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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Pow-er Down
by Tygo Lee

Are you weary from the battles?..  
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Featured Book
Top Life Coaching Tips: Live Each Day with More Peace, Passi
by Sheri Hoff

Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff's Top Life Coaching Tips: Live EAch Day with more Peace, Passion, Energy, and Joy...  
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Reality Repair
by William Cottringer

This is a book to help readers plow through the enormous overload of the 95% nonsense to find the 5% common sense that is hidden away, which is needed to sustain long-ter..  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

Interview with Jeanie Marshall. Author/Facilitator of Meditation CD's by Irene Watson
Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant, directs all activities of Marshall House, drawing on the services of other professionals as needed. Her consu...
Interview with Jeff Alt, author of "A Hike for Mike by Irene Watson
After losing a brother-in-law to suicde, Jeff and his wife Beth walk the 218 mile John Muir Trail across the Sierra Nevada mountain range to spread th...
Interview with Jill Osborne, author of Sam Feels Better Now! by Irene Watson
Sam saw something awful and scary! Ms. Carol, a special therapist, will show Sam how to feel better. Children who read the book can also help Sam feel...
Interview with Joe Farcht, author of Building Personal Leadership by Irene Watson
For everyone unable to find a source of motivation, for everyone constantly running out of time to get their work done, and for all those unhappy with...
Interview with Judy Strong, author of A Child's Grief by Irene Watson
Helping a child grieve can be difficult and confusing; children cannot always articulate what they feel, and adults are often very deep in grief thems...
Interview with Kal Edwards, Grandmother's Wise Recipes for Success by Irene Watson
Grandmothers have wisdom to share with us that is time tested. Wisdom that has been learned the hard way. Kal Edwards was blessed with a Grandmother...
Interview with Karen Sherman & Dale Klein, authors of "Marriage Magic!" by Irene Watson
An innovative, uplifting and pragmatic self-help book designed to reignite relationships that have grown stale. It is filled with hands-on exercises ...
Interview with Karen Sherman, author of Mindfulness and the Art of Choice by Irene Watson
"Mindfulness and the Art of Choice: Transform Your Life" offers a set of time-tested tools to help those who feel like negative past experiences are h...
Interview with Kathy Balland, author of Lose the Diet by Irene Watson
People are obsessed with their weight and appearance, trying to gain perfect Hollywood bodies. Many people, however, get depressed just trying. Diet a...
Interview with Kenyatta, Forever Sentimental, Vol. IV: The Game of Hearts by Irene Watson
Original, romantic poems are sprinkled among sixty-seven powerful life lessons in "Forever Sentimental, Vol. IV: The Game of Hearts," the fourth book ...
Interview with Kenyatta, author Forever Sentimental Vol. III: Agape Love by Irene Watson
How to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships before they happen. How to enhance existing relationships and how to win his or her heart for th...
Interview with Kerin Bellak-Adams, author of AD/HD Success! by Irene Watson
Designed for children ages seven to seventeen, "AD/HD Success!" by author Kerin Bellak-Adams provides multiple tools for children, as well as for par...
Interview with Larry Hayes, author of Mental Illness and Your Town by Irene Watson
Anyone concerned about the mentally ill will find "Mental Illness and Your Town" a revealing study of how individuals and communities can fight for a ...
Interview with Laura Bruno, author of If I Only Had a Brain Injury by Irene Watson
When a car crash resulted in a brain injury, Laura Bruno was forced to relearn everything she knew. For four years, Bruno was disabled and unable to w...
Interview with Leslee Tessmann, author of Sacred Grief by Irene Watson
Most books on grief focus on surviving and understanding the bereavement process, but in her new book, "Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Gri...
Interview with LeslieAnn Butler, auth If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing! by Irene Watson
LeslieAnn Butler knows what it's like to lose her hair. For years, she has suffered with a severe form of Alopecia Areata. In the opening chapters of ...
Interview with Liliane Desjardins, author of The Imprint Journey by Irene Watson
"The Imprint Journey" is like two books in one. The first section is Liliane Desjardins’ personal story of growing up during World War II in Croatia, ...
Interview with Louise Lewis, author of No Experts Needed by Irene Watson
Minutes after losing her job, Louise Lewis sat in the boarding area of a California airport and began to panic. Weak and vulnerable, she asked God for...
Interview with Marjorie McKinnon, author of Repair Your Life by Irene Watson
Marjorie McKinnon, an incest and sexual abuse survivor, has created a six-stage program called REPAIR to help victims overcome shame and destructive b...
Interview with Nadia Sarari, author of Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse by Irene Watson
"Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse" is the inspirational story of how one woman overcame her fear and low self-esteem to provide for her family and fulf...
Interview with Patrice Dickey, author of Back to the Garden by Irene Watson
True life transformation rarely follows a linear model, which is why Patrice Dickey chose not to follow the conventional "self-help" model of checklis...
Interview with Paula Petrovic, author of Sand Play for the Soul by Irene Watson
Through Sand Play, you use a tray filled with sand and small objects to make this connection. How you place meanings on these objects and where you p...
Interview with Philip Ferranti, author of Love and Freedom by Irene Watson
This self-help guide offers comprehensive and unified pathways, choices, and strategies to help you become your own person—both loving and free. ...
Interview with Rob Marshall, author of Taking on Goliath by Irene Watson
Taking On Goliath is about facing the challenges that we come up against when pursuing our dreams, the Goliaths we meet along the way. Base...
Interview with Robert Lamoreaux, JD, author of Winning or Losing by Irene Watson
This book discusses financial, estate and retirement planning. “Winning or Losing” is designed to help children assist aging parents, and the general...
Interview with Romanus Wolter, author of "Kick Start Your Success" by Irene Watson
Author, Romanus Wolter, introduces readers to a simple, four-step process for achieving important goals in their life and work. Readers gain the disc...
Interview with Shadonna Richards, author of A Gift of Hope by Irene Watson
At the center of "A Gift of Hope" are Shadonna Richards's Hope Initiatives-activities to create and sustain hope. When recently interviewed, Richards ...
Interview with Susanne Blake, author of “Ten Commitments for Women by Irene Watson
REALIZE YOUR POWER AND CREATIVITY THROUGH EXPLORATION OF THE FEMININE It is vitally important that every woman makes the effort to bring forth th...
Interview with Thomas Brown, author of Men Bleed Too by Irene Watson
This is a story about my wife’s fight with breast cancer. When I received the phone call from the surgeon that did the biopsy on Barbara’s breast tha...
Interview with Thomas K. Connellan, Bringing Out the Best in Others! by Irene Watson
Introducing Tom Connellan, author of the New York Times Bestseller, “Bringing Out the Best in Others! 3 Keys for Business Leaders, Educators, Coaches ...
Interview with Tom Massey, author of Ten Commitments for Men by Irene Watson
MAKE A DIFFERENCE! BUILD CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY! Unfortunately, manhood does not come with an owner’s manual. Often we have to make it up as we ...
Interview with Vickie Berkus, author of Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness by Irene Watson
“Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” will improve your mental fitness by helping you understand some of the same principles that can be learned in psyc...
Interview with William Patterson, co-author of "The Baron Son: Vade Mecum 7 by Irene Watson
A legend from centuries past, "The Baron Son" is a tale of a young boy that loses everything and through struggle finds the secret to becoming the ric...
Interview wth Celia Rabberg, author of Do You Get the Feeling? by Irene Watson
"Do You Get the Feeling?" is a versatile book for the reader who realizes emotions change from day to day. Because our culture teaches us to suppress ...
Introduction to Transubconscious Thinking and Study by Joseph Smith
Wanna know how to take back control of your thoughts? I will show you how!...
Irons in the Fire by Robin Bayne
There are ways to narrow the focus of your writing, to concentrate on the projects most important to you!...
IRS--Kiss My Scripts by Cynth'ya
(The animation is courtesy from Writing is part of many of our lives. Too bad too many of us don't know the rules of...
Is Authenticity Part of Your Regiment to Change? by Alvin Romer
How willing are you to be real and change for the better?...
Is Common Sense Really Common? by Rod Mattson
What is so common about common sense? Does it really exist or does common sense tell us there is really no common sense?...
Is Fear Holding You Back? by Sheri Hoff
Is fear holding you back from achieving success? You may not even realize that you have fear in your life. Some symptoms of fear include: procrastinat...
Is Good Karma Good for Enlightenment? by Lama Tantrapa
This article explores the ways karma affects enlightenment....
Is It Possible That Colors Affect Our Moods? by Jamie Cortland
Our moods may be influenced by the colors we wear....
Is it Selfish to Love Yourself First? Is Sacrifice Unselfish Love? by Kim Vazquez
Selfishness. Loving Yourself. Self-Sacrifice. Unselfish Love. For most folks these subjects are all tangled up. Do you know the difference?...
Is James Bond a Giver or a Taker? Take the test. by Paul Kyriazi
Are you a giver or taker? Take the test below in bold....
Is Life Passing You By? by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Grandma Moses, didn't start painting until she was 78 years old, and she became successful and famous all over the world! She lived to be over 100 y...
Is Putting Others First Making You Fat? by eli davidson
Is your life a blur of activity? Are you on auto pilot saying “yes” to anyone that asks for a favor? A schedule that has you running from sun up to su...
Is The Law Of Attraction A Scam? by George Hutton
The Law of Attraction can be the greatest thing ever, but only if you truly understand it....
Is There Any Constant In Our Changing World? by Mel Menker
All of our lives we search for some semblance of continuity which can provide an "anchor" to withstand the stresses and trials we face in daily life. ...
It Takes Courage by Samantha Scott
It Takes Courage is an article taken from Samantha's e-zine in which she explores Spiritual Life Coaching Principles....
It's HR On The Phone! Now What? by Janet White
What should you do when Human Resources calls you for that unexpected phone interview?...
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  6. Add VALUE, Become RICH!
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  16. Anger: Cleansing Squall or Hurricane?
  17. Images! Images! Where are the Images?
  18. How To Rearrange Your Brain For Maximum Su
  19. Why Being Lazy is a Positive Trait
  20. The Seven Day Mental Diet by Emmett Fox

Featured Book
Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World
by Sheri Hoff

Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff's new book on leadership...  
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Featured Book
Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma
by Jeanne Miller

Life is going along without too many problems and then the intrusion of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy happens. Fear, confusion, panic, depression, loss and tears fl..  
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