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Excerpts from the Archives of the Narcissism List
by Sam Vaknin

Hundreds of excerpts from the archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study List regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissisti..  
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The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again
by Tina Tessina

The inside scoop on getting back into the dating scene. Unbiased, no-nonsense advice on making dating fun, safe and successful. All the facts you need to take control of..  
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Featured Book
Toxic Relationships - Abuse and its Aftermath
by Sam Vaknin

How to identify abuse, cope with it, survive it, and deal with your abuser. ..  
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25 Most Recent Relationships Articles

Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #78 I Don't Have Penis Envy, I Cause It by mz kimi
boys, butts and me...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #79 Santa's Coming and so is Mz. Conduct! by mz kimi
there's a fire in my chimney and Santa is going to get hot...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #80 Wild Parties by mz kimi
the butt swat team...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #81 Sex-o-Matic lil' Phone Queen by mz kimi
ring ring baby...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #82 Whore-Riffic by mz kimi
purrrfect good advice from a very bad girl!...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #83 Laugh Dance by mz kimi
chicks that chuckle...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #84 Labia Love by mz kimi
La La La Labia...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #85 Wood is Good! by mz kimi
cheap motels and swanky thrills...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #86 Fire and Ice by mz kimi
nuts and nipples on the rocks...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #87 A Religious Experience by mz kimi
Amen To Naughtiness...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #91 "Porn Star Cowboy" by mz kimi
rock and roll me...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #92 by mz kimi
on a roll...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #93 Platter O' Love by mz kimi
even Cupid gets a heart-on!...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin #99 Summer Cheery O's by mz kimi
sexcapades galore!...
Mz. Conduct's House Of Sin 89 Meat Whistle Mayhem by mz kimi
laptops and bottoms...
Mz.Conduct's House Of Sin # 71 Wild at Heart by mz kimi
"sometimes peanut, what comes outa your mouth is God's own private mystery"...
Mz.Conduct's House Of Sin #65 Immoral, Illegal or Fattening by mz kimi
good advice from a very bad girl...
Mz.Conduct's House Of Sin #70 Endust and Bare Busts by mz kimi
a pint of potato salad and a trouser trout to go...
Mz.Conduct's House Of Sin #75 No Sex in this City Tonight by mz kimi
Come here often?...
What's in a name? The value of knowing the meaning of your name....
Negotiations, this aint a business deal..... (c) 2008 NightWing{s} by Night Wing
Well just as you negotiate deals in business if you are with someone new or trying something new in an existing relationship it is important that you ...
Never Allow Anger to Overpower Reason by Pam Reynolds
How many times have we began a discussion with someone and ended up in an angry confrontation, or worse, an escalated battle? It happens. Especially w...
New Book: Decisions After Forty: Reinventing the Rest of Your Life by Tina Tessina
Dr.Romance is happy to announce my newest ebook, The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make after Forty: Reinventing the Rest of Your Life....
New Release: How to Find Success In Marriage, Relationships and Love by Raymoni Love
Author raymoni Love has reissued his HOT Successful Book: How to Find Success In Marriage, Relationships and Love ...
Newlyweds Are NOT Immune to Infidelity by Ruth Houston
Even newlywed couples are susceptible to infidelity. Studies prove that a happy husband or a good marriage do not make one immune to infidelity. An ...
Nine Strategies for Dealing with Irritating Co-Workers by Beth Fowler
People who irritate you might become people who interest you, once you learn how to handle them....
No Cooperation? Solve It Yourself ! by Tina Tessina
If you are faced with a partner who won't or can't work with you, solving the problem for yourself bypasses all the struggle, hassle and arguing, and ...
No Justice for Samantha Kelly by Kimberly Bennett
This article is a recent one that I wrote for my HubPages and has turned out to be my most controversial one to date. The story of Samantha's...
No Ordinary Love" by Doug and Jackie Christie: Book Review by Irene Watson
Meet the real Doug and Jackie Christie. He's a 14-year NBA star. She's a former fashion model. They've been criticized, attacked, and scorned, simply ...
No Prize Here!! by SK Covey
The hard truth about writing and publishing...
No Whales in the Creek by D.J. Ludlow
I>( It speaks for itself)/I>...
Nobody's Business by Elaine Carey
Whose business is it if people are sleeping around? Or not sleeping? Within the church, accountability is different than in the neighborhood. ...
Office Affairs Can Be Detrimental to Your Career by Ruth Houston
“Proceed with caution if you’re tempted to have an office affair” says infidelity expert Ruth Houston, who was recently quoted in a Christian Science ...
Oh my God, have I become one of those?... by Barbara Boyer
Courage of Fear Author Barbara Boyer discusses online social networking....
Old Friends by Patrick Kennedy
The past is such a wonderful path to travel. And you know, the internet with its e-mail functions can bring old friends together who haven’t seen each...
Old Lady by nina bee
On the Inside by Kristin Summers
This was about my realationship with 3 important men in my life. All turning points. All effected me in a strong way. God and two unnamed lovers of...
Once and Future Monogamy by Sam Vaknin
The contractual aspects of marriage are more pronounced than ever with everything on the table: from extramarital sex (allowed or not) to pre-nuptial ...
One too many? by Shreya Singh
Article dated - Sunday, October 29, 2006 ...
Online Dating Services: Technology takes on romance by Candis Hale
How online dating services can be used to enhance your social life....
Online Dating-The First Step Is Your Profile by Belinda Nelson
The first step to successful online dating is your profile. None of us are perfect but we should always look our best and try to make a good first imp...
Only the lonely... by David Thompson
A piece on being alone....
Oprah quotes About Friends- from the book Oprah in Her Words by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Oprah is a true friend to many,and she has a great following. Here are some of her words with affirmations added on the topic of friendship and love. ...
Oprah's advice to the ladies regarding men by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
A few quotes and suggested affirmations on men and on life from the book "Oprah In Her Words". May Oprah's words and the addition of affirmation...
Out of Love Again by Tyler Graham
Thoughts of love from a guy who's out of it. How he plans to get back in!...
Pals from the Past by Patrick Kennedy
A pal is defined as a close friend, or a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another: or amigo, chum, buddy, crony, or confidant. And a re...
Part 2: Why Do Women Say No? by Annette Hendrix Williams
I add to what I have already said. It is still a work in progress. I plan to conclude it soon, but you can read it while this is waiting to happen....
Passion's Playground: My Man Jack by Helga Ross
"A hard man is good to find," especially when it comes to plumbing problems and car repairs - not to mention certain other testosterone-related skill-...
Passive Men and Wild, Wild Women by Kare Anderson
Why men and women often fight or irritate each other and what we can do about it to get along much better...
Patterns of Change by Tina Tessina
Human beings are hardwired to seek out patterns and operate according to them....
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Featured Book
The Narcissism Series
by Sam Vaknin

Eight e-books regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists and psychopaths, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). ..  
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Featured Book
life without relationship is no life at all --Relationship R
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Relationship Recovery No man is an island. What is life without relationships? It is often the case that relationships cause us the most pain. Relationship Recovery ..  
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