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Sept 11, 2001
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Oprah In Her Words Our American Princess
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Oprah's words bring inspiration and help to many people. Tuchy adds suggested affirmations and actions and you have a powerful workbook that can become life altering and ..  
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Abusive Relationships Workbook
by Sam Vaknin

Self-assessment questionnaires, tips, and tests for victims of abusers, batterers, and stalkers in various types of relationships. ..  
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Pathological Narcissism FAQs
by Sam Vaknin

Dozens of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. ..  
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All Relationships Articles

25 Most Recent Relationships Articles

Marriage - how we make that first step the wrong one by Robyn Speed
Start as you mean to go on. That's the saying. But we don't. Instead, we say nothign when we should say something, all because we don't want to hurt o...
Marriage and Partnership - The Power of Two by Shela Dean
Marriage gives you the opportunity to fill each others gaps....
Marriage and Respect by Robyn Speed
Marriage Help - He Loves you, but he's not in Love with you Anymore! by David Roppo
So, you're motoring along on the autopilot of love, and you're completely oblivious to the looming bombshell that's about to be dropped!...
Marriage Infidelity – Secrets to Beating a Cheating Husband! by David Roppo
How to get him back, end the Infidelity, and Create the Magical Marriage you've always wanted!...
MARRIAGE: Alternative Or Open-end Lease Relationships by DeBorrah Ogans
iframe src="
Marriage: It Is NOT Hard Work by Shela Dean
Marriage gets a bad rep for being "hard work." Find out why it's NOT hard work and how you can adjust your perspective for a happier, stronger relat...
Matrimonial "State of the Union" by Fritz Barnes
"We have made Peace and lost Love...And I want Love back."...
May I Glorify You In My Pain by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
My condition has let me reach out to them in ways I may not have been able to otherwise, so my prayer is this. "Bless me in my pain, and let ...
We will remember the "Phenomenal Woman" who always remembered us and taught us what it means to be fully human....
Memories Are Made Of This by Vannie Ryanes
Memories - they shape who we are and how we see the world. ________________________________________...
Men and Women - The Qualities We Seek by Sam Vaknin
Soaring divorce rates and the rise of single parenthood prove that men are not good at recognizing the qualities they seek in women....
Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Gray Book Review by Tim Kellis
Critical Review by Tim Kellis...
Men Are Like Fish: A New Angle on Love by Steve Nakamoto
If you are not happy with what you're getting in your love life, here's the first place to look....
Men's Most Common Mistakes by Babette Heaton
Advice for Romance...
Merry Christmas from Dr. Romance! by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance wishes you Happy Holidays with a song lyric. ...
Midlife Crisis Time by Mileah Shore
What does mid-life crisis mean to you?...
Midnight Promises by Darcey Patil
love shared...
Military Divorces Require Special Attention and Care by Tony Bertolino
There is no doubt that our servicemen and women who are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other locations around the world, are performing a...
Mirrors and Teachers by Tina Tessina
Many valuable gifts come through overcoming negative reactions, and learning to view others as reflections of ourselves—useful mirrors....
Mom Dumps My $7,000 Monster Magazine by Paul Kyriazi
And also my 'Time Machine' comic book. ...
Mom recommends I Need Therapy for 15-year-old son! by Glenda Wallace
A co-worker came to me and said that she enjoyed "I Need Therapy" so much, she suggested that her 15-year-old son read it! ...
Moments, AD, Creations, Friends by Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations
Will you ever forgive me? Will you bear with me until my concentration "flows" again and allows my expressions to "flow" with it, and towards you?...
Mordinson Report- Not Cheap but Worth It. Russian Real Single Women by Rick Roark
The ladies in this agency are serious about coming to the United States, and they actually are very attractive and educated. Don't waste your time on ...
Mother's Day by Dana Reed
A reason to appreciate life....
Motivation and How to Create It (Good Boss/Bad Boss) by Tina Tessina
Dr. Romance helps you to realize the way towards your goals with positive motivation instead of negative motivation. ...
Mr. Brandt by Ayesha van Staaden
This is about a teacher that I had become close with who left the school where I was at...
Mr. Right's Profile by Elaine Carey
Let's see...can we create the perfect relationship shopping list? ...
Muslim Women's Rights (Part 1) by Safi
"Muslim Women's Rights (Part 1)" should be read in conjunction with "Muslim Women's Rights (Part 2)"...
MY COUNTRY FIRST, NO by Uriah Fields
My priorities are ranked below. As you read this article think about what are your priorities. Your priorities indicate what you ultimately amount to....
My Experience of Mordinson and Russian Mail Order Brides in Kharkov by Rick Roark
Like so many men, I have spent many years passively hoping to find the right woman with whom to share a life. After some time, I came to a conclusion ...
My Father's Greatest Legacy by Ed Zaruk
The greatest legacy my father left me was a love of reading....
My Grateful Book by Angie Diaz-Cervo
My Grateful Book provides the answer to happiness, fulfillment and relationships. There’s no depression or loss of lives....
My Humble Opinion 1/17/07 by Jennifer Butler
Never Marry in a Time of Weakness ...
My Humble Opinion 28 by Jennifer Butler
She thought of everything ... except to check the rear view....
My Humble Opinion 29 by Jennifer Butler
Prince Charming is not charming when he's there too soon....
My Humble Opinion 32 by Jennifer Butler
One person's treasure is another person's trash....
My Humble Opinion 33 by Jennifer Butler
Always remember that you do not want to become very close or very intimate with anyone other than the one you truly love and choose to marry. To do t...
My Humble Opinion 4/19/07 by Jennifer Butler
Never Marry in a Time of Weakness...
My Humble Opinion 50 by Jennifer Butler
Perhaps their own mother was too wise and wonderful....
My Humble Opinion 55 by Jennifer Butler
Friendship Before Intimacy *******...
My Humble Opinion 59 by Jennifer Butler
I keep getting this message on my Caller I.D. ---- DonAte clothing. Who's Don?...
My Humble Opinion 67 by Jennifer Butler
How can we be of assistance to our young ones now that we know what's going on out there? A reasonable parent can help their child to avoid being su...
My Humble Opinion 78 by Jennifer Butler
Ever Pay Close Attention to Cinderella?...
My Love Life is a Zit! by Louise Lewis
What do you do when your love life is "less than"? Do you stay home and hide from life?...
My Particular Case by LEO AVERBACH
A reflective piece explaining the impact my divorce had on me, showing how and why it led to my unexpected transformation. The full story is told in m...
My Return to Shyness by Dion de kraker
Recently acquired emotions & history (written 19th februari 2008)...
My Space by Amber Williams
The case for writers needing space...
My Story by Cameron Sharpe sharpe
Without a fall, there is no redemption...but with out my own downward spiral I wouldn't be the man I am today. I can say that now that I have long sin...
My Thoughts on Groups by David Arthur Walters
In case I become somebody some day, and then I shall not destroy the world to save it...
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Relationships Articles
  1. How to Grow Old Together
  2. Dear Dr. Romance: Can short guys date?
  3. The Meaning of Life
  4. Are You Sex-Starved?
  5. Why Couples Fall out of Love
  6. Is He Your True Love? One Way to Know For
  7. Bummer
  8. Dear Dr. Romance: I was always wrong
  9. Adventures in Dating
  10. Getting Along With Each Other
  11. Sex: Chicken or Egg?
  12. Tolerant of Intolerance
  13. Dear Dr. Romance: is it natural for a man
  14. Creating Family Acceptance
  15. Dr. Romance: You Are a Gift
  16. An Open Letter to Husbands & Partners
  17. Practice Community
  18. Dear Dr. Romance: I don't want to keep mak
  19. When Love is Kind: Mutuality in Relationsh
  20. Lighten Up - Cures for Marital Boredom

Featured Book
Money, Sex and Kids:
by Tina Tessina

Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage! "With a Ph.D., eight books, and 30 years of counseling experience under her belt, [Redbook Lov..  
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Featured Book
Till Cheating Do Us Part, a guide to relationships and marit
by Chidi Asika-Enahoro

Till Cheating Do Us Part is Chidi's latest book recently released to the market. It offers a radically progressive and impetuous alternative to traditional marriages.  
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