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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Definitions of some Mathematical Terms for 11-18 year-olds (
by Brainard Braimah

The publication is an important resource for classroom practitioners for Mathematics. It is intended for teachers to explain clearly most of the Mathematical concepts lea..  
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Featured Book
SMART is the New RICH ...Strategies
by Herman Yenwo

It is no longer enough to just be passive. You've got to constantly update your skills...Computer Skills, Business Skills & Mordenization...  
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Featured Book
Travelers in Grammar Part One
by Teresa Pelka

The book introduces to the Simple, Progressive and Perfect tense Aspect mapping, along with the Affirmative, the Interrogative, and the Negative. Two appendixes offer gui..  
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25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

What is Diabetic Peripheral Neruopathy (DPN) by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
What is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN)?...
What is equality before the Law? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
French revolutionaries believed in equality, fraternity and liberty; many Indian revolutionaries believe in fraternity only.......
What is money? by el rey
Money is the root of all evil.......
What is religion ? by Ch.Mohammad Hastal
It is about the religion. ...
What is the main difference between Scrum master and Project Manager? by Opal Nichols
A scrum-master is the facilitator whereas a project manager is the planner. The Scrum Master is the servant-leader in scrum. This implies that his lea...
What kind of glossary development will help EMP students become confident w by Virginia Allum
Health Care Professionals write a variety of texts during their work in hospitals, however, few English for Medical Purposes course books address the ...
What Make a Strong Leader? by Mamie Smith
Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, but one definitive personal conclusion. How do you view leadership? What are the characteristics? Here a...
What Museum Volunteers Want by Gayle Martin
Does your institution work with volunteers? Does your staff want to improve its relationship with your volunteers? Here are some common sense sugges...
What Price Education? by Tom Hyland
We are supposed to LEARN from our MISTAKES, aren't we? Is that not EDUCATION? Someone once wrote that: "Repeating the same mistakes, over and over, is...
What Social Security Does Not Tell You About The Ticket To Work Program by Lady The Lake55
The Hidden Agenda Behind The Ticket To Work Program and Pass To Self Support For All Social Security Recipients....
What Teachers Need to Know by Beth Elaine
As Literacy Coach, I visit a lot of classrooms. The best teachers have two things in common. ...
What Will You Do After Leaving School? by Owen Jones
Many young people just can't wait to leave school and that is hardly surprising. Most kids will have spent 10-12 years studying along with having to...
What You Are Willing To Walk Away From by Robb Hill
Many times I am told how smart and wise I sound....
What's Going to Happen to Our Children and Education in California? by Mary Coe
Our students need and deserve a good education. They can't get that education if California take teachers out of the class rooms. ...
What's the Difference? by Richelle Putnam
707 words You Can Write Young Adult Fiction What is the difference between Young Adult Fiction and Adult Fiction? Not much. Subject ma...
What's With the Bean Counters? by Dana Reed
You're supposed to add, then subtract....
Whats wrong with the kid's of today? by Robert Harrison
Now, why is it so?...
When Everything Good is Killed by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
In Somalia situation is terrible...
When it Comes to Education, Size Doesn't Matter by Beth Fowler
When I was the human resources manager for a division of a Fortune 500 company, I worked with department managers in creating a company-wide, yearly t...
When Teaching Becomes A Crime by E Detetcheverrie
My response to Dan Summerfield's challenge regarding some of the worst "teachers" ever. Just warning everyone ahead of strong opnions in th...
When The Oldest Profession Is The Only One Available by Owen Jones
In the new book by Owen Jones, "Behind The Smile ~ the story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya", Mr. Jones says that after trying to work at a straight j...
When to Plot by Martha Alderson by Martha Alderson
I recommend plotting your writing project at least three times during a writing project....
Where do ideas for characters come from? by Dana Reed
Anyone passing on the street could be the next outstanding character for your novel....
Where Do We Draw The Line? by David L.
Working with residential youth in the foster care system....
Where Do You Work? by Lisa Williams
I work for myself......
Where Have All the Manners gone? Good Manners I mean! by Michael Hollingsworth
In this day and time, our children are inundated with bad manners and disrespect from all directions, the television media with violence and foul lang...
Where is Cognition if we talk about the TEIL? by María Eugenia Falabella
Through the writing of this article, I've tried to connect the following concepts, bearing in mind the XXI century and the current educational scope:...
Where the Gas Goes, the Car Goes: Maintaining Educational Fun by Jill Eisnaugle
An article offering tips, suggestions, the author's personal insight and her firsthand experiences to show parents how they can best assist their chi...
Where, Oh, Where Has Education’s Honesty Gone? by Patrick Wilson
Georgians know that the “NCLB” law isn’t working. It wasn’t working when we had a republican in office, and the law isn’t working under our current ad...
Who is a Brahmin? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
A tribute to the late Narayanan who sprang from the 'dalits'.......
Who's In Charge Here, Anyway? by LK Hunsaker
For fiction writers: Point of View basics...
Who's Leaving Whom Behind? by Cynth'ya
Op-Ed about Muncie Indiana as a model for educational kidnapping of the American student creativity while the government makes a fast buck, and teache...
Why a huge achievement gap? Who is to blame? by Nicole Weaver
We must tackle the achievement gap that exists among students with our eyes wide open and with true honesty....
Why are so many teacher's getting fired by Lisa Chappell, Ph.D.
Everyday more and more educators are loosing their jobs. Why is this happening and what are some solutions to the problem....
Why Genesis is Not Taught in Science Classes by Benjamin Plybon
Fundamentalist Christians demand that Genesis should be taught in public school science classes. School systems refuse on legal grounds as a violation...
Why Go to College? by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
A question to my students in Bangalore colleges........
Why God...?--Part One by Joe McCaffrey
Questions like, "why does God allow sin", "why does God allow pain and suffering?", and "why did God make the Devil" are addressed from the mainstream...
Why God...?--Part Two by Joe McCaffrey
"Why does God allow pain and suffering", "Why does God allow evil", "Why did God make the Devil", and other "Why God..." questions are viewed from the...
Why I Do What I Do by United Black Writers Association
I'm tired of other people in the media trying to tell my story. So I started thinking that it was time for me to tell it myself and the way I want to...
Why Not Write Greeting Cards? by Sandra Louden
Sandra Miller-Louden's feature article in September 2002's ByLine delves into the three most pesky myths about writing greeting cards for today's mark...
Why Play Scales? by Shirley Kirsten
Most students dread them, but they can be fun, engaging, and a great opener to a practice session....
Why Read by Beth Elaine
If I could convince my students of worthy pastimes, one would be pleasure and obsession...
Why study a foreign language? by Nicole Weaver
We must be mindful of the sobering realities: Our children's economic and civic opportunities should not be determined by the color of their skin or t...
Why Teach? by Beth Elaine
Teaching is more than providing information. It lifts the human spirit up to ever-higher levels....
Why Teachers Whine: The Snakepit by Leslie Garcia
A brief overview of why this teacher whines, complains--and prays. A lot....
Winning Mindset Basics for Your Interview by J. Rodriguez Jr.
Learn the mainstream interviewing approaches from the countless other books and articles. Learn some of the winning mindsets here ... ...
without positive attitude we cannot change any thing by bhupendra koirala
Woman Can Accumulate Last Names by Linda Meckler
How many times have you been married? How many times divorced? Everytime you get married and divorced you now have collected one more name. If you hav...
Woman in Gods Kingdom by Diana Karsijns
An inquiry on the traditional question: "Is a woman allowed to be an elder in church?" The position of opponents and proponents is laid out short, con...
Wondering How To Start Off The New Year On A Positive Note With Your Child And School? ... by Victoria Murray
THIS YEAR I WILL... Wondering how to start the new year off on a positive note with your child and school? Encourage your child to m...
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Featured Book
Geotechnics for Track Engineers
by Dave Brooks

A comprehensive guide to geotechnical engineering for railway track engineers...  
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Featured Book
The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies
by Betty Jo Tucker

"The Reel Deal: Writing about Movies" is designed for people who want to learn various techniques for writing movie reviews as well as for interviewing actors, directors,..  
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