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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
How The Internet Came About
by Herman Yenwo

We all use the internet but I bet you that more than 50% of us have no clue how this Famous Internet came about...  
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Featured Book
Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions
by Andrew Williams

The procedures, the problems and pitfalls of extending or altering property are discussed in this fully updated edition. It gives helpful advice on how to make a project ..  
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Student Study Skills
by Will Clark

A concise study skills book to help students learn how to study and learn...  
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25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

Teachers - Getting (or Staying) Off the Phone by Meggin McIntosh
Consider how to make the best use of your time with the phone....
Teachers - Here Are Some Phrases & Statements to Remember by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these statements to assist your goal of being productive....
Teachers - Increase Your Productivity by Asking the Right Questions by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these questions to ask when taking on new responsibilities....
Teachers - Know How to Read a Book in an Hour by Meggin McIntosh
Tips for getting the information you need quickly when reading....
Teachers - Know Who You Are And What You Need by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what is best for you, take the necessary step to accomplish your need, and look closely at your strengths....
Teachers - Learning Logs For Subs by Meggin McIntosh
What really went on while you were out? Have some ideas for your substitute to use on those days you must be out of your classroom....
Teachers - Look Out for Drop-In Visitor Thieves by Meggin McIntosh
What to do about the Unexpected Guests...
Teachers - Look Out for Email Time Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
How distracted are you by email? ...
Teachers - Look Out for Gossip Time Thieves by Meggin McIntosh
Do you know what gossip is?...
Teachers - Look Out for Headache Time Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
Have you thought about the frequency of your headaches? ...
Teachers - Look Out for People Who Are Energy Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
Ways to Address the People Energy Thieves ...
Teachers - Look Out for Procrastination Thieves by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what your Procrastination Thieves look like....
Teachers - Look Out for Self-Distraction Time Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
Self-distraction, another way of defining procrastination...
Teachers - Look Out for Telephone Time Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
Manage the Phone Time Thief ...
Teachers - Look Out for Time Thieves! by Meggin McIntosh
Do you have Time Thieves? Do you know what they look like?...
Teachers - Not Depleting Your Own Pie by Meggin McIntosh
Years ago, I heard Roger Mellott speak about stress management and he presents the ideas of "energy pies." That has been a useful concept to me and t...
Teachers - Overcome Reading Overwhelm - 8 Ideas that Work by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these practical tips for moving through your piles of reading....
Teachers - Places to Consider Having an Inbox by Meggin McIntosh
Consider all the possible places to have an inbox. Then, choose strategic locations to process items daily....
Teachers - Poetry For Children - 4 General Types by Meggin McIntosh
When I taught second grade, my students and I played with poetry nearly every day. The poem, 'O Sliver of Liver,' was learned in one quick session - a...
Teachers - Poetry For Children - 8 Suggestions For Experiencing Poetry by Meggin McIntosh
There are so many ways to experience poetry. Nodelman (1992) offers eight suggestions on how to do so. For each of his suggestions (used as subheadin...
Teachers - Poetry For Children - Characteristics and Examples by Meggin McIntosh
One of the most important concepts about poetry is that, "Like a song, poetry is meant to be heard" (Larrick, 1987, p. 20). While good prose can eithe...
Teachers - Practice Selective Perfectionism by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what needs to be perfect and what does not....
Teachers - Processing Your Physical In-Box by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these steps to truly taking care of that in-box!...
Teachers - Questions to Ask To Keep Paper From the Clutter by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what questions are needed when you are ready to declutter your life....
Teachers - Reasons to Empty Your Psychic RAM (and How to Do So) by Meggin McIntosh
As we try to contain all the information brought our way, consider the value and ways to manage our 'psychic RAM' effectively....
Teachers - Reasons to Have a Clean, Orderly Desk by Meggin McIntosh
Imagine a fabulous looking desk! Consider these reasons why to have one....
Teachers - Saying 'No' Instead of 'Yes' by Meggin McIntosh
Consider different phrases you can use to say no, when you really need to say no instead of yes....
Teachers - Secrets of Success For 2009 and Beyond - 10 More Success C-Crets by Meggin McIntosh
Teachers work hard to model success and the traits that make for successful adults. Some of the words that you and your students may find as you cons...
Teachers - Secrets of Success For 2009 and Beyond - 12 Success C-Crets by Meggin McIntosh
While there is no magic formula for success, there are certain ingredients that are shown time and time again to reside in the person who is successfu...
Teachers - Sending Professional Emails by Meggin McIntosh
Consider the manner in which you send emails....
Teachers - Signs to Have Handy to Increase Your Productivity by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these Ways to Send a Clear Message...
Teachers - Stay Home and Recuperate When You Are Sick! by Meggin McIntosh
Consider all the reasons you should stay home when you are sick....
Teachers - Steps to Maintain Clasroom Management - Dealing With Misbehavior by Meggin McIntosh
Behavior...misbehavior. Control...chaos. Learning...messing around. Teaching...babysitting. The truth is that, as a teacher, if you are unable to ...
Teachers - Tips For Parents to Help Students Become Readers and Studiers by Meggin McIntosh
Teachers need parents to be part of the teaching and learning team. In some cases, parents know exactly what to do and are immense resources for supp...
Teachers - Use a Planner Effectively by Meggin McIntosh
Yes, teachers need a day planner separate from lesson plans. Take these tips into consideration for being more productive. ...
Teachers - Use a Planner Productively by Meggin McIntosh
Consider why and how you should use a planner....
Teachers - Uses For A Timer by Meggin McIntosh
Read some practical tips on how to use a timer to manage your time....
Teachers - Using a Ticker (1-31) File by Meggin McIntosh
Consider using a tickler file to keep your tasks organized....
Teachers - Using a Tickler (January - December) File by Meggin McIntosh
Maximize the ways in using a tickler file with the following 10 ideas....
Teachers - Ways to Be Wise When Traveling (Before and During) by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these tips to create a more peaceful and productive trip....
Teachers - What a Desk Is by Meggin McIntosh
How would you describe your desk? Consider these tips to utilize your desk productively....
Teachers - What A Desk Is Not by Meggin McIntosh
Simple yet compelling, this article defines what a desk is not....
Teachers - What Image Do You Want to Project? by Meggin McIntosh
Being an Energized, Organized, even Cutting Edge and Happy Professional...
Teachers - Wise Ways to Travel by Meggin McIntosh
Consider different points of view when traveling for professional development or other business purposes....
Teachers - Write Good Memos (If You Have To Write Them At All) by Meggin McIntosh
Consider the best means of communicating for your purpose in your work environment. When a memo is needed, take the steps and time to write it well....
Teachers, An Article Based on Opinion Based on Knowing Teachers by Darrell and Kathy Adams
Look at this face! Do we want to see it grown up with the same zeal for life and the knowledge it has gained or will we settle for having gotten this...
Teachers, Create Margins at Work - When You Are Not Self-Employed by Meggin McIntosh
Consider what you need to do to set margins in your life....
Teachers- Proactively Designing Your Voice Mail Messages by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these tips concerning phone messages....
Teachers: Calm Down - This Message is For You If You Feel Crazed by Meggin McIntosh
Discover the meaning of CALM....
Teachers: Make Sure You Have Productive Appointments by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these tips on how to be effective and productive during your appointments....
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Featured Book
The Education Jungle: How To Motivate, Educate and Graduate
by Will Clark

Education for our children will never be improved, or really effective, while national education policies maintain its tight grip on our education system. Their education..  
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Featured Book
So You Want to Be a Strategic Leader
by Dr. Larry Ross

A practical manual on strategic leadership! Learn what it takes to be a strategic leader...  
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