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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Mar
by Bill Benitez

Valuable advice on developing and maintaining happy and healthy intimate relationships based entirely on first-hand experience...  
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Featured Book
by Tygo Lee

An entertaining and thought-provoking collection of magical feline fables...  
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Featured Book
The World of the Narcissist
by Sam Vaknin

A book-length psychodynamic study of pathological narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, using a new vocabular..  
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All Relationships Articles

25 Most Recent Relationships Articles

Adultery and Alcoholism: How Alcoholism Promoted Adultery by Stephany Alexander
Are you involved with an alcoholic? Find out the patterns displayed by an alcoholic and how easily it can play a major factor in promoting adultery....
Adultery: Adultery Statistics and Divorce by Stephany Alexander
Are you a statistic of adultery? Find out the changing of adultery statistics....
Adultery: Why Men are Prone to Adultery by Stephany Alexander
Are men more prone to adultery than women? Find out some interesting facts about the differences between men and women....
Adventures in Dating by Romana Pernaa
My dating ups and downs....
Affair: Best Ways to Break Off an Affair by Stephany Alexander
Are you involved in an affair and want to get out? Find out what the best ways to break off an affair are....
after breaking up by jing javier
my thoughts after breaking up with my boyfriend i dated for four years....
Agape Love by Marguerite Lemoine
Mother's Day - May l4 - 06 - Wishing my friends in Authors Den much joy, peace and love and this beautiful day...
Aging……When is too Old! Is 92 Old? by Jonell Cash
God Love Carl Hoffman, 92 years old who was first in line to buy the new I-Phone 5....
All this talk about Gender by Manique Inglethorpe
This article is about our incoherent view on gender roles and the mutual struggle of both genders...
Always The Fool. by Laura Fall
For wanting our love to be so true. ...
Amen's Preview 2 - Waiting and Frustrated by Minister Celeste Kelley
The waiting game should be called the frustration game...
An Abusive Relationship Can Be Prevented by Zenith Elliott
There are so many people in unhealthy abusive relationships. Time is an important element in getting to know someone...use it wisely before you get i...
An issue of our time by Ken Wood
This article explores trust in companies, the wider scoiety and adjustment to the new reality....
An Open Letter to Husbands & Partners by Jim Hamilton
Some thoughts for gentlemen about adding some focus to the most important relationship in their life....
an unposted letter by ugly duckling
it's time to say goodbye to a friend.i lost him much before that however....
Anatomy of a Cheater...Part II by Jay Watkins
A definition revisited......
Anatomy of a Cheater...Part III by Jay Watkins
If you're a relationship veteran, or if commitment is new for you, these tips can help make you "Cheater-Proof" for your special Valentine!...
Anatomy of a Cheater….part I by Jay Watkins
Communicate early to avoid unintentional errors in judgement....
AND HOW ARE YOU DOING? by Janie De Coster
My article reminds us of how we need to slow down, take better care of ourselves and smell the roses of life....
And they Lived Happily Ever After by William Oak
Want love that's built to last? This article reveals one of the secrets to lasting love....
Another Book Review for Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marriage by Tim Kellis
Bettie Corbin Tucker from Independent Book Reviewers ( recently completed her review of "Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marri...
Another Message to All my AD Friends by Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations
In the photo, Harmonie Verte, a very special filly. ...
Any Complaints? by Bob Pladek
Do we really CARE?...
Apology and Forgiveness by Tina Tessina
Apology and subsequent forgiveness is stress-releasing, and healthy for the relationship, which turns out to be healthy for the participants in the re...
Apology and Forgiveness by Tina Tessina
Apology and subsequent forgiveness is stress-releasing, and healthy for the relationship, which turns out to be healthy for the participants in the re...
Are you an invalidator? by Tim Connor
One of the biggest problems in relationships is when one person invalidates the other. Learn how to handle these people....
Are You CEO Of Your Relationship? by Tina Tessina
If You're Fighting About Money, Read These Five Tips...
Are You Ready for Love? by Gillis Triplett
Everyday men and women enter into relationships and marriages hoping for the best. Only to be astonished when they realize that the person responsible...
Are You Remarried? by Tina Tessina
Don't Let Divorce Muddy Your Marriage - 3 Tips ...
Are You Sex-Starved? by Tina Tessina
If You're In A Sexless Marriage, You Need These Tips Now...
Are You The One Who Wanted It To Work? by Tina Tessina
3 Must Do's + 2 Don'ts That Can Help You Today...
Are You Two Compatible? by Kathy Thompson
How did you two meet? Did you know that you two would get along? Do you know what's wrong with your relationship? Find out now!...
Are You Willing To Pay The Price? by Nellie Feng
In return for all the great things He has done for you and me, it is a price I am now very much willing to pay. ...
As Iron Sharpens Iron by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
Being a writer makes one open to criticism. Many have given up on writing, because of the harshness and intensity of the criticism they received....
Asking for What you Want by Tina Tessina
In my counseling office, I see a lot of damage done because people don’t know how to ask for what they want, or don’t think it’s OK. ...
Aspects of Love by Tina Tessina
Ah, love! What rapturous, torturous words have been set down to try and capture the essence of love....
Aspects of Love by Tina Tessina
Love's home is the heart, and love is not limited to one type or expression. There is plenty to go around, and the more of it we share, the more we h...
At First Sight by Robert Morgan
This is a story I wrote several years ago, and every Valentine's Day since, I've recalled the story and been moved to keep it up to date....
Attitude Adjustment by Tina Tessina
Here are some ideas for how to turn your attitude around in the most common mood-disrupting situations ...
Attitude: From Negative to Gratitude by Tina Tessina
One of the most powerful tools we have in turning the negative to positive is self-talk....
Attraction boy meets girl by Tim Connor
Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Now what?...
Attraction Rating Scale by William Cottringer
Success and satisfaction in personal relationships and marriage are determined by a high level of mutual attraction on important characteristics. Take...
Author hopes book will help those in abusive relationships by Tammie Page
Author Profile for new romance novel, Inward Forces: A Roller Coaster Love Affair...
Autonomy vs Dependency by Tina Tessina
Self-determination and self-respect are the necessary keys to take full responsibility for and control over your own life. ...
Avoid Controlling Others with Force; Attempt Diplomacy by Pam Reynolds
Evolving into our own person requires strength of character and confidence in our own abilities to make decisions. Others can unwittingly destroy the ...
Avoidance Keeps the Confrontation Going. by Pam Reynolds
At various times we have a conflict with a friend or relative. It is common and is usually the result of either person having a bad day....
Avoiding Valentine's Day Disasters by Gillis Triplett
Valentine's Day is touted by some as the most romantic day in history. However, for many women, February 14th turns out to be a day of great disappoi...
Baby Boomer? Getting Divorced? by Tina Tessina
Two Must Know Tips If You're A Boomer Facing Divorce...
Backwards A Nightmare In Dating by Kelly Thompson
This is a proposal for my latest work...
Bad Pennies and Good Nickels by Poet Pablito
Bad Pennies and Good Nichels is a theory to understand how those who have suffered deep emotional trauma are affected today by those memories and how ...
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  20. Creating Family Acceptance

Featured Book
The Commuter Marriage: Keep Your Relationship Close While Y
by Tina Tessina

Your marriage vows may have said, “'til death do us part” but no one said anything about what happens when career, circumstances, or a child or family member with a probl..  
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Featured Book
The Narcissism Series
by Sam Vaknin

Eight e-books regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists and psychopaths, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). ..  
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