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Beyond Religion, Volume III, ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The Third in the Beyond Religion series, followed by Visualization - Creating your own Universe (also available as eBook on Smashwords)...  
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The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland
by Lonnie Hicks

This is a book done "real time" which traces the rise of Obama, written from the perspective of his political values and background. It goes on to predict how he will gov..  
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Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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Let's Pretend by Debbie Walker
Play pretend for a day and drop some stress...
Let's Think Big...Really Big! (Part I) by Edward Phillips
This is a call to action. U.S. residents are involved whether you know it of not, whether you like it or not. ...
Letter to Bill Maher by Lucille
on the film "Religulous"...
Letters To America by Cynth'ya
A great book of essays, poetry and some kick-butt rants that I now have in my library that tells what the average joe and josephine is thinking. This ...
Letting Go by Patricia Behnke
Losing a digital camera leads Patricia C. Behnke to relearn a simple life lesson....
Libertarianism Synonymous With The Articles of Confederation by David Schwinghammer
Do we really want to go back to 1783? ...
Lies by Diane Ackley
What is real?...
LIFE by Gordon Hisayasu
Coping with loss...
Life as we dont know it by Alexandra Kathi
yea when you think about it we don't know that much about life and we should open ourselves up abit more...
Life Before Birth and Life After by Ev McTaggart
What our mothers do, affects who WE are...
Life in a Small Town by Lisa Adams
Sometimes life throws a curve and then....?...
Life in the eyes of a child by Therese Maria Abigail Ledesma
this is about the best lesson I have learned...
Life is Messy! by Eva Santiago
Life is messy ...
Tests bring Lessons in life!...
Life, Death and a Knock on the Head by Lisa Adams
Life, death, yin, yang - it is all a matter of balance....
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Andrew Halmay
An examination of what constitutes happiness...
Lifestyles of the Spiritually Myopic by Eddie Thompson
(The author comments on the recent California decision to allow for gay marriages.)...
Like Pulling Teeth: My 2008 Voting Story by Anita Cameron
This story, written in November, 2008, tells of my experience trying to vote in the general election. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities hav...
Listen For It by Michelle Gregory
What's that noise? Could it be the sound of thousands of people frantically typing? ...
Literary Agents...don'tcha Just Love 'em? by Philip Caveney
My experiences with literary agents over 20 years of writing....
Literary Conferences: Do They Still Serve a Purpose? by Alvin Romer
In light of the current economic crisis, do authors still adhere to writer's and literary conferences?...
Literature on My Mind by Adnan Mahmutovic
An essay about my experience with the Nobel Prize...
Little Stores - Big Hearts by Rebecca Lerwill
on the importance of independent book stores....
Liturgy for Ed by Janet Bellinger
Tribute to Ed...
Living Alone by Ulrike Gerbig
An Essay inspiered by a quotation of Martin Buber...
Living in America and NOT Speaking English by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I feel that, if one chooses to live here in America, he or she should make an effort to learn English....
Living My Dream by Sherri Smith
My writing dream has come true....
Living Right by J Hampton
The episode in Genesis Chapter 39 where Joseph was tempted by immorality with Potiphar's wife helps us to think what is at stake when we avoid troubl...
Living Robots or Is Resistance Futile? by Gudrun Melkers
Argument about Warwick's Robot and my oppositional point of view....
Living with Mass Mediocrity by Tim Bryce
Why schlock sells....
Looking Strange Around Here by Sandy Knauer
Appearance matters. More than anything else....
Lord Samhain by David Arthur Walters
Speculation around the bonfire on the origin of Halloween...
Losing Our Soul by Larry Rochelle
We lose our soul....
Lost In The Crowd...But Not For Long by LK Griffie
Sometimes the writers road looks all uphill and it can be daunting when you feel like you're at the bottom....
Love as Water by Ulrike Gerbig
An Essay inspiered by a poem by Erich Fried...
Love or War? Shakespeare and Obama on Saint Valentine's Day by Gene Gordon
A talk given to the Unitarians of Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA...
Love, What's With That? by Linda Bergman-Althouse
Why we do what we do is a question asked of writers and is a very hard one to answer, but I'll take a stab at it. The L word might be the answer for...
Love--What is it? by Jeanette Cooper
Do you agree, or disagree?...
Love-True Definition by Richard Howardson
Seeing what people think about love today, i just tried to define this sacred word in my own words and tell them what it truly means....
Loveliest of Trees, Cherry Blossoms and Our Lives by David TheTeach
Our birth and our death are painted in one moment on the limbs of these trees....
Lysistrata Revisited by Indi Riverflow
Revisiting the vaults of pacifist literature from the Peloponnesian War period that absolutely giggles with unfunny relevance, as we confront the hor...
Madge by George Lawrence
Madge and I took the same flight, but her experience was vastly different than mine....
Mafia Fiction and Its Detractors by vic fortezza
In praise of The Godfather Saga...
Magic by Celia Hayes
Where does it come from, this ability to spin a world out of words?...
Magic by Celia Hayes
On the eve of release of my latest - "The Adelsverein Trilogy" - some thoughts on where it all comes from...
Magic Kingdom by Wa Conner
The magic of Disneyland is not what happens inside the park, but with whom....
Make A Stand for The Covenant by Alvin Romer
Imploring Black American to make a concerted effort to support The Covenant...
Make Politicians Take You Seriously: Get Out and Vote! by Anita Cameron
Political contributions aren't the only reason that politicians take a group seriously. They also keep serious tabs on who votes, how they vote, and w...
Mama Rose's Coconut Bread by celeste brash
Baking bread in the Tuamotus brings friendship through hard work and an appreciation for the feminine side of life....
Man by Lisa Tidrow
To prove whether Man is a thinking, reasoning being capable of sound judgments and of governing himself....
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  18. Fiscal Sanity v. the Big Lie
  19. Of Conspiracies, Terrorists, War and Econo
  20. God Playing Solitaire

Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
by Lonnie Hicks

A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection..  
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