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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The story that must be told
by Robert Davis

Twenty one courageous and inspirational stories including the story COP OUT. Written and edited by Irene Watson and Victor Volkman...  
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Featured Book
The River of Winged Dreams (Hardcover Gift Edition)
by Aberjhani

What began as Songs of the Angelic Gaze in the summer of 2006 continued the following year as The Bridge of Silver Wings, and developed even further two years after that ..  
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Featured Book
Keys to Living Joyfully eBook
by Sheri Hoff

This book is an inspirational book on experiencing joy, peace, passion, and energy in daily life. It is designed to demonstrate the powerful roles of thoughts, action, an..  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

Everyday You Have a Choice by John Clark
We all have the same hours in a day. We all can make our own choices as to how we use that day....
Everyone Has a Purpose by Cindy Tuttle
This is a reflection of how everyone has a purpose and path in their life....
Evolution of a Vision: Songs of the Angelic Gaze to River of Winged Dreams by Aberjhani
Change plus adaptation equals the evolution of a vision and the re-empowerment of a life. (cover of The River of Winged Dreams) ...
  • DREAM KILLERS... by Dante Feenix
BEWARE: Some People In Our Lives Are Dream Killers! ...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard (Article 2). by Betty Torain
Just One Thing There are behaviors in our lives that can prevents us from being all that God want us to be. One of those beha...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard. (Article 6). by Betty Torain
A Now Faith. At The moment of salvation we receive Jesus by faith. We trust that He exist and willingly foregive our sins when we ...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard by Betty Torain
Yes, We Young People Can Serve And Obey God. Yes We Should Have A place in God's Church....
Excerpts From Sermons I have Heard (Article 3). by Betty Torain
Are You Ready? Therefore, We ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them ...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard (Article 5). by Betty Torain
Everything Is Going To Be Alright. God Has The Power To Open Any Closed Door-No Circumstance Is Too Difficult For Him To Overcome. ...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard (Article1). by Betty Torain
Therefore, we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. Hebrews 2:2...
Excerpts From Sermons I Have Heard (article4). by Betty Torain
Therefore, we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let then slip. Hebrews 2:2...
Existing in the Next Dimension by Becky DeWitt
The words we speak not only charge but change the atmospheric conditions of our lives....
Experience by Char Carradine
recent experience I had that was inspirational....
Experiencing God! by Cindy Tuttle
Some thoughts I had today....
Experiencing Reflections by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
Next time when you reflect about other people (positive or negative), keep in mind that it may have nothing to do about them and is all about you, if ...
Explaining views of Christianity by Lew Duffey
I did some research at various web sites about what many well-known people and authors thought of Christianity. I found it to be very enligh...
Exploring the world of the children. by Emile Tubiana
The author's thoughts...
Expressing the Taboo by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
When one leads the way to express and experience something, it lets others know it is Ok to do so as well....
Extend Your Love Out to the World Today by Sheri Hoff
Extend your love out to the world today. ...
Eyes On the Clouds by Bonita Quesinberry
©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C., published in MSMusings Magazine, "Looking Forward" edition ...
F.E.A.R. Exposed by Lakeisha McKnight
What is fear all about? How do you recognize it and get rid of it? Read on......
Face To Face by Inspire Hope
These are encouraging words to challenge you to face your fears, with God on your side you are victorious!!! You shall overcome every fear....
Facing Challenges? by Tim Connor
Everyone in life faces a variety of challenges or problems. This article will give you a new perspective....
Facing Our Fear by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
If you are dealing with a challenging situation, do not consider it as a terrible event. ...
Faith by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
Do you have faith to take small steps toward your heart’s desire every day?...
Faith by J. Murphy
Something written for a class over two years ago. Dec. 1, 2000 ...
Faith by Karen Nivens
Thought of the day - Faith...
Faith Found at the Swap Meet by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I love metting new people, especially when it is meeting others who share the same faith as I do, the same fire and passion for Jesus, that I have, wh...
Faith In Action (Be the Church Kids Carnival) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
After we were done with service, we let the children go outside to cool off, and get some of the pent up energy out till the adults start coming out o...
Faith in the Almighty Power by David Arthur Walters
"My power hast forsaken me."...
Faith is Now by Lakeisha McKnight
We have heard it times before of what Faith is. Lakeisha breaks it down short and sweet! Reaf further!...
Faith or Doubt by Henry Miranda
You first have to learn how to put complete trust in God, then faith will follow.You have to have faith to be able to face tomorrow with confidence....
Faith The Substance of Things Hoped For The Evidence of Things Unseen by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Faith is part of my every day life, and I believe it takes faith to get us through the struggles ...
Faith Times Seven by Bonita Quesinberry
"Truth Gathering, Volume II" chapter: 'Faith Times Seven' ©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. — 9 pgs in response to Truth Seekers and Speakers...
Faith Versus Medicine by Paul Mc Cann
A personal testimony of how I beat drug addiction through faith alone and how God did for me what no medicine or doctor could . ...
Faith, Hope and Love by Terry Michaels
The three most important qualities for a relationship to succeed. ...
Faith: Baby Steps and Leaps by Leslie Garcia
Faith...true birth to miracles, large and small. We can't all believe...but we can all approach belief, whether with leaps or in small,...
Falling at His Feet by Kadee Grace
This is what it is like to know Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior....
Famine Days by Paul Mc Cann
In days of famine we need to help each other....
Fantasy or Dream? by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
It all depends what we do with our initial dream....
Farewell My Father by Elke Zilla
A beautiful and touching perspective at that holds a spiritual optimism and compassionnate understanding as its highest virutes....
Father/Daughter Relationship Restored (A Childhood Prayer Answered) by Blondie Clayton
The Rewards Of Forgiveness Begins One Step At A Time ...
Fear Factor by Marcia Laycock
When fear keeps you from moving forward, remember that Jesus is there to take your hand....
Fear God for the getting of wisdom. by Clarence Prince
Don't remain unwise fear the Lord....
Letting go of fear and grabbing unto hope and total trust....
Fear Of Loss by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
True wealth is not found in the acquisition of things but is realized by expressing gratitude. ...
Fear Paralyzes by Annette Mckenny-Harris
Fear paralyzes us, causing us to come to a hasting hault. Show no fear; have no fear. There's something you have to do and fear will not permit it to ...
Featuring A Birthday Message from Nellie Sonido Feng by Arsenio Jesena
When two diverse path converge , this is what happens...AMDG!...
Featuring A Letter from Fr.Adolfo Nicolas SJ Superior General by Arsenio Jesena
On my Jubilee year as a Jesuit I received this precious letter......
Featuring a letter from Fr.Adolfo Nicolás, SJ Superior General by Arsenio Jesena
Featuring a letter from Jesuit Superior General Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, SJ on my Jubilee year as a Jesuit...
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Featured Book
I'm Feeling It
by Darryl Jenkins

I'm Feeling It Inspirational Poems..  
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Featured Book
I'm Feeling It
by Darryl Jenkins

I'm Feeling It Inspirational Poems..  
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