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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions
by Andrew Williams

The procedures, the problems and pitfalls of extending or altering property are discussed in this fully updated edition. It gives helpful advice on how to make a project ..  
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Featured Book
Jump Starting Your Inner Novelist: Published!
by JE Thompson

Jump Starting Your Inner Novelist is a concise manual that provides inspiration, motivation and practical tools for crafting award-winning novels. ..  
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Featured Book
American Heroes: Students Who Learn
by Will Clark

A new education book that not only gives twenty important study skills for young students, but also explains why learning is important to protect our country...  
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All Education/Training Articles

25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

The Billy Henderson TV Interview #2 by Aubrey Hammack
This is the second of three interviews that were completed with Coach Billy Henderson....
The Blessed Child by Jo Ann Brown
Sets up a budget based on $12 hourly pay to show how to pay yourself first, and find money to invest in your 401k plan....
The Bully's Excuse #6 by Billy Simms
Consider what you need to do when students say, Someone pushed me into him....
The Learning Center by Nicole Lasher now has its own learning center, where you can take online courses or free tutorials....
The Decline of Public Education in America by R. Christopher
The decline of public education in America...
The Demise of English Grammar and logical reasoning in America? by Steve Ibeawuchi
Educative, Scolding....
The Difference Between Great and Adequate Writing by m. y. mim
To be published in Inkwell Newswatch. An original thesis exploring the art and craft of writing well including what it takes to write, and guide to wr...
The Dreaded IEP by Debbie Tipton
An IEP can be a persons worst nightmare if they do not know what to do. I hope that this article will give you some insight into your next IEP meetin...
The Dunce Way of Getting A's- Part II by Tommy Thomas
The use of Acronyms can make you get an A everytime. Find out how. The techniques used are tried and I received A's in 96% of all classes taken. The b...
The Dunce Way of Getting an A by Tommy Thomas
This is a chapter taken from the book, "The Dunce Way Of Getting A's. The book is a self-help document designed to help students think and analyze wh...
The Dynamics of Office Politics by La Shawn Samuel
Career Management in a Minute offers proven professional tips and techniques on managing and advancing professional careers. Professional Fit...
The Education of the Disabled Second Part First Draft by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
More of the Research assignment assigned to me.......
The Eduction of the Disabled, first part, first draft by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
in my English class we were assigned a research project, and I choose to write on the Education of the Disabled and how it's changed in...
The Emotional Climate of Words by Charlene Tess
Be conscious of the connotations of the words you use. As a writer, you must be careful to choose words with the exact shade of meaning you need to se...
The Fine Art of Dialogue by Richelle Putnam
Dialogue is more than writing. It's an art, drawn with a keen eye, colored with cultural backgrounds, tinted with social classes, and enhanced with u...
The Four Letter Word For Failure by Delma Luben
Becoming a professional writer....
The Four Phases of Being by MaryAngela Nangini
Human Potential and Its Shadow: Categorized as the movement process towards Spiritual Competence through intentional learning for the development of T...
The Four Phases of Being: Overlaid Bisociations by MaryAngela Nangini
Brief summary of The Four Phases of Being as Overlaid Bisociations...
The French Ideologue's Ideology of Education by David Arthur Walters
Should all people be subjected to a common education?...
The Global Food Swap 2011 by Rianne ten Veen
Drawing heavily on the ’Great Food Swap’ [2002] by MP Caroline Lucas [then MEP] and economist Colin Hines. Updated by Rianne ten Veen, the report high...
The Gooden College Connection means college access for minority kids by Shirley Kirsten
Andrew M. Gooden and Ruth Kleinman have partnered with a Board of volunteers to make college dreams a reality for students of color, who are under-rep...
The Graying of America by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Graying of America, Gerontology, Aging, Caregiving ...
The Grumpy Writing Coach #6 - Superheroes and plotting by Jay Greenstein
If you want to learn plotting, read a comic book....
The Hardest Pages to Write by Dana Reed
It's the first fifty and I don't know why....
The Hardest Part of Editing For Others by Dana Reed
Is Picking up Bad Habits...
The Harlem Renaissance and the Year 2020 by Aberjhani
The 21st Century is one in which a number of historical milestones will be recognized, including the Harlem Renaissance centennial. (gr...
The History of Makeup by Christy French
In order to understand the constantly changing trends in cosmetics, it is interesting to take a look at the evolution of makeup. Women and men have b...
The Hypocrisy of Education Reform (in Texas) by Mike Kearby
The article speaks to the dismantling and overhaul of an education system that worked well for decades in the educating of our nation's students....
The Ideal University of Hawaii by David Arthur Walters
Rejected by the student newspaper for being too idealistic....
The Importance of Board Development by Charles Luke
Explores the efficacy of the school board as representatives of the greater educational community....
The Importance of ISBN numbers by Dana Reed
A needed lecture for some authors...
The importance of literature by N.K. GEORGE
The importance of literature ...
The Improvement of U.S. Public Schools by Lloyd Lofthouse
Guest Post at The News in Books...
The Infamous Chapter Twenty by Toby Heathcotte
The Infamous Chapter Twenty explores the struggle all writers have with writer's block and offers a "recipe" for success. Article has been previously...
The Jesuit School Experiment by Peter Paton
The Jesuit School Experiment...
The Least Confident People by Dorothy Lynn
I'm writing a series of articles on the many aspects of confidence: how to get it, how to keep it, how to share it....
The Link by Mr. Ed
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month...
The Magic of the Project Number (Home Affairs) by RB Roberts
This article "The Magic of the Project Number" is really crucial reading for homeowners and homerenters employing others for home projects. Urgent!...
The Making of an Indian Writer by Satrajit Sanyal
A Layman's Look, if one may indeed say so, into what make's an Indian Author...
The Messy Paradigm Shift in Understanding Shakespeare by Helen Gordon
A paradigm shift on understanding Shakespeare began in 1920 when Thomas Looney discovered that "William Shakespeare" was a pen name of the Earl of Oxf...
The Multilevel Classroom by Elaine Carey
It's work, work, work, but so gratifying when you begin to break through learning barriers......
The mystery of human brain size by Yovan Putra
A lot of times we often confuse whether the brain’s size has something to do with its ability. As we all know now, the size of the average modern man’...
The Need for Multi-Cultural Education by Melvia Miller
The New Paradigm: Heart Intelligence by Bruce Davis
Heart Intelligence is including resources of meditation, inner peace, compassion, and random acts of kindness in our life education....
The Nightmare That Is Public Education by Dr. R.C. Nicolai: Book Review by Irene Watson
Take just a quick look at the effects of the past half-century's attempted educational reforms and it's clear the American public school system has be...
The No Child Left Behind Act: Why It Doesn't Work by Mel Hathorn
There have been many criticisms of the No Child Left Behind Act. Although most are valid, I am focusing on only the educational implications of the Ac...
The Number Theory by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
How numbers affect my 'success'...
The Official Internet Radio Interview Scoop by S. Reisner
One author's real experience.......
The Paper Clip Project by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
An inspiring story about a small communtiy and what it's students did to help better understand prejudice...
The Patient Chaplain by Ames Swartsfager
I thought I understood the need for chaplains in the hospital ministry. However, it was not it was not until I became ill with MG that I understood ...
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  19. A Letter to American Mensa, Ltd.
  20. The Messy Paradigm Shift in Understanding

Featured Book
Domestic Building Surveys
by Andrew Williams

This is a practical guide showing how to undertake a domestic building survey. The text describes the practical aspects of surveying with a full description of the author..  
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Featured Book
The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies
by Betty Jo Tucker

"The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies" is designed for people who want to learn various techniques for writing movie reviews as well as for interviewing actors, directors,..  
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