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Sept 11, 2001
Young Adult/Teen

Featured Book
The Secret Life of Ashley Miles
by Lena Kovadlo

This is a moving story about the obstacles Ashley Miles faces after graduating high school; inspired by personal experiences.....  
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Featured Book
Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys
by Linda Frank

Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys, set in Istanbul and Cappadocia Turkey takes Annie Tillery to an archaeological where accidents and thefts plague the scientists. Thrilling ..  
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Featured Book
Grandfather & The Ghost
by Hugh McCracken

Grandfather: Is the nightmare grandfather even more evil than anyone ever imagined? It's up a secret investigation squad of schoolboy detectives to unearth the chilling t..  
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All Young Adult/Teen Articles

25 Most Recent Young Adult/Teen Articles

Book Review: Revenge of the Homecoming Queen -- Stephanie Hale by SARA QUEST
From this review:/p> "i>This novel could have been named 'Addictive' as it involves beauty addiction, shopping addiction, and popularity ad...
Book Review: Saving Zoe -- Alyson Noel by SARA QUEST
From this review: “i>This book could have easily been called ‘Saving Echo’ since it is told from Echo’s ‘living dead’ viewpoint while she r...
Book Review: Wyndano's Cloak by A.R. Silverberry by WR Potter
Wyndano’s Cloak by A.R. Silverberry is a five time award-winning fantasy novel sure to be enjoyed and cherished by readers 10 and up. Settle in as thi...
Book Review: You Know You Love Me – A GOSSIP GIRL Novel – Cecily von Ziegesar by SARA QUEST
From this review: "i>Nothing I say in this review can bring justice to master storyteller Cecily Von Ziegesar, whose research comes from her...
Book Store Grand Opening by LK Griffie
Opening of the Griffie World bookstore for books written by LK Gardner-Griffie...
BOOKLIST Review of Courage in Patience by Beth Fehlbaum
From an Advance Review of Courage in Patience...
Born This Way Foundation by LK Griffie
Lady Gaga and the Born This Way Foundation...
Break A Heartbreak by Jessica Lynna
Bring Back Summer Youth Jobs and After School Programs by MAXINE SOSO
I strongly believe that there should be after school programs and standard summer jobs for our youth....
Building Character with Rosa from Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello
Time for Building Character in which you get to meet characters from a book. Talking to a character outside of their book is fun! Huge. Amounts. Of fu...
Can Creative Writing be taught? by Deborah Copeland
During a recent teen zone event for my new book "Summer Love, Pink Snowballs, and a Splash of Hater-aid," a lot of the teens in attendance asked me if...
Castlebots Book One: From Earth to the Asteroid by Terry S. Goudy: Book Rev by Irene Watson
With "Castlebots," author Terry Goudy is not simply writing entertainment fiction. He has chosen to write young adult adventure novels to inspire his ...
Celebrating Teen Lit Day by LK Griffie
Discussion of YALSA's Support Teen Literature Day written for the Lulu Book Review...
Censoring what I read will not keep the ugly reality away, but .. by Beth Fehlbaum
..knowing I'm not alone can really help. Believe me." Kids need to know that they are not alone, whether it's when they are faced with racial discri...
Chapter one of S.O.S. from Rhodon Valley by Bob Edgar
First chapter of my book. Lead- in to novel....
Children's YA Reviews : Befiddled by m j hollingshead
For readers Middle Grade to High School...
Children's MG Review : Danny and Life on Bluff Point by m j hollingshead
for the history buff...
Children's YA Review : Queen B by m j hollingshead
Entertaining read...
Children's MG Review : Bindi Babes by m j hollingshead
enjoyed the read...
Children's MG Reviews : Tato by m j hollingshead
Recommended for the upper middle grade reader, not recommended for the 7 – 9 set....
Children's Review : Keeper of the Island by m j hollingshead
Something strange is going on; the computer game is certain to be at the core of the state of affairs Targon, Varl and Matt find themselves encounter...
Children's Reviews : Nine for NightLight by m j hollingshead
4 stars...
Children's YA Review : Merlin's Kin by m j hollingshead
Children's YA Review : The Complete Screech Owls by m j hollingshead
Writer MacGregor has crafted a long running Canadian series ...
Children's YA Review : A Memory of Dragons by m j hollingshead
Children's YA Review : Playing It Cool by m j hollingshead
poignant read...
Choices by Kate Buckley: Book Review by Irene Watson
Pregnant, scared and alone: a situation in which no girl wants to find herself, but many do. With the help of Kate Buckley's new book "Choices," these...
Christian Teen Fantasy Review by Craig Dressler
Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart got a great review from the Midwest Book Review....
Christmas book drive for ACE - a success! by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
"A miracle!"...
Class Notes -- Cape Cod Parent & Child Column (November 2004) by SARA QUEST
"Class Notes" is a column I write for i>Cape Cod Parent & Child/i> newspaper, which reports on Cape-wide school news. -- Sara ...
Clean Reads by Elise Stokes
Take the guess work out of whether or not a book targeting a young adult audience contains "mature" content. ...
Color Struck novel casts light on skin color misconceptions by Pamela Tuck
Newspaper review of the novel, Color Struck...
Communication 21st Century-Style by David Bedard
Text messaging - e-mails-cell phones-instant messaging-social networks--So many ways to communicate, so many ways to MIS-communicate. I...
Considered Writing A Diary? Want Your Children to Write? by Glenda Bixler
Four teenage diaries provide an opportunity to study writing a diary and historical lives of youth......
Controversy: Fear-provoking or thought-provoking? by Beth Fehlbaum
The release of movie, The Golden Compass, has spurred the fear-mongers into high gear. Why do people fear ideas that may challenge their beliefs? Why ...
Conversation With God!!!! by Priya Gandhi
Many Questions are to be left to answer.Situation make us feel now 's the time for God to answer.But still it's something good happening and life st...
Copeland Title Acquired by Three Libraries by Deborah Copeland
Copeland Title Acquired by Three Libraries The Kids at Latimar High by Deborah J. Copeland has been acquired by the Oceanside Public Library ...
Courage in Patience featured on therapist's site by Beth Fehlbaum
Gudrun Frerichs, Ph.D., is an enthustiastic supporter of Courage in Patience! Her blog, Multiple Voices, features Courage in Patience under its Books ...
Courage in Patience Tour Dates (Blog Tour & In-Person Signings) by Beth Fehlbaum
This is my tour schedule, updated as of August 9, 2008. ...
Courage in Patience: what's it about? by Beth Fehlbaum
Plot synopsis...
Covered in Delco by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
These guys are from a suburb that has a personality......
Crossing 13: Memoir of a Father's Suicide by Carrie Stark Hugus:Book Review by Irene Watson
Carrie Hugus was only thirteen when she found her father in the garage after he gassed himself. Instantly, she asked herself why she hadn't known to s...
CUSS, CURSE, OR CLEAN IT UP by Mike Klaassen
How Much, If Any, Profanity to Use in Young-Adult Fiction. ...
dammit you're amazing by Cody SEA
-education-daydreams-realizations-something beautiful because it is great and true!...
Damselflies: An Ancient Mirrors Tale by Jayel Gibson: Book Review by Irene Watson
Arcinaë, the last of the Damselflies--a winged race of enchanted beings-- must put aside her gentle nature and fight for her life and the lives of her...
Dancing above the Fear by Beth Fehlbaum
Hope is the opposite of fear....
Dare to Dream! ......... Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
4 stars...
Defenders of the Scroll by Shiraz: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Defenders of the Scroll" by Shiraz is based far away in the realm of Mythos, where an evil entity has broken free of its prison to darken the land. H...
Diashah Press LLC Youth Publishing by Debra Sawyer
don't be another mannequin in life by Samantha Third
center>[self explanitory]/center>...
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Young Adult/Teen Articles
  1. Another lost generation?

Featured Book
Moon Thief
by P. G. Shriver

It's bad enough that Moon Child is so different from other children that he's never been able to play with them, but then his father suddenly disappears into Nothingness ..  
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Featured Book
True Blue Forever
by Joyce Scarbrough

Currently unavailable but new edition coming soon! "Someday, she'll be my girl..." At the fifth grade honors program, three eleven-year-old boys are ca..  
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