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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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Featured Book
Common Sense - Revisited in the New Millennium
by Stephen Cafaro

"Common Sense – Revisited in the New Millennium" is an updated version of Thomas Paine’s seditious document of 1776. This current edition of Common Sense develops compari..  
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King Obama: America's Greatest Danger
by Will Clark

Now available in paperback and Kindle. also available in Nook...  
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All Political Science Articles

25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

A Humble Plea to McCain and Obama Supporters: by Mark Lichterman
Most Americans are aware of Bill Lear, because of his Lear Jet business; however, he has accomplished much more, as you can see from this. Willia...
A Humble Plea to McCain and Obama Supporters: by Mark Lichterman
Most Americans are aware of Bill Lear, because of his Lear Jet business; however, he has accomplished much more, as you can see from this. Willia...
A l’attention de Jennifer Rene « Jen » Psaki by Emile Tubiana
A l’attention de Jennifer Rene « Jen » Psaki in French and in english...
A Land of Plenty by Gary Varner
A commentary on the present political climate in America....
A Lesson in the Meaning of Compromise by Dr. Dorothy Holtslander
Dear Mr. Obama......
A Letter to the America President from a Nigerian by AHMED ALIYU
A Letter to the America President from a Nigerian Dear Mr. President, It is with great pleasure ...
A Letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. by Edward Phillips
Stock repurchases and their consequences...
A Life Under Islam: Malak's Story by Susan MacAllen
This is a story about right and wrong. It is a story about one powerless individual among the powerful, and about life lived under oppression and tru...
A Little to Far: Or Even the Lord Must Be Laughing by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I think even the good Lord himself must be laughing at the stupidity of this... ...
A Man Is Known by the Company He Keeps by Robert Liu
To be sure, Obama is not an Islamic terrorist, but he is certainly a terrorist sidekick due to his close association with William Ayers, who was a bom...
A Maritime Security Gap – The Water by Anthony Davis
What if a terrorist attacked the maritime realm within the US? What if they had no bombs or guns, but used only water? Sometimes the unseen can cause...
A Matter of Special Interest by Timothy Buchanan
A look at the disturbing trend of Congressional solicitations to Hollywood celebrities for testimony on key issues....
A mes amis arabes by Emile Tubiana
En pensant a mes amis arabes que je respecte, je me dis: « Qu’en devient –il du Monde Arabe que nous avons connu ?» ...
A mes amis Tunisiens by Emile Tubiana
Reflexion de ce que nous voyons aujourd'hui...
A message to Secretary of State John Kerry by Emile Tubiana
If you don’t know Jewish history, stay out of it. And if you know where the word Palestine came from say it. ...
A Moment of Truth by Emile Tubiana
A Moment of Truth ...
A Narcissist, Obama? You Bet!! by Mark Lichterman
Obama evidences symptoms of pathological narcissism, which is different from the run-of-the-mill narcissism of a Richard Nixon or a Bill Clinton for e...
A new dark age of dogma as a reaction to the challenges of the new science by Tarek Hassan
Science in certain areas has expanded and matured into areas where it is creating and recreating new rules. This is frightening and feeds into neo-con...
A New Line of Thought by Erik Hare
This was done for Columbus Day Riot, my blog-before-there-were-blogs, back in 1999. Little has changed....
A new look at Arab Spring by Emile Tubiana
A new look at Arab Spring ...
A New Superpower Raising by Alexey Braguine
Injustice affects all of us. What is happening in the Arab world today could be happening in New Jersey tomorrow. What we have seen in the past few we...
A New Wal-Mart Could be an Asset or Liability Depending on the Contract. by Niki Collins-Queen
It’s not widely known that Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer and corporation and that its aggressive U.S. expansion has been financed by taxpay...
A Night to Honor Israel by Michael Hayutin
Time for Jews to accept conservative Christian support without reservation....
A Pause to Account for Ourselves by Emile Tubiana
BY Jonathan S. Tobin | @tobincommentary 09.24.2014 - 4:30 PM COMMENTARY MAGAZINE...
A Pop Quiz for U.S. Presidential Candidates by Edward Phillips
A Quiet World by Randall Barfield
A Sad Political Story Being Played … by Joseph* OneLight*®
On The American Stage For All The World To See ...
A Salute to Denmark...Keep Her Free! by Susan MacAllen
In Denmark, once-liberal immigration policies have forced huge governmental change and zero tolerance for Muslim immigrants intent on turning Denmark ...
A Set of Interesting Historical Parallels by Robert Liu
I heard an intellectual draw a parallel between Hitler and Bush on a radio talk show. I disagree because I use a different theory as a basis for drawi...
A Shamelessly Sophistic Debating Technique by Robert Liu
If I were a moron incapable of checking facts and figures, I would swallow all of Kerry's arguments like a newborn swallows baby formula. The man is ...
A Simple Solution by John Cooley
A solution (?) to the Israli-Palestinian conflict....
A Special Invitation from Donald Trump by Robert Liu
'A Special Invitation from Donald Trump' is a commentary on Donald Trump's campaign for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. ...
A Tale of Two Sides by Robert Liu
All in all, in the joint operations of the U.S. military and Iraqi government forces, a battlefield strategy can be seen, though to the impatient Amer...
A Terrorist by Any Other Name. . . Still Kills by Susan MacAllen
Westerners can’t conceive of a “religion” that demands mass murder of non-believers as a foundational pillar, so we tend to deny its reality. FSM Cont...
A Time Of Change by Larry Matthews
The world is changing we need to change with it....
A Turn for the Better by Robert Liu
The author of this article believes that with the installation of the Iraqi provisional government, the Iraqi situation has taken a turn for the bette...
A victory for Obama-worshippers by Mark Lichterman
A victory for social democracy even after most of Europe has come to the painful conclusion that social democracy leads to mediocrity, failure, unempl...
Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom to Fascism by M.L Bushman
The scariest movie you'll ever watch......
Abolish All Immigration Laws by David Ray
Why have them if we don't use them?...
Abortion Let's Face It It's Murder by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
How can we call Abortion anything less than murder? ...
Abortion: Don't Be Fooled It's Murder by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
You are taking a baby and murdering it when you allow a chil...
About the President and General McChrystal by Emile Tubiana
Is the resignation of General McChrystal middle of the war a loss of a great American general? ...
About this Eleciton of '08 by - DCS
The only time I'm going to talk about McCain, Obama and my thoughts on the 2008 election....
Absolutely Disgraceful by Mark Lichterman
If Majority Leader Reid gave a damn about real health care reform needs rather than forcing his party's socialist pipe dream upon an unwilling Americ...
Afghan Elections by Alexey Braguine
A career as an American ally is a dangerous one and is worth pursuing only when the rewards are adequate....
Afghan Nonschmopskapop by Alexey Braguine
Karzai rules over Kabul thanks to American and a few NATO guns stationed in the city. That is more powerful than stuffing ballot boxes. ...
Afghanistan, Who is Calling The Shots? by Alexey Braguine
For those Americans who voted for Obama expecting change, at least we knew he intended to expand the Afghan war. Unfortunately he is keeping his promi...
Afghanistan/Pakistan, another of the many promises … by Joseph* OneLight*®
President Obama made and kept. ...
Agenda 21 --The Loss of Private Property? by Ronald Hull
Thanks to Jon Michael Willey for alerting me to another doomsday scenario being played out by fear mongers. With history as my source, and hu...
Ahmadinejad At Columbia University by Emile Tubiana
Ahmadinejad At Columbia University comment...
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Political Science Articles
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  17. They Spoke as One...Now it is Our Turn
  18. Neo-Liberalism and Oppression
  19. The Trust Fund Money Has Already Been Spen
  20. The Truth about the so-called Palestine

Featured Book
Free Download - Putin's Russia
by Sam Vaknin

Russia's economy and politics under Vladimir Putin. ..  
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Featured Book
The War on Christians
by Will Clark

Is there really a war on Christians as some suggest? Absolutely - positively, and the war is more widespread and in-depth than many doubters might believe. There are real..  
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