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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Decoding the Language of God
by George Cunningham

book analyses the evidence uesd by scientist Francis Collins to support his Christian faith and concudes that scoence and religion cannot both be true and are incompatibl..  
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Featured Book
From the Other Side of the Couch: A Biblical Counselors' Gui
by Judy Lair

My Roadmap to Freedom shows how to walk through the valley of woundedness, liberate your feelings from captivity, wrestle inaccurate beliefs into submission, plant your f..  
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Featured Book
The Last Train At Sunset
by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

The Last Tran At Sunset s a collection of poems, short articles, and Bible studies. The articles are short and easy to understand, and point to Jesus as the Son of God a..  
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25 Most Recent Religion Articles

Revised What I Believe (Part 2 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised "What I Believe" (Part 2 of 7): My thoughts on the purpose and meaning of "life." I hope ultimately to publish the complete article in book fo...
Revised What I Believe (Part 3 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised What I Believe (Part 3 of 7). Eventually to be published in book form....
Revised What I Believe (Part 4 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised What I Believe (Part 4 of 7) to be published eventually in book form....
Revised What I Believe (Part 5 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised What I Believe (Part 5 of 7) to be published eventually in book form....
Revised What I Believe (Part 6 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised What I Believe (Part 6 of 7) to be published eventually in book form....
Revised What I Believe (Part 7 of 7) by A. Colin Wright
Revised What I Believe (Part 7 of 7). To be published shortly in book form....
Revisiting The Importance Of Traditional Prayer Rituals by Taste Of Death Publishing Company
Prayer has become the most popular of daily activities for the true believer. But is it biblically based, or is it a parody of God's commandments?...
Rewriting St. John by A. Colin Wright
Continuing discussion of religion and meaning in life....
Right Hand - Left You Choose --- Parable? by Angela Watkins
Biblical Truths Coaching - Consulting on Right & Left. Promises - "V", "L", "U", "P", "L", "U". ...
Rosary or pessary? Molokai gains its own saint! by Kalikiano Kalei
Humorist Tom Lehrer was famous in the late 70s for his witty songs about various subjects, not least among them his wonderfully funny 'Vatican R...
Roy Moore and Martin Luther King, Jr. by Nomde Lum
There are more similiarities between Roy Moore and Martin Luther King, Jr. than one might think....
Running Against The Wind (Making Headway Against Great Odds) by Danny Von Kanel
Making headway in ministry against great odds is possible when we map out the race, gather ministry weather data, and watch for wear and tear....
Sacred Groves by Gary Varner
An exerpt from a work in progress....
Sacred Sites - St. Nectan's Glen by Gary Varner
An excerpt from the book, Sacred Wells: A Study in the History, Meaning and Mythology of Holy Wells and Waters....
Sacred Sites-St. Madron's Holy Well by Gary Varner
A short excerpt from the book, SACRED WELLS....
Sacred Sites: West Kennet Long Barrow by Gary Varner
Among the ancient and sacred sites of England, West Kennet Long Barrow is still home to spirits and mystery....
Sage Sweetwater Captures a Religious Cinematic Mennonite Scene by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater quills a liturgical scene as witness to a compassionate God and reference that binds the old-world with the new land and the Mennonite...
Sage Sweetwater Surefooted on the Prohibition Dirt Whiskey Trail by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater, a Wiccan lesbian no stranger to lesbian aficionados, Christian or otherwise, and women of feminist sensibility....
Sailing On LIfe's Seas by Aubrey Hammack
The stormy seas of life....
Sam Shoemaker's classic -From the Level of Instinct to the Level of Grace by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This is a wonderful Article from Sam Shoemaker's classic The Genius of fellowship origionally titled "Conversion of the Church") This article was pos...
Save Ministry Time by Danny Von Kanel
Three shortcuts to give yourself time for ministry....
Is it possible to be saved but not know it? Physicians tell us that some people have hypertension but don't know it until it is too late to prevent a...
Science & Religion Walk Hand In Hand by Donald Bruce
Scientific discovery is a religious experience....
Science versus Religion by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
If our communication skills were better, we might understand more ......
Scott's Heart Prayer by D. Arant
Scott dialoges with God about his hearts prayer....
Seasoned with salt or spitted with venom by Sukky Fagbohun
This article examines the subject of evangelism....
Seasons -Natural and Spiritual Warming by Velyn Cooper
The seasons of life-natural and spiritual warming...
Secrets of the Past by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
For a limited time Inhousepress is offering the 72 page Introduction and Method of Application of the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism as a gift. Just...
Seeing is believing by Carol Grace
The Jewish leaders knew the Scriptures, knew the law given by Moses, knew the foretelling of Jesus, yet they could not see....
Seeing is Knowing by Queen Phillips
Many say seeing is believing; however Jesus teaches that seeing is knowing. From this perspective if we really take a look at all that going on the w...
Seeing the Light, Accepting the Gift by Diane Harris
Excerpted from “Stepping into the Light: You’re a Christian, what now?” Copyright © 2008 by Diane L. Harris ISBN 978-1-4357-1894-4 All rig...
Seeing With Our Hearts by Moira Crooks
How special needs children are part of God's plan and can teach us an important lesson - how to see as God sees us......
Seek God First by Dr. Stanley Crawford
This article talks about Christian priorities. Specifically, putting Christ first....
Seeking - Learning to Listen -- Sunday School Leson 1-20-08 by Angela Watkins
Ask. Seek. Knock. Acceptable Prayer. Promises - "L" "T" "K" "W"...
sense of generousity by arpita haq
generousity has a great value....
sense of responsibility by arpita haq
people should be responsible in own life....
sense of sweetness by arpita haq
sweetness outweighs many faults...
sense of trust by arpita haq
trustful man is loved by all...
SENTIMENTS by uppalapati Prasanthi
I just want to narrate an incident and how a comment aroused a sentiment in me which surprised me. ...
Seperation Of Church and State: What does it Really Mean by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
When Seperation of Church and state was written in to the constitution what was the purpose of it?...
Sepher Tehillim - Psalm of Gratitude by Angela Watkins
Psalm - Prayer, Praise & Adoration is Sepher Tehillim the Book of Praises. Psalm 40:1-5 for the Week of 12-9-07 Devotional Sunday School Bible Reading...
September 29, 5 B.C? God says, No Way! by Bonita Quesinberry
"Christ's Birth" — excerpt TRUTH GATHERING, an exhaustive Topical Bible of all critical-to-salvation subjects, Chapter 10: Christ's Birth, Death and...
Serve Doing What Counts by Earma Brown
Have you thought recently what will finally be said about you after you are gone? I have been thinking of this more and more, until I decided I must b...
Serve Overcoming Evil with Good by Earma Brown
All of us may not be called to lead a national revolution but what evil are you called to overcome with the good in your personal life?...
Serve to Lighten the Load of Others by Earma Brown
A Devotion to Serve column...
Seven Things We Should Do for the Fatherless by Bonita Quesinberry
Concerning the fatherless, discover God's seven "Don'ts", His seven "Dos", and His seven reasons "Why" ~~ Yeshua's Magic Number ...
Severus Snape, The Quintessential Ba'al Teshuvah by Rosally Saltsman
Severus Snape is an example of how anyone can change their ways and make amends...
Sex In the City by Tanya Kennedy
Signs of the times and media's affect on it....
Shabbat shalom - June 7, 2008 by Angela Watkins
WOE unto them that decree unrighteous decrees and "that" write grievousness which they have prescribed; ...
Shabbat shalom 8/16/08 by Angela Watkins
Numbers 25:11... Similar to the tension-filled days before a great battle or election day, --- ...
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Religion Articles
  2. The Hypocrisy of the Righteous
  3. Big People and Small People
  4. Who Is Condemned To Hell
  5. Never More than a Prayer Away
  6. Challenge Given at Time of Roman Catholic
  7. Introduction To The Word God
  8. Creative Way to Introduce Children to Jesu
  9. What is the Bible Basically About?
  10. A 9-11 Response: Burn the Quran?
  11. Do Corporations have Religious Rights..and
  12. New Year's Goals
  13. Extra Oil: What Does God Expect of Us Now?
  14. Love Looks Like Something
  15. Put God Back in Your Life
  16. Extra Oil: Pope - What is Seventh Day Bapt
  17. Faith, Belief, and Knowledge
  18. Who Are Saints
  19. What Is Love
  20. Suicide by Treason

Featured Book
Young children finding God Inspired Children
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

This book Presents a detailed description showing the influence of the Oxford Group movement upon the lives of children. It consists of Stories told by parents of their c..  
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Featured Book
Clothed in Virtue
by Coleen Maddy

We are all called to become saints in the kingdom of God, but we must be open to receiving His gracious gifts through faithful and humble hearts. This book, written from ..  
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