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Featured Book
What Haunts Me - Ghost Killer - Book 1
by Margaret Millmore

What Haunts Me – Ghost Killer – Book 1 (a supernatural/paranormal thriller) is the first book in an episodic series...  
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Featured Book
Day of Retribution
by Terry McAnally

A terrifying, riveting, sexy book that has everything you love about a thriller...  
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Featured Book
Dangerous Wind: A Carol Golden Novel
by Alan Cook

Amnesia victim Carol Golden has to help find a boyfriend she doesn't remember who is trying to cause the "downfall of the Western World."..  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Confidential Communications article by Jeannine Reardon
article on Confidential Communications...
Confidential Communications DC press release by Jeannine Reardon
press release DC...
Conflect # 6 by Judy Meeker
photo credits Judy Meeker...
Confusion Over the new Health Bill by Linda Meckler
Confused on what is happening with the new Insurance Bill just voted on. You are not alone. I can not believe there is anyone alive who can tell you e...
Congratulations Are In Order by Divinity 11
The president of our college recently won the Pace Setter of the Year award. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Conservatives and Liberals. What is the difference? by Cody McGowan
Here are a few general differences between Liberals and Conservatives. However, it does very from person to person. ...
Conspiracy - Thoughts from the Edge by Casey Alden
Thoughts that led up to the Conspiracy series - just how much is fact and how much is fiction?...
Conspiracy Theorists Down But Not Out by Peter Paton
Conspiracy Theory of the Month - Patriotism by Ian Thorpe
From the surreal to the ridiculous...
Constant Sorrow by Tinka Boukes
bgsound src = ''hidden loop=-1>...
Constant Sorrow by Tinka Boukes
Contemporary Aleuts by Dorothy Jones
This article summarizes the Aleut's culture, economy,institutions, and race relations in the late 1970s....
Contest by W2R Inc.
Stud Obama Romance Contest...
Contract for Deceit ........ Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
_______________________________________ Exciting Read, worrisome: might happen someday _______________________________________...
Contratype Group evolution drama as a microcosm recapitulation of history by Tarek Hassan
Contratype Post verbal theatre: Group evolution drama as a microcosm recapitulation of human evolution Guidelines and scenario for an Edinburg...
Violence is a spiritual problem that is project into society. Violence or abuse is not a women’s issue neither a men’s problem. Violence or abuse is t...
Controverial Claims On The Rigvedic Civilization In Indian Hisroty by ayub mohammed
As a center for many unresolved questions in Indian history, since last century, due to have political notions, behind the formulations, propagations,...
Conversations Book Club Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary by Cyrus Webb
Cyrus Webb invites you to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the reading organization Conversations Book Club....
Conversations Presents Its Literary Legends 2009 by Cyrus Webb
For years the world has enjoyed the work of authors of various genres who not only entertain but create dialogue through their books. They have given ...
Conversations with Timothy Louis Baker by Timothy Baker
Rami Ungar interviews author Timothy Louis Baker...
Cool, clear water by Janet Saugstad
Excerpt from my new e book, And A Sound Mind, how Jesus can heal YOUR depression. Ebook only $10/CD post paid. Contact
Cooping with loss with help from above by Corrie Lynne Player
Two months ago, I exulted in the fact that, by Thanksgiving, four new babies would be added to my passel of grandchildren. Then two of the pregnancies...
Copenhagan Meeting by Martha Lee
This is a virtual reality world of Copenhagan Meeting....
Coping with Existential Violence: An Imperative! by Nwokedi Felix
The write upholds that man must manage the intractable situations which he must meet in life. The way one manages crises will make him authentic...
Corporate Spooks by William Klausman
Nobody knows how many corporate spies are out there....
Corporate Spooks? Never Heard of 'Em. by William Klausman
It is doubtful if many corporate execs have ever ran into a spy but, beware, a spy may have already infiltrated their company and left without a trace...
Correct .. Correct by Madhu Nambiar
Use of master piece word which has a sort of standing of its own in our life....
Corruption, cronyism, and bribes by Robert Amoroso
Cougar Cruise; Older Women to Team Up with Young Men on the High Seas by Jolie DuPre
Cougar Women Have Websites, Television Shows and Now a Cruise...
Could Elizabeth Smart Help the World be More Tolerant? by Carolyn HowardJohnson
Elizabeth Smart is a victim of the radical fringe. There has been way too much radical thinking going around lately....
Counterfeit ipods by Solice Dierre
Counterfeit IPODS...
Country Roads and “Confiture Bar le Duc” by Celia Hayes
A visit to a terrible battlefield, three-quarters of a century later...
County Observer, Joe Cannon by Linda Campbell
Forced to deal with death of a beloved relative and the ensuing depression and anxiety that followed has resulted in the publishing of a book by ...
Courage by Dennis McCurdy
You are more courageous then we think......
Courage of Fear Quote: Feathers by Barbara Boyer
"Throughout our journey, many people will fly in and out of our lives. What glorious feathers they will leave behind!" Courage of Fear, Barbara Boyer...
CPAP Machines and Sleep Apnea by Linda Meckler
Do you wake up at night gasping for breath? Do you snore? Do you feel like you have not slept when you wake up in the morning? Are you grouchy or irri...
Cracking the Matrix Code by William Cottringer
Our mission is to understand and live the mystery of life by transferring unconscious wisdom to concious awareness; much success in life comes from le...
Create a Mind Map For 2011 by Bettye Johnson
Instead of New Years Resolutions, why not create a Mind Map and allow the changes you want in your life to emerge?...
Creating a realistic setting in your fiction novel by Ken Brosky
Writers creating a fictional story can often struggle with settings and places. Here are some simple tips that will help readers visualize your world....
Creating A Reality by William Butler
font face="Times New Roman">i>When designing a multi-volume series it can be difficult to establish characters and places in a space and time that'...
Creating characters by Neil Ostroff
Where do characters come from?...
Creating characters from scratch by Neil Ostroff
Creating characters from scratch...
Creating Characters That Leave an Impression by James Ross
When I reached that inevitable midlife moment, I decided to take my life down a different course (appropriately enough!) and turn to writing. Through ...
Creative Packaging for Homemade Cookie Gifts by Rebecca Graf
Giving a gift of homemade cookies is fun, but don't let it stop there. Here are a few creative ideas on packaging those delicious treats....
Creative Writing -- Spilling Colors on the Page by Sandra Ferguson
Descriptions are a must for good writing. Vivid, bold, and majestic: the written description should blaze across the page. Writers must seize each opp...
Creativity and Parenting by Linda Meckler
Do you want happy children? Everybody wants happy children. When they are not happy they are fighting with their siblings. Is that what you want to do...
Creatures of the Covenant--Synopsis by J.S. Bradford
Creatures of the Covenant, Synopsis of the novel by J.S. Bradford...
Creepy Literary Masterpieces for Halloween by Kevin Fitzgerald
Category: Horror Literature These are the most disturbing and most long-lingering stories from supernatural fiction that I've encountered (or vic...
Cricket: Ganguly in Kanpur by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
What a game??????.........
Cricket: MOM Ganguly at IPL by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Kolkata and Bangalore..........
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  18. Bonnie and Clyde, c. 2016
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  20. James Bond and Me--and a Few Other People

Featured Book
Believe I Can By Susie Gallucci, Illustrated by Amy Sellers
by Amy Sellers

First Reader - Interactive Board Book for Kids... FUN way to teach kids to read. Follow along with Freddy Frog and watch his silly moves!..  
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone NORTH (ebook)
by Jansen Estrup

At the end of a thousand year old Anatolian empire, two warriors are dispatched on a desperate peace mission...  
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