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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Big Ninny's Home, The confrontation
by Antoine Raphael

This book is a dramatization of "The Haitian Drama". It discribes the anatomy of a love affair between two people motivated by different philosophies of life.There is als..  
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Featured Book
L'harmonie et le contraste, l'atout féminin, Livre 2
by Antoine Raphael

C'est la version françaie de "Harmony and Contrast, the female impact, book2". Both, book 1 and 2 have been published recently by ..  
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Featured Book
Journey Great Barrier Reef
by Rosemary Patterson

Sparks fly between handsome but bumbling outback reverend and gorgeous Marine Biologist as government official attempts to silence cause of Cyanide spill on Barrier Reef...  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

El Retocador de Fotografías by Ángel Román Ramírez
Ángel Román es el compositor de la Banda Sonora de este nuevo cortometraje. Ángel Román is the Composer of this new film's Soundtrack....
El Sage by Robert Apold
Spanish translation of The Sage entitled El Sage is completed. Publication at BookSurge will be soon....
El Salvador: Intoxicatingly Dangerous by Jennifer Lawson-Perez
Reveals El Salvador's beauty and danger...
Elderly Surfers by Audrey Coatesworth
I have made/ am in the process of making a website for the 65-85+age - at .This article explains why....
Election Alert -- Vote For Humorous_sage by Henry Lefevre
The elections are coming. Be sure to vote for humorous_sage both early and often....
Electronic Publishing - The Author's view by J. Taylor
Electronic Publishing offers more opportunity - and income - than traditional publishing for all but the top level entrenched best sellers. Royalties ...
Elementary Edition of Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Now Available by Charlene Tess
Now, a 45 page edition of Simple Steps to Sentence Sense is available for elementary students and for those who are learning English as a second langu...
Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour by Celia Hayes
A reminiscence of the great-uncle that none of us knew...
The following is Elvis' way of visiting during the writing......
Emanuel Xavier Interview (Exclusive) by CONVERSATIONS MAGAZINE
Emanuel Xavier. A man who has endured a great deal and has much to say. The day we prepared for this Conversation was the first day I had ever heard o...
Emotion, emotion! by Neil Ostroff
Emotion, emotion! ...
Encouraging Early Literacy & Environmental Appreciation by David Chapman
Through the use of age and reader relevant content, dynamic graphics, special features and a further education component, learners are encouraged to b...
End The Chapter by DJ Williams
Freedom from bondages and the past....
Enduring For Divine Purpose by Becky DeWitt
This article is for those Believers who have been in a battle or a situation a long time....
Enjoying life! by Neil Ostroff
Enjoying life....
Enjoying Our Melting Pot by Pola Muzyka
An editorial from The Blessing of Children column written by Pola Muzyka for Parents and Grandparents each month. Editorials focus on developing great...
Un ensayo de Héctor Zabala sobre el cuento "Chacales y árabes" de Franz Kafka....
Entertaining Friends Broke by Linda Meckler
You do not need to spend a fortune to entertain friends. When friends get together it is because they enjoy each others company. Time Is the element o...
EPICon2004 EPPIES and QUASAR Awards by J. Taylor
Published eBook authors and members of the eBook publishing industry met for the 2004 Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) Conference i...
Erica Ferencik is interviewed by Deirdra Eden Coppel in A Storybook World by Erica Ferencik
Erica Ferencik talks trash about writing, publishing and everything inbetween....
Erica Spindler Hits a Homerun! by Lisa Tortorello
Blood Vines...a great read!...
Errol Scott on Writing at Sea - Part I: Equipment and Safety by E. Scott
Uninterrupted. Silent. Serene. Writing at sea should be ideal. And it would be except for the storms on the horizon, reefs below the waterline, unfrie...
Errol Scott: Writing at Sea, Part II - Bearings & Navigation by E. Scott
Errol Scott concludes a two-part series on writing tips for live-aboard sailors and those planning their transition to the cruising life. Writing at S...
Escape From Nowhere Island by William Smith
Announcing the release of "Escape From Nowhere Island" on and
Eternal Bloom by Janet Bellinger
An affirmation of older women....
Ethics and Professional Issues for by Dr. Mirline Lozis-Polynice
Ethics and Professional Issues for School Counselors and Mental Health Practitioners ...
Etiology of An Accidental Life by Laurel-Rain Snow
In this article, I delve into the motivations for creating this novel....
Evangelical aids healer claims to pray for aids victims by Nelson Yiga
A Story about a Preacher who claimed to heal AIDS after patients got his prayers. Article was written by Nelson Yiga in 1995 in March and published by...
Everyone has to jump on the bandwagon by Patrick McCormick
Wouldn't it be so much better if we took our own individual approach and didn't worry about jumping on the bandwagon...
  • HERO: Breaking Stereotypes! by Dante Feenix
African American dads crushes stereotypes! ...
  • Hip-Hop Business Journal's Literary Award Winner! by Dante Feenix
Baltimore’s Dante Feenix wins the Literary Award for Black Butterfly! ...
Examples of Dream Premonitions Coming to Fruition by Yvonne Perry
When you translate your dreams according to the scientific method, you start seeing dreams with premonitions. However, these visions do not come to fr...
Examples of Our Divinity in Sacred Text by Scott Knutson
A look at sacred text that offer a glimpse of our divinity....
excerpt from Odo & The Time Children by Che Dee
kids book...
Excerpt from The Swindler by Michelle Kaye Malsbury by Michelle Malsbury
The following is the first couple of pages of my novel. Enjoy...
Exciting Series Continues with More Magic! by Glenda Bixler
Christopher leaves to protect Jadyn and child...Jadyn almost dies from being separated from her love!...
Excuse Me, Senor: In America, Its May 5th--NOT Cinco de Whatever! by John Lillpop
Why do so many people get excited about a foreign holiday here in 'Merica?...
Expand your horizons by Brian Tukachinsky
Expand your horizons...
Expectations by Liz Cosline
Thoughts on expectations...
Experiences of a self published author at The London Book Fair by Richard Denning
Experiences of a self published author at The London Book Fair. What value is there for an author attending?...
Exploring Workplace Bullying in Law Enforcement Organizations by Rande Matteson, CFE, CHN, Ph.D.
Poor leadership leads to bullying in the workplace....
Explosion in Space by George Albitz
This is not science fiction but an actual headline from today's news with possible End of World implications....
Exposed is True to Life Psychological Thriller by Glenda Bixler
Terrorism - today's reality...Exposed let's you see in face-to-face!...
Extinction Level Events - Apex Interview by Matt Browne
Science Fiction Novel 'The Future Happens Twice' by Matt Browne exploring Extinction Level Events...
Extra by Tarian hujan
uuuft it's been 33 years...
Extra Oil 2009 Health Recap 47: SHOCKING 2010 NEWS by Bonita Quesinberry
This Extra Oil is a matter of life and death; as such, Satan did not want it posted anywhere on the Internet. Jews and Doctrine Keepers lives are at s...
Extra Oil 63: Faith During Tribulation by Bonita Quesinberry
Faith, Faithless, Truth, Persecution, Gay Pride, Pilate, Sunday, Saturday, Vatican, Pope, Mother Mary, WC, WCC, Power over Jesus & God ...
Extra Oil 68: Pestilences Threats Health by Bonita Quesinberry
News, VGIIc deadly fungus, riots, floods, earthquakes, Iceland, car bombs, AZ Apache Land, Univ of Arizona, Telescopes, Threats, MS, Brain Aneurysms a...
Extra Oil 71: Van Impe Changes & False Prophet by Bonita Quesinberry
In less than 2 weeks Jack Van Impe changes prophecy again; Amazing Facts charges one as a false prophet...
Extra Oil Computer Crash by Bonita Quesinberry
Our Computer has crashed, perhaps forever...
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Featured Book
Always a Rolling Stone
by Alan Greenhalgh

Always a Rolling Stone is a true story written with all the earthy excitement and suspense of work of fiction. Encompassing an extraordinary life of bittersweet memories,..  
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Featured Book
She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball collaborate on poetry chapbook they hope will be a literate alternative to cloying greeting cards for mothers...  
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