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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland
by Lonnie Hicks

This is a book done "real time" which traces the rise of Obama, written from the perspective of his political values and background. It goes on to predict how he will gov..  
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On Being A Writer by Gerald Gillis
Why I write...
On Being Rolled Again by David Arthur Walters
An anti-neoliberalism rant circa 2001...
On Charity by Dr. Niama Williams
Dr. Ross Bills, a physician and medical school faculty member (among many other titles) in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, gives an unusual vi...
On Conformity and Mediocrity by Virginia Tolles
One by one, America's industries are conforming to the practice of mediocrity in how they conduct business. Now, it has permeated the publishing indu...
On Distinction Between Writer and the Writings by Ganesh Kamath
Does a writer have an obligation to follow the ideas expounded in his/her writings?...
On Equality by Ganesh Kamath
A short essay on the subject of equality, or rather the lack of it....
On Geek Chic by Crispin Sands
The author reassesses his status as a dyed-in-the-wool geek....
On Labeling by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
When the lighting is less than perfect, our vision is impaired, and we tend to put the "wrong labels" on people and things....
ON LOSS by Micki Peluso
This is a story of the loss of a great friend and it's ramifications upon my life....
On Love by Donna DeVane
Were we created in love, by love.. to fully enjoy loving?...
On Monkeys by Dr. Niama Williams
Dr. Ross Bills, physician and medical school faculty member in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia, weighs in on just what is most striking about h...
On Morality by Ganesh Kamath
Is morality absolute or relative? Find out in this little essay. There is even a little story in it!...
On Newspaper Writing by Micki Peluso
This essay addresses one way to break into a writing career by utilizing newspapers. Many newspapers will accept aricles and stories of all variety, p...
On Reality by Rebecca Russell
This essay, originally written in 1988, was born of my frustration with those who accused me of being too much the dreamer......
On Selling Books by Rebecca Lerwill
Which way is the best way to sell your book?...
On Surgery by David Gelber
The thoughts of a general surgeon regarding the peculiar aspects of his profession....
On the Absurdities of Press Putas by David Arthur Walters
A tribute to professional journalists and their tricks...
On the Artifice of Integrity by David Arthur Walters
It might not be best to advertise your integrity unless you are the Virgin Mary....
On the Love Frequency of Heart by Ivana Mukova
The control of patriarchy was based upon an illusion of INDIVIDUALITY and separateness, the fuel was fear and guilt. The upcoming age of “Goddess“ is ...
On the Topic of Social Virus by Michael Ault
Don't be a zero case for a social virus!...
On Those Who Are Offended by David Bloch
An article explaining three reason why people are offended - having an emotionally delicate nature,attempting to manipulate and control others, and fi...
On Tidy Endings Essay by Malynda Walker
Discussion of the play of the same name. Written: August 7, 2002...
On Truth by John Krzyzewski
Truth-- we all think we know what it is... but have you ever tried to define it? Here is my attempt....
On Writing and Dreaming of Writing by Randall Barfield
Wallowing in the dreamland of a writer....
One Hour A Day by Billie Williams
1 hour a day = 365 hours in a year = nine 40-hour workweeks = 2 months 1 book a week for ten years = 520 books What are you waiting for?...
One Human Tribe by Michael Gallegos Borresen
Our Universal Family will come together as one human tribe with our common spirituality....
One Man's Life by Carter Burke
We deal with loss only when we have to....
One More Time by Linn Lindner
One more time is a therapeutic essay. It is what I am not strong enough to say. I can put into words on here that which I need, but am unable to cau...
One Nation Under Fat by Dennis Domrzalski
Fat-slob Yanks are carrying wide loads....
One out of 26 Bosses are Psychopaths! by David Schwinghammer
A new study says four percent of our nation's execs have a mental problem. ...
One Woman, Eight Cats by Ruth Brookshire
The one and one-half woman operation of a small literary magazine....
Only God can save Nigeria by Abi Adegboye
A critique of civic complacency regarding problems in the third world. ...
Only Human by George Anderson
Sometimes you need to go back to move ahead, a recent (glowing) review caused me to re-read this old piece and re-post it....
open letter to a theologian by Claudio Ianora
So long as you are earnestly seeking reality you are lost in make a believe world that includes eanestly seeking....
Optimism Rides A Strange Vehicle by Leland Waldrip
Winds of change are stirring....
Origami Salad by Steve Lazarowitz
Origami Salad is the place you go to get a glimpse into my mind. If you've ever watched anyone fold origami, until the project comes together you can ...
Our Children by Marilyn Thompson
A writers inward view...
Our Father in Heaven by Benjamin Plybon
This is an explanation of why Christians and Jews believe God is a spirit person, rather than merely a superior intelligence or a Star Wars type force...
Our Forgotten Bill of Rights by Edward Phillips
In 1944 Pres. Roosevelt proposed an Economic Bill of Rights for America. So far we have not lived up to his ideals. ...
Our Lady of the ACLU by H Blalock
The beginnings of a new definition of morality...
Our Life is a Battle against Time by Franz Kessler
Humanity will only survive if we learn to refocus on core values, that helped us during periods of previous hardship...
Our New War... Part 18 A Memoriam by Hanley Harding
A special American has passed on......
Our Polarized Society by David Schwinghammer
Some thoughts on how we can end the gridlock and vitriol. ...
Our Purpose on Earth by Alexey Braguine
It is safe to assume that on a stellar scale, life as we know on Earth, is a common occurrence. Two major questions arise, why is it that we have a hu...
Our Search for Perfection by Richelle Putnam
Why do we long for perfection? The perfect body, The perfect face. After researching God's Word, I believe I might have found the answer....
Our Sick Obsession With the SELF by J Michael Kearney
What is it in so many of us that allows so much compassion for the predator and so little for the victims? The denial of death and a sick obsession wi...
Our Upcoming Election by Joe Prentis
Nervous about the upcoming election. It is time to relax. Read this....
Ourselves Alone - Accountability and Consent by J Michael Kearney
Life doesn't just "happen" to us, we must accept accountability for our choices, big and small and consent to the results....
Out of the Horrid Past by Arthur Wilson Jr.
Many bad years...
Out There by Robert Petranek
My youth ...
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Essays Articles
  1. Vituperative Recriminations
  2. Earth Day 2015--Promises To Be Kept
  3. Unforgettable Moments in Life
  4. Death by Dishonor
  5. Capitalism, Is This the Best We Can Do?
  6. Environmental Greenies Are Very Dangerous
  7. Obama, a Modern Caesar?
  8. Boredom Can Kill
  9. Wall Street Protesters Don't Value America
  10. Of Conspiracies, Terrorists, War and Econo
  11. A Meaningful Life
  12. Silent Sky: From 9/11/202
  13. What a class clown looks for in a novel
  14. Coal: Energy and Pain in Eastern Kentucky
  15. You Should Write a Book
  16. Our Father in Heaven
  17. America: Change it or Lose it, Part II
  18. Libertarianism Synonymous With The Article
  19. The God Particle
  20. Abortion?

Featured Book
Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
by Lonnie Hicks

A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection..  
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Featured Book
Les sources de valeurs
by Antoine Raphael

Certainement, nous avons débouché sur un nouveau siècle. Malheureusement, partout où se manifeste l’humanité sur notre planète, elle accuse un état de détresse, une certa..  
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