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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Secrets of Staying Young
by Nina Anderson

Natural ways to turn back the clock. The latest information on how to become wrinkle resistant and fight the signs of aging. ..  
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Featured Book
Simple Herbal Remedies
by Pamela Ackerson

Return to the Olde Ways. The hustle and bustle of modern day life has brought many of us to a quick fix attitude.This book is for those of you who are fed up; have looked..  
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Featured Book
The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes
by Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Proper application of the 8 Laws of Health leads to Improving Every Year!..  
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25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Incredible Hens and Nutritious Eggs! by Dilip Dahanukar
The hen that gives us the egg for our breakfast is such a wonderful gift of nature! She scores both on quality and quantity. There is no other bird th...
Independent Bookstores Feed the Soul by Kathleen Rowland
Browsing in bookstores for mental health--a romantic's field guide to independent bookstores in Southern Orange County, California...
Indian Gurus And Unsafe Yoga Practice by Subodh Gupta
In India where the yoga system was originated, it was not practiced on mass level until couple of years ago. Recently with the help of TV channel...
Industry-funded Medical Research Disputes Grow by Joseph Juliano MD
. Remember Vioxx? Remember Actonel? ...
Inexpensive Pain Relief for Feet & Legs by Manny Bermas
If you spend your working hours on your feet, please check this information. I did and found relief two years ago. I have been using this Insoles for...
Inform Yourself by Carmen Ruggero
With this article, I am hoping to prevent others from going through the same ordeal. It also explains my frequent absences from the den....
Inner or Outer by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
There is no 'inner' or 'outer', just states of mind that create porosity or impermeability of your being. ...
Inner Peace by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
If you want to feel peaceful and joyful, simply observe the nature of your mind. ...
Inpending Old Age by Marguerite Lemoine
Just a thought on aging...
Inspire Me Today, Inspiration from Debbi Haskins by Debbi Haskins
Live by 5 great views daily!: If you surround yourself with dark, depressing negative thoughts or people, then you will lean towards that you...
Inspire Yourself by Mayank Bhayana Bhayana
Sometimes words are the only cure of a problem. Let's check it these ones work....
Intensive Orthopedic Care for Pain Relief by Peter Curry
Physicians with expertise in sports medicine specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and painful conditions associated to s...
Interesting To Know about Cucumbers. by Amanda Hanekom
After reading this article you will look at cucumbers differently. I cencerly hope you enjoy it. ...
International AIDs confrence 2006 by Kelly Eagles
just a short news summary of the AIDs confrence in toronto. Just one for my own personal collection....
Internet Addiction by Global Nation Organization
~ Information and resources on recovering from Internet Addiction. ~...
Interview for "American Meth" author Sterling R. Braswell by Irene Watson
Methamphetamine: the quintessential American Drug. American housewives, heads of state, businessmen, and poets alike have acquired a taste for the ye...
Interview for "Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired" by Irene Watson
Heart problems, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling, arthritis, headaches, allergies, asthma, pneumonia, Alzheimer's/memory problems, inab...
Interview with Alan E. Smith, author of UnBreak Your Health by Irene Watson
Alan Smith is no doctor, but maybe that's why people like his book so much. Like millions of other people worldwide, he's simply a patient who visited...
Interview with Barbara Coppo, author of The Boy in the Window by Irene Watson
When Barbara Coppo's son, Kenny, was born, he was a happy, healthy, robust child for the first 19 months of his life. But within three days of receivi...
Interview with Dawson Church, author of The Genie in Your Genes by Irene Watson
"The Genie in Your Genes" focuses on the new scientific field of Epigenetics (meaning control above the level of the gene) and its applications in hea...
Interview with Diana M. Raab, author of Healing with Words by Irene Watson
"Healing with Words," by author Diana M. Raab, is a unique, compassionate story written by a nurse, author, and mother of three, who at the age of for...
Interview with Frances Shani Parker, author of Becoming Dead Right by Irene Watson
"Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes" is the captivating account of Frances Shani Parker's hospice volunteer experiences ...
Interview with G.W. Doherty, ed. Proceeds 6th Rocky Mnt Region Disaster MHC by Irene Watson
In recent years, devastating events, such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, tsunami, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, have wreaked havoc on million...
Interview with Jack Nirenstein, author “GOD’s Technique to Walk Run Relax by Irene Watson
Try to take one stride forward without falling ahead of your foot. If you can do it, you’ll prove both Isaac Newton and Jack Nirenstein wrong. Maximiz...
Interview with Jan DeCourtney, co- author of Recapture Your Health by Irene Watson
In “Recapture Your Health,” the authors have given the reader the power to take control of their own health, regardless of a specific diagnosis, finan...
Interview with Jeff Herten, MD, author of An Uncommon Drunk by Irene Watson
Recent studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption may actually support health with positive benefits such as promoting heart health. But what i...
Interview with K. E. Yancosek and K. Gulick ,authors Handwriting for Heroes by Irene Watson
"Handwriting for Heroes" by authors Katie Yancosek and Kristin Gulick is a first-of- its-kind workbook designed for the adult who sustains an injury t...
Interview with Koeller and La France, authors of Let's Eat Out! by Irene Watson
Kim Koeller and Robert La France’s innovative allergy book series, “Let’s Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free,” is a manual for ...
Interview with M.E. Platt, author The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Irene Watson
To readers looking for a new way to fight fatigue, ADHD, obesity or sexual dysfunction, Dr. Michael Platt presents a successful alternative to mainstr...
Interview with M.R. Shontz author of Is Your House Making You Overweight? by Irene Watson
How to detect and fix over 125 house problems, including improper electricity, that might be negatively affecting your health are included in this uni...
Interview with Mary Huntley & Edna Thayer, authors of A Mirthful Spirit by Irene Watson
Mary Huntley and Edna Thayer want to leave their mark. They know their experiences with laughter and their research about the ways in which laughter h...
Interview with Nancy Daniel Wesson, author of Moving Your Aging Parents by Irene Watson
Adult children frequently have to make difficult decisions about their elderly parents, and moving those parents from their home to an apartment, nurs...
Interview with Neil McHugh author of Dreaming your way to pain free living by Neil McHugh
Read an interview with the author of DREAMING your way to painfree living....
Interview with Niall McLaren, author of Humanizing Madness by Irene Watson
As anyone who has ever taken even the most basic, entry-level psychiatry course knows, the field of psychiatry is characterized by several contrary th...
Interview with Oleg I. Reznik, M.D., author of "Secrets of Medical Decision by Irene Watson
Is the medical industry giving us the best treatment possible, at the best price? "The Secrets of Medical Decision Making: How to Avoid Becoming a Vi...
Interview with Renee Wiggins, author of Can I Exercise Sitting Down? by Irene Watson
Renee Wiggins' 20-year history as a personal trainer, registered dietician and spa owner led her to write her award-winning book that offers an effec...
Interview with Sandra Powers, author of Organic for Health by Irene Watson
If added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides and reprocessed sewage are all things you'd rather not ingest on a regular basis, then you should...
Interview with Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, author of AIDS Orphans Rising by Irene Watson
According to U.N. predictions, AIDS will orphan 25 million children by the year 2010. Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd acquaints readers with AIDS orphans'...
Interview with Steven Schnur, author of The Reality Diet by Irene Watson
The reality is that extreme diets that promise instant results just don't work. For one thing, you lose muscle and water, but little fat, and may ser...
Interview with Tami Brady, author of Strategies by Irene Watson
An estimated 4 to 6 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, or fibromyalgia, according to the National Fibromyalgia Partnership....
Introduction to Igbo Medicine: Iga N'Ajuju - Going to Ask by Patrick IROEGBU
The series in this article deal with the problematic of understanding issues related to illnesses and remedies through questioning of extrahuman forc...
Introduction to Medical Marijuana Caregiver's Journal by Chemo Sabe
Introduction to Medical Marijuana Caregiver's Journal...
Invasive Candidiasis – Infection of the Bloodstream and Organs by Karen Phillips
Symptoms and treatment alternatives for Invasive Candidiasis...
Investigations In: Writing as Therapy by Lillian Cauldwell
Writing as Therapy is an altnerate route to your mental and emotional health....
iPods Can Lead To Hearing Loss by Linda Meckler
Did you ever think about losing your hearing? Did you ever think you could have Tinnitus? Do you know what Tinnitus is? When you listen to an I Pod an...
Ironshad by Lew Duffey
How much do you know about kidney disease? Unfortunately I know too much and that is why the fellow I am going to tell you about stands out as an Iro...
Is Bacteria Gonna Get Us? by Grace G.
Chillingly similar to a canary dying in an underground mine from poisonous gas; but ultimately far worse, something is happening to the air we breathe...
Is Bottled Really Safe? by Cynth'ya
Hmmmm? 1 out of 4. Not you, you say? What insures that you and I are NOT that ONE? Or the 100 out of 400 in a community? Or the 1,000 out of 4,000 in ...
Is Hastening Death Ever Right? by David Page
Badly injured and dying patients suffer in ways we cannot appreciate. Words like futility and dispair are almost impossible to understand at the bedsi...
Is Hypnosis an Effective, an Healthy, Way To Lose Weight? by John Neyman, Jr.
The simple answer for the question is we humans are slaves to habit. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for eliminating bad habits and creating good habits...
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Featured Book
Analyzing Sports Drinks
by Nina Anderson

What's right for you: Carbohydrate or electrolyte replacement...  
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Featured Book
The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes
by Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Proper application of the 8 Laws of Health leads to Improving Every Year!..  
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