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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
From Darkness to Light by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
by Audrey Coatesworth

The poems in 'From Darkness to Light' by Dr Audrey Coatesworth have a commoon theme of suffering and pain. However,most of the poems move the reader along a path of hope..  
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Featured Book
From Darkness to Light by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
by Audrey Coatesworth

The poems in 'From Darkness to Light' by Dr Audrey Coatesworth have a commoon theme of suffering and pain. However,most of the poems move the reader along a path of hope..  
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Featured Book
The Food Contrarian
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

”The Food Contrarian” Quotes for people recovering from or dealing with eating issues. The 12 step movements are filled with proverbs, sayings and slogans that combin..  
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25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Overcoming Anxiety by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
"That sinking feeling can be stopped . You can stand firm and take on the world and the challenges it throws at you." ~ pg. 1 in Overcoming Anxiety...
Overcoming Cultural Barriers: The Reasons African-Americans Avoid Mental H by Agnes Levine
Raising social awareness about Bipolar and its adverse affects in the African-American community particularly....
Overcoming Shyness, Or the Hour Glass Phenomenon by David John StClair
David John shows effective ways to overcome shyness easily...
Overcoming the Trying Obstacles of Breast Cancer by Stacey Chillemi
“Learning how to prevent, cure, and cope with breast cancer – what every woman should know” ...
Overcoming Toxic Shame by Tova Gabrielle
Toxic shame is different from guilt and undermines mental health and recovery, ...
Pain by Rebekah Rosie Lang
My experience with Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, or Dad as I like to call him. We talk about pain and the joys that one can find....
Pain - Pills - Poisons - Profits! by Tom Hyland
Well, Galz n' Ghouls - our friend, Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor DID it - sent me an email with a link, about - ASPARTAME - one of my favorite RANTS! ...
PAIN - UPDATE by Tom Hyland
Like Albert E is purported to have once said ... and I paraphrase hereby ... "EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE" ,,, Right ? ...
Well Pilgrims, here we are, 23 days later. This Post includes Revisions, Edits & Updates, as of 10:00 am, Tuesday, June 10th. All the mon...
Pain Is Pain! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I don't care how you spell it; I don't care what part of the world you live in; I don't care what religion you are; I don't care what race or age ...
Pain Management by Susan Eskdale
Chronic pain is very difficult for sufferers. It is important to understand the different types of treatment options available....
Pain Medication and Addiction by Dr. Michael De Vito
Addiction to Pain Medication is on the rise. Here is a look at the historical perspective and where we are now....
Paint On The Canvas by DeBorrah Ogans
As human beings we are living, learning and growing organisms. When parents have properly nourished us by providing sufficient freedom and are genero...
Pansy by Stacey Chillemi
Pansy is a colorful addition to our salad bowls and ancient love potions, but more importantly, Pansy is a soothing expectorant that has been used to ...
Papaya Leaf by Stacey Chillemi
Papaya Leaf contains a remarkable protein-dissolving enzyme called papain, and if you suffer from indigestion or heartburn, gives Papaya Leaf a try! ...
Parade Yoga - the New Fun Workout! by Dilip Dahanukar
The military parade successfully adapted to create a new workout system for health and fitness with many benefits....
Parent Care by Karen Palumbo
Careful planning makes life easier for maturing families........
Parents and Children with Special Needs by Stacey Chillemi
What exactly are children with special needs. ...
Parents Beware: Your Child May be in an Abusive Relationship! by Jennifer Earley
Abusive relationships pervasive in teen and young adult relationships....
Passing a Kidney Stone (Ouch!) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
If you haven't passed a kidney stone recently, you don't know what you're missing! If you're into'll get all you want if you pass a k...
Passport to Freedom? What's that? by Robert Egby
Buddha, Jesus, Paul, Socrates and Plato all knew that the human ego, theFalse Self is the cause of all suffering. Robert Egby discusses the ancient an...
Pastor How Did You Get Aids - Book Review by Angela Watkins
He admits he lived a sinful live along with problems and well kept secrets, of pain, hurt, and guilt. Bad choices and bad decisions puts one at high ...
Path of Non-Violence by Jill Guntur
This Month, the focus is on how we engage with our choice of words. Finding the middle ground....
Patients need education about their role in care by Martine Ehrenclou
patients need to be informed about how to navigate the healthcare system, how to be empowered and participate in care. But not at the time they see th...
Peace by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
The next time you are tempted to think that life is a crazy, wired and stressful process, allow another possibility. ...
PEANUT AND NUT ALLERGIES: Becoming 100% Allergy Free by Elisabeth Hines
A skewed response is sometimes the result of an initial assault by toxins, microbes and a body stress event. After the initial assault is over the bo...
PECKER PAIN by Tom Hyland
"To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed!" Did the Tumors Grow Recently? Did it Take 50+ Years of Smoking? Would I Have Had another ...
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) by Sammie Ward
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) every year, more than one million women are diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)...
Penny Wort - The Elixir of Life by Vena McGrath
Gota Kola, more commonly known in Australia as Penny Wort, has been called the Elixir of Life. Learn a bit about Penny Wort and decide for yourself w...
People Need People by Rich Patriaco
I was wrong until I found out....
Perception by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
If you believe the world is harsh and mean, your 'paper towel roll' will point at all the things in the world that are negative and hurtful ...
Perfect Disease Helps Writer Find Life Balance by Steven Lundin
"Perfect Disease" Helps Writer Find Life Balance MS gets called a lot of names. But "the perfect disease"? ...
Personal Power The ability to take action Anthony Robbins by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
The premise is that Spiritual, and emotional healing occur through the development and employment of healing habits ...
Petition for AltMental Health Policies by Lynda Appell
What many consumers/survivors think should be changed in the MHsystem including althousing, looking into physical causes of MI and much more....
Phantom takes Dad by Kimberly Jensen
A phantom came to dad's door. He named it P.D., short for Parkinson's Disease...
Pi of the Beholder by Jodi Hutchinson
The colors, symbols and distinct visual appearance of the fractals are a reflection of the herbs, essential oils and therapeutic properties for each p...
Picture This by Patrick Kennedy
The idea is for a senior to dig back into that memory bank and find those bits of heaven that ought to be created for the future, or at least given a ...
Pills Pills Pills by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Before reading this short piece, go take a look in your medicine cabinet. Then, the reading may make you feel worse or better ......
PKU Family of Canada by Carole Murphy
How to eat on your PKU diet....
Planning Travel with Diabetic Children by Molly Naulty
This article outlines the many things that parents need to consider when traveling with children with diabetes....
Plastic Surgery - Serious Business by Jaci Rae
In the world of plastic surgery, more seems to be the idea, but are you ready to have your eyes pasted to your forehead...
Play The Glad Game by Susan Rempel
I've been called a "Pollyanna" over and over again. Somehow the term carries a slightly negative connotation, but if you read the actual story of Poll...
Please help? by Felix Perry
Help one of our own....
Pneumonic Plague - Another Threat? by Karen Phillips
Symptoms and treatment of Pneumonic Plague...
Podcast 1 - My Transformation by Anthony Davis
Hypnosis brings life transformation. Here's the story of how it changed me....
Podcast 2 - Transformative Life Centering by Anthony Davis
Transformative Life Centering allows a person to release the past and aim for the future....
Podcast 3 - Pre-Marriage Preparation by Anthony Davis
Transformative Life Centering is an awesome process for couples for wedding preparation....
POISON ALERT! Second-Hand Smoke! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
One of the proudest times in my life, is when I quit smoking in 1970! And, at the age of 64 in 2009, I have yet to tough a tobacco product in all tha...
Bio Hazards Training is necessary for all people to learn. I have put together some information here that may save a life and or to help prevent peopl...
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) by Billy Johnson, MD, Ph.D
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS)is an endocrine disorder that affects one in ten women of childbearing age (about five million or more American women)....
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Featured Book
Walking the World: Memories and Adventures
by Alan Cook

Named one of the Top 10 Walking Memoirs and Tales of Long Walks, by “As Tolkien said, not all who wander are lost. Alan Cook is a walker who is alwa..  
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Featured Book
Growing through Joy
by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Inspirational manual for a joyful and conscious life, promoting abundance, empowerment, personal development, spiritual growth and finding your true self through in-depth..  
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