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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Je Le Sens
by Darryl Jenkins

Je Le Sens: Poemes Qui Inspirent ..  
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Featured Book
Are You In The Transformation Mode? Jesus Then and Now
by Ernie Heavin

Too often, we view Christ's great works THEN as exalted and his power today, NOW, as questionable. ..  
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Featured Book
Quotes from the Secret Place
by Inspire Hope

Quotes from the Secret Place will cause you to thirst to be in Abba Father's presence...  
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25 Most Recent Inspirational Articles

From Dust to Dust - One Life - One Creation by Vaughan Jones
All is made of the same substance, all living off the elements and the resources in the earth, the solar system and the universe. There is no...
From Golden Stalks to Golden Grains... And Back Again by Shifra Shomron
In commemoration of the 2nd memorial of Gush Katif, Israel and as a former resident/expellee of Gush Katif, my article contrasts an Arizona hay baling...
A retirement tale about a former military officer and former Federal Agent who retired and became an award-winning novelist....
From Grey to Glorious by Marcia Laycock
Sometimes the simplest things delight us the most. God has made us to be a blessing to others....
From hell to heaven: Hurricane Katrina evacuee shares her story by Marie Wadsworth
Published in the Hobbs News-Sun in September 2005. Published nationally by Associated Press....
From Hole to Whole by Troy Evans
Former Bank Robber turned Professional Speaker and Best Selling Author provides insight into being all that you can be in you personal and professiona...
FROM HONOR TO SHAME... by Minister Nina Clark
You can be so high-minded and then be brought low. The Lord knows how to get our attention one way or the other. Why test the Lord? ...
From Hoochie To Holy by Ken Kupstis
Move over, Doctor Laura! From SHULAMITE Publishing: A desperately needed, landmark work for women from all walks of life. This is the Christian/Fe...
From John Milton's Paradise Lost by Eileen Granfors
Milton's work is intellectually and morally challenging. To me, this is one of the loneliest passages in human literature. Painting by French artis...
From Nightmares to Forgiveness by Shari Smith
The aftermath of leaving an abuser isn't as easy as one would think. Nightmares and night trauma's occur. So how does a person get over it and becom...
From Reader to Writer by Steven Lundin
An illness turned me from reader to writer...
Frustrations, Faith and Seeking Hope by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I found myself venturing to Lisa Buffaloes site listening to her conversation with Candace House tonight, after I had a discussion that ended in frust...
Fulfilling Your Dream by Mary Duhart
The Birthing of Healing Through Poetry...
Fundacion Humanitaria by Jose lopez
Apoya nuestra Fundacion Humanitaria Luz de la esperanza...
Fundamentals by Lew Duffey
Here are some thoughts about my view of God and what he wants from us. I hope this will spark conversation....
Further to R.Kipling's Judgement of the East and West by Alexander Goldstein
Nowadays we witness that the eastern thought and the western way of thinking are not completely differently directed and even contrary to Rudyard Kipl...
Future Focused by Dr. Ronald Bissell
Always living in the future dilutes your ability to live your life in the present....
Garden of Gethsemane by Kadee Grace
This is how Jesus has taught us to pray. We are to follow our Savior in His own faith that He had in His Father....
Generosity Feels Good by Gini Grey
Giving to yourself and to others opens your heart, lifts your mood and brightens your whole day. Discover how to expand your generosity....
George speaks of literature by George Albitz
To summarize!...
Get Alone and Pray by Minister Nina Clark
Jesus had a relationship with His Father....
Get Alone and Pray by Minister Nina Clark
Jesus had a relationship with His Father....
Get Busy by Annette Mckenny-Harris
While your waiting for your heart to heal, get yourself busy doing some things. You may never get the opportunity to do it again. ...
Get Inspired...Get Motivated...Get Going! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Is life passing you by? One day, you're 25 years old, and you're feeling your oats! And, the next day, you're 65 years old and preparing to enter...
Get out of Your Funk by Lee Pryke
What can you do when you wake up in a funk.......
Get Ready...Set...Go by Annette Mckenny-Harris
All my life I’ve heard, “…well don’t get your hopes up too high.” That simply meant, it may happen, but there’s a possible chance it won’t.” It indica...
Get the Word 'No You Can't' Out of Your Way by Jaci Rae
Get the Word 'No You Can't' Out of Your Way and Climb Higher in Your Success! Learn the word yes, and get the results you need! ...
Get to Know Your Soul by Suzanne Tabor
Postcards from the Soul Do you KNOW your Soul Get to know your Soul, and as you do, be true to it, every moment, every circumstance,...
Get Up After a Fall by Manny Bermas
Let me share with you a Verse which I depend on for daily guidance and source of strength and determination to face the daily challenges. ...
Get Up Out Of Despair And Despondency by Inspire Hope
When all around you seems to be falling apart, do not despair look up there is hope....
Get Your Copy Today by Safi Abdi
Today as never before, more and more people are asking about Islam. They want to know. Is Islam just another religion competing with other religions? ...
Get Your House in Order by Minister Nina Clark
God is speaking to His people today saying, "Get your house in order."...
Get Your Spouse On Board!! by Anjalon Edwards
Communicate with your spouse, there are a clever ways to do it!...
Getting A Job by Lawrence Danks
Suggestions for getting a job,holding on in the meantime and planning for the future....
Getting and Keeping My Confidence by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
For nearly ten years, I took a first-class pasting from the crippling and unforgiving migraine headaches! During that time, I lived a pretty bleak ex...
Getting My Voice Ready by Becky DeWitt
Preparation of the voice of the Believer to be used in these latter days....
Getting Old is not so bad! by Lew Duffey
I have heard friends say, indeed I have said my myself, "It's a shame youth is wasted on the young. That's not really true you know. Actually, being...
Gift of Tears by Ann Marquette
This is God's gift to me this Thanksgiving and my birthday. This is about a healing from the Crystal Tears (a poem I wrote some years ago.)...
Gift-Giver by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
In our life time, we run into people that make a great impact in our life. Sometimes they are our parents, family members, friends or strangers....
Give God Your Best You by John Clark
This is an excerpt from my book, GOD'S HEALING HOPE: BREAKING THE STRONGHOLDS OF WRONG THINKING. Our lives can be much more than simply routine livin...
Give Our Children A Fighting Chance! by Mya Jai
Help those who can't help themselves......
Give Thanks by KISHA GREEN
Gotta give God his props11...
Give Them Hope by Jovan Roseboro
We All Are In Search Of Hope. Remember Those That Look At You For Hope.......
Give With A Purpose by Sukky Fagbohun
The true essence and Spirit of Christmas will never be masked under the guise of commercialism. ...
Given Birth by Inspire Hope
Given Birth was inspired by a vision, where I had given birth to twins, and the first twin was helping the other. This brought unity amomg them. Be bl...
Giving and Getting it. by Chanti Niven
In one of my articles (You Choose to be Offended), I shared that when I see an angry person, I see a hurting person. I could apply this kind of think...
Giving Back by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
It takes practice to receive with ease! It is actually like giving, it is fun and enjoyable to receive. We all deserve to receive!...
Giving Joyful Surrender a Second Thought by Cindy Tuttle
This is an artcle that gives more information regarding Joyful Surrender...
Giving Joyfully by Sheri Hoff
If you want to experience Joy immediately, right now, today. Give something....
Giving Our Best by Emile Tubiana
Translation from the French original ...
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Featured Book
The Significance of A Dream
by Frances Seymour

The Significance of A Dream is An Inspirational Book of Poetry & Short Stories. The inspirational prose in this book will warm your heart...  
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Featured Book
Damaged Merchandise, Poems and Stories of An Alcoholic Addic
by Dave Harm

"Damaged Merchandise," is a book about hope and dreams. Even those lost in an alcoholic or drug induce haze, have dreams. They were just lost or "damaged" due to the ab..  
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