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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance
by Aberjhani

The Harlem Renaissance remains exciting, inspiring, and irresistible in the first half of the 21st Century for the same reason that the many people who lived it found it ..  
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Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions
by Andrew Williams

The procedures, the problems and pitfalls of extending or altering property are discussed in this fully updated edition. It gives helpful advice on how to make a project ..  
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How To Be SMART, SHREWD & CUNNING--Legally! (Paperback)
by Richard Orey

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25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

Summer on Wheels by Beth Elaine
Summer on Wheels by Gary Soto is a great book for students to read in the ESL or Spec Ed classroom. ...
Summertime Schooling - Home Schooling During the Summer Months by Stephanie Davies
An article which describes the benefits of continuing home schooling into the summer months....
SUNY Days for “The Crimson Field” by Rosie Malek-Yonan
The required reading of "The Crimson Field" is being hailed as a milestone in the study and recognition of the Assyrian Genocide at an institution of ...
Survival Preparedness Guide (Second Edition) by Luke Lichterman
Choosing to prepare your family for survival can be complex and expensive, but it can be simplified and made more affordable by following this guide....
Survival: A D.I.Y. Exercise by Bill Revill
A slightly different approach to survival training, based on the author's military background, plus his many years of staying alive in wild and remot...
Survive College by Being Flexible by Matthew Stern
In January 2006, I spoke to the AVID college preparation class at Serrano Intermediate School in Lake Forest, California. The teacher had invited pare...
Surviving a Difficult Classroom by Beth Elaine
Classroom management certainly determines a teacher's sanity. It also sets the tone, deciding whether students learn anything at all. ...
T 5 - B 2 - P 5 by Tom Hyland
T 5 - B 2 - P 5 ... BINGO! I WON! HUH? Just kiddin' - loosen up, Pilgrim - sit back, relax, light up, sip a brew, read - and then get MAD AS...
Take The Leap; I Am by Dana Reed
Dealing with some publishers is like hell on Earth. I always capitalize Earth because this is where I live....
Talent Management by Hiren Shah
It is talent and the blossoming of it( spotting at the right time, harnessing it corrctly that makes individuals and companies prosper. It is an issue...
TARQUIN by Dave Brooks
Track And Ride Quality Investigation - A detailed paper discussing the process involved in the award winning track assessment process. TARQUIN was ori...
TARQUIN II by Dave Brooks
A review of the TARQUIN assessment carried out on Route 7 of the WCRM project. This paper shows the process to be approximately 95% accurate. Writ...
Tax deductions for published authors by Dana Reed
I recently met a twice published author who wasn't taking advantage of what the IRS allowed. I worred there might be more of you out there....
Tax-EEEEEEZE! by Cynth'ya
Need to ease the choke hold around your neck as a business person...or as a plain ol' regular person? It's not what you make that makes a difference...
Teacher - Use the Concept of 'Prime Real Estate' at Your Desk by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what should belong and where things should belong in your work space. Think of things from the realtor's point of view....
Teacher bullying by Dr. Carla Goddard
Does teacher bullying exist?...
Teacher Hints by Elaine Masters
In Hawaii, we have a new set of achievement tests, Hawaii Content and Performance Standards. Here are reading and writing suggestions to prepare....
Teacher Resources for Living on Sisu by Deborah Frontiera
This PDF file contains a curriculum unit for teachers to use with Frontiera's book, Living on Sisu: The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy....
Teacher to Parent Communication by Deb Landry
Giving Youth and Children a Safe, Healthy Educational Experience...
Teacher Ty, Farewell ~ Part II of a Trilogy about Teacher Ty by Nellie Feng
After battling cancer valiantly for more than ten years, our beloved teacher finally left this world at 12:05 A.M. of February 4 ,2001. Up to the last...
Teacher, edcate thyself. by Hiren Shah
This article was published in the September 2007 issue of the Indian Education magazine, Educare. It is in response to a newspaper item on calling yo...
Teachers - Cleaning Up and Clearing Out Email in Your Inbox by Meggin McIntosh
Start your day with an empty email box....
Teachers - 5 Ideas to Overcome Reading Overwhelm by Meggin McIntosh
Consider applying at least one of these suggestions to reduce the reading material arriving in your hands. This will assist you in removing reading o...
Teachers - Academic Philosophy - Yours and Your School's by Meggin McIntosh
A number of years ago, I was a founder of a private school in our community. We had the opportunity to build this school from the ground up, includin...
Teachers - Avoid Filing Systems that Aren't by Meggin McIntosh
Consider a new way of thinking about your files....
Teachers - Be Good to Yourself by Meggin McIntosh
The Most Important Step to Teaching with Excellence...
Teachers - Clean Off (and Out) Your Desk - Increase Your Peace of Mind by Meggin McIntosh
Consider the following process for fully cleaning your desk. Start the new year with a clear work space....
Teachers - Clearing Out Your Email Backlog in the Deleted and Sent Items by Meggin McIntosh
Even your deleted email may not be deleted. Find out how to get the job done....
Teachers - Close Your Classes Compellingly - And Ensure More Learning by Meggin McIntosh
Teachers, consider the value of planned closure activities....
Teachers - Communicate Assertively by Meggin McIntosh
Know the difference between aggressive, passive, and assertive communication. Recognize what it takes to be assertive....
Teachers - Create 'Margins' in Your Life by Meggin McIntosh
What Kind of Margins do You Need to Set?...
Teachers - Create 'Margins' of Time by Meggin McIntosh
Use a Planner to Help Create Margins...
Teachers - Create 'Margins' of Wealth by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what is needed for you to protect your finances...
Teachers - Create 'Margins' with Your Family and Friends by Meggin McIntosh
Teachers, take control of the time you have for family and friends....
Teachers - Create 'Margins' with Your Stuff by Meggin McIntosh
Consider how to manage your stuff to create a more productive environment....
Teachers - Create Idea Margins by Meggin McIntosh
Capture those great ideas!...
Teachers - Create Margins at Home by Meggin McIntosh
Teachers, not only are margins needed in our professional life, but to live peacefully, read to learn what you can do to create margins at home....
Teachers - Create Margins for Your Health by Meggin McIntosh
Consider the value of your health....
Teachers - Create Margins of Energy by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what steps you need to take to create more positive energy in your life....
Teachers - Dealing With a Toxic Environment by Meggin McIntosh
Consider which direction you need to take if you (or a friend) are working in a toxic environment....
Teachers - Dealing with Illness (Either Your Own, or Others') by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what is necessary when illness is present....
Teachers - Deliberately Design Your Professional Presence by Meggin McIntosh
Know what it means to develop your professional presence....
Teachers - Design Memorable Meetings by Meggin McIntosh
Find out what is needed to make a great meeting....
Teachers - Do Only What You Can Do by Meggin McIntosh
Consider the following tips on recognizing the things only you can do, what you can delegate, or what you may eliminate....
Teachers - Don't Shunt Your Tasks by Meggin McIntosh
Do you know what it means to shunt your tasks? ...
Teachers - Five Truths About Networking Effectively by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what you need to know about networking....
Teachers - Get Control Over Your Email by Meggin McIntosh
Email Tips Just for You...
Teachers - Getting (or Staying) Off the Phone by Meggin McIntosh
Consider how to make the best use of your time with the phone....
Teachers - Here Are Some Phrases & Statements to Remember by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these statements to assist your goal of being productive....
Teachers - Increase Your Productivity by Asking the Right Questions by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these questions to ask when taking on new responsibilities....
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Featured Book
Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for High School
by Charlene Tess

A quick and easy method for analyzing the parts of a sentence and learning English grammar. Now available as an eBook in PDF format. All study notes, exercises and tests ..  
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Featured Book
PR Basics in a Connected World
by Ann Streetman

A good overview of basics in PR for newcomers or a brief refresher for people returning to the job market...  
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