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Featured Book
Islamic Two-Headed Beast
by Will Clark

Radical Islamists loudly proclaim they will destroy America - and Israel. Should we not believe them? Should we not stop their evil plans?..  
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Featured Book
Choas, Synchronicity, and capitalism
by Arthur Jackson

This is a profound new look at an old system, Capitalism. It has changed the world,but is it for better or worse...  
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Featured Book
Armed Patriots
by Will Clark

Would you stroll barefoot through snake-infested grass? Only if you want those snakes to kill you. Would you wait for an enemy to attack you before you consider owning a ..  
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All Political Science Articles

25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

Osama not armed-SF Examiner. 05/05 by Theodore Soderberg
What's the difference if Osama Bin laden was armed or not, his murderous minions have their hands on the on the trigger 24/7. Obama did not deserve t...
Ostriches by Mark Lichterman
Change for America ? What change? To become another 'nation of Islam'? What the Hell is wrong with the people in this coun...
Ou est la sagesse de notre président américain ? by Emile Tubiana
Ou est la sagesse de notre président américain ?...
Our Bizarre Congress by Mr. Ed
Dangerous Birds...
Our Next President--Who To Vote For... by Mitchell Cogert
A great Frontline on Obama and McCain......
Our Precious Secret Ballot by Michael Hayutin
How important is the secret ballot and an exchange of idea's to our new President-elect?...
Our Social Security by Mark Lichterman
Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving a Social Security check every month and then finding that we are getting taxed on...
Our Social Security by Mark Lichterman
Source Email ... Author unknown. ...
Out Come War by Walter Jones
Observations todays world, one thought, just observation, no moral stand, no value judgement....
Page Of A Diary by Shezray Faisal
This is how the common man of Pakistan precieves their brand new President and the state of affairs. This article doesNOT reflect my private beliefs a...
Pakistan In Talib's Eyes by Muhammed Talib
"No Arab is superior to non Arab.Nor is white man in any way better then a black man.Only the goodness of a person makes him superior to others" ...
Palin Wins Big With A Reagan-Like Flair by Mark Lichterman
PALIN WINS BIG WITH A REAGAN-LIKE FLAIR By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN Published in the The New York Post on October 3, 2008 ...
Panikistan by Alexey Braguine
A jihadi victory in Pakistan, meaning the takeover of the nation by a militant Sunni movement led by the Taliban ... would create the greatest threat ...
Paraphrasing Joe Wilson: They Lie! by Mark Lichterman
And, fellow citizens, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the liberal media’s mis-reporting of the historic Taxpayer March on Washington, D.C., this...
Paridise to Purgatory-Bangkok Post- Dec.,02/08 by Theodore Soderberg
Paradise to purgatory Beautiful water with white sandy beaches, a growing economy with smiling friendly people, investment potential be...
Partying with Dark People by Cynth'ya
Is he afraid of the dark?...
Passages from Common Sense by Stephen Cafaro
Common Sense – Revisited in the New Millennium is an updated version of Thomas Paine’s seditious document of 1776. The current edition of Common Sense...
Patricide: How Young Leaders Mistreat Their Predecessors by Sam Vaknin
Every manner of psychological defense mechanism is provoked in the young leader: denial (of the inappropriateness, impudence, and immorality of his ac...
Patriotism Without Compassion by Sandy Knauer
is it possible?...
Patronizing and Pandering by Michael Hayutin
It is the left that treats women and minorities in a condescending manor. That insightful concept of "the soft bigotry of lowered expectations" applie...
Peace ? by Emile Tubiana
If the Palestinians want peace they already have it, within Israel....
Peace between Israel and the PLO Cannot Hold by Emile Tubiana
Peace between Israel and the PLO Cannot Hold...
PELOSI IS A PSYCHO-NUT by Mark Lichterman
'Lower your retirement, give it to others who have not worked as you have for it'. ...
People and Power by Hussein Hussein
why are people so blind to their political power?...
Petit aperçu sur le président by Emile Tubiana
Toutes ces activités sont pour divertir le peuple américain. ...
Petition for the immediate and unconditional release of Touhama Maarouf by Muhammad Al Mahdi
To the Embassy of Syria 8, Belgrave Square London. SW1X 8 PH United Kingdom Dear Sirs, I have been informed via Human Ri...
Pharaoh's Decree by Joel Windsor
A persuasive essay on the politics of inner city education and what needs to be done from the perspective of what educators and policy makers can cont...
Piracy and the Rules of Engagement by Anthony Davis
Each day there seems to be new reports of piracy near the coast of Somalia. The pirates have learned over time that a hostile takeover of an unwitting...
Pizza by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Ole C-SPAN watcher that I am, I am seeing Obama with his Def Con hopes, Clinton with her political certainty, and Independents being sure to dictate t...
Playing Democracy and Referendum. by Basit Ghafoor
I have written this article by viewing closely current situation of Pakistani Politics....
Pleasanton Goes to Washington by Mark Curtis
I covered the Inaugural in Washington, DC for the "Pleasantoon Weekly" fron California....
Policy of Eternal War by Alexey Braguine
If Israel does not change its policies toward Palestinians, sooner or later, one of Israel's enemies will achieve a breakthrough. It is only a matter...
POLITICAL FARSE by marco miranda sr
The Stimulus Package has created an interval of discussions of a curious nature. Would the Roman Empire follow a script of this kind?...
Political Oops by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
My Yaqui grandmother taught me to never lie. She said a lie turned into a ghost and it would haunt you. A politician can be a liar successfully -- unt...
Political Parties by Lakshmi Sharma
The nature of Political Parties...
Political Satirist Mort Sahl at the Jimmy Tingle Theatre by Doug Holder
A performance by political satirist Mort Sahl....
Political Sleight of Mouth by M.L Bushman
Political tactic demonstrates what our senators and representatives really think of we the People...
Political Terrorism of the Lowest Kind by Timothy Buchanan
Political science? Now there's an oxymoron. Here's an easy election year prediction....
Political Today by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
What if we have no one to believe in? What then? Who do we vote for?...
Political Views of a Warped Mind by The Quail 1957 Jennings
One mans view of the political world we live in. ...
Politically induced delusional systems by Tarek Hassan
Is the information transmitted to us by the "authorities" always true and accurate. Or are we "the public" even in the established democracies, easy p...
Politicizing violence by Robert Amoroso
Politics by Lakshmi Sharma
Politics should not be taken too seriously as they are a result of our needs and convenience....
Poop Fluttering Preferred by Jerry Engler
Have you had enough of the bailouts? Me, too. It's time for some straight poop, or at least some poop alternatives. Yes, they let me loose on the news...
Popular President Dwight D. Eisenhower & Fidel Castro by Carol Speed
Fidel Castro was in New York City when he requested a meeting with popular President Dwight D. Eisenhower...
Post-colonial colonialism by Joy Alemazung
Very few, if anyone, can argue that Africa’s connection and relationship with the West is an asymmetrical one which cost the continent positive and su...
Post-colonialism Has Finally Arrived! by Sam Vaknin
As empires crumbled in the wake of the two World Wars, agreements made by erstwhile colonial masters regarding “national” borders and newfangled “nati...
Post-Islamophobia: How Cultural Integration Can Prevent Terrorism by Antony Adolf
Cultural integration can play an effective leading role in preventing terrorism and genocide — while creating peace — in several ways....
Pound and Invade by Michael Wells
Stuff happens...
Pourquoi la démagogie de l’ONU et des responsables ? by Emile Tubiana
Qui peut comprendre nous sommes tous dans un tourbillon....
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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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Featured Book
Aunt Sugar's Guide to the Tea Party Movement for the Conserv
by Pinckney Rivers

a short guide to the beliefs of the people in the Tea Party Movement...  
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