
Artists join creative forces to make practical contribution to Hatian earthquake survivors. (artwork with list of contributing artists courtesy of Phi...
Savannah Talks Troy Anthony Davis No. 14: Death Order Signed by Aberjhani
A struggle for truth and justice takes a new turn. (photo: Hands of the late Virginia Davis holding a button with image of her son Troy Anthony) ...
Savannah Talks Troy Anthony Davis No. 15: Board Denies Clemency by Aberjhani
A seemingly final pitch for the life of Georgia death-row inmate Troy Anthony Davis is rejected. (Protesters express support for Davis in AP news rele...
SAVE AMERICA! by Joseph* OneLight*®
It All Depends On YOU! ...
Save The Child by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Working under emergency condition ...
Scam Alert by Leslie LeBlanc
One more to avoid....
Scam Alert: Microsoft Customers Targeted by Denise Richardson
Microsoft began warning customers on Monday that scammers are sending out bogus emails claiming to include important Windows security alerts. Unfortun...
Secure your Wireless Access Point by Denise Richardson
Over the last year, I suffered two window system crashes and found myself combating numerous viruses and PC attacks. It seemed that no-matter what I d...
Self-esteem Demands Selflessness by Sandy Knauer
How we treat others affects how we feel about ourselves....
Sen. Obama: Lay Off My Wife by Mary Coe
Should the spouse or the grown children of a presidential candidate be fair game? ...
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Featured Book
I'll Paint a Sun
by Alfred Garrotto

Libby O'Neill discovers the healing power of love under the most unlikely circumstances, with a most unlikely partner. A moving Valentine's Day story set among San Franci..  
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Social Security The Attempt To Kill It
by Allen Smith

Dr. Allen W. Smith, author of the explosive book, "The Looting of Social Security," has written an even more explosive bombshell. This book exposes the Social Security ac..  
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