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Sept 11, 2001
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The Great First Impression Book Proposal:
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson continues to help authors, FRUGALLY. This time with Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book in 20 Minutes or Less!..  
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Featured Book
The Great First Impression Book Proposal:
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson continues to help authors, FRUGALLY. This time with Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book in 20 Minutes or Less!..  
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Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Radio
by John Rayburn

From the primitive days of crystal set radios to advent of television and digital technology...  
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25 Most Recent Arts/Entertainment Articles

Summer, 1949 by Juliet Waldron
A very early memory of riding in the family car on the way to a picnic....
Sundance Catalog Story by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater has been shopping Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog for many years, supporting his environmentalist stewardship of our great USA. It s...
Super Mario Advance 2: Why can't they leave a good thing alone? by Aidan Spurrill
The Game Boy Advance port of the classic SNES title, Super Mario World, isn't much of an advance. Actually, the original was better....
Surrogates: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
“Surrogates,” a sci-fi movie starring Bruce Willis, failed to live up to expectations, but my imagination has been running wild ever since seeing it. ...
Surviving Christmas: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
If you wanted to rent a family for any occasion, the Valcos of "Surviving Christmas" probably wouldn’t be your first choice. The gruff father yells at...
Sweetwater Ready to Bring AD Author Karen Vanderlaan's Book to Film by Sage Sweetwater
Keeping strong relationships on the front burner in Sweetwater's camp. Producers, staff, friends, friends, friends! Let's celebrate the good times!...
Swing Vote: Movie Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Both Barack Obama and John McCain should see "Swing Vote." This timely comedy about presidential elections might help them understand how ridiculous p...
T-3: Back with more of the same by Eric Croas
Review of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines....
Table Talk with Maria B. by Basit Ghafoor
Here's my table talk with Famous Pakistani Fashion Guru Maria butt....
Table talk with Nadya Mistry. by Basit Ghafoor
This one of my Interview is with Nadya Mistry, a Karachi based Pakistani Fashion Designer, who, launched her career at the dawn of new millennium. Go ...
Take the Lead: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
What makes a great teacher? A passion for what he or she is teaching, of course. But a great teacher also cares as much for the students as ...
Take Time Out to Write Every Day by R David Fulcher
Just write!...
Taking 44 Minutes to remember by Eric Croas
A DVD review of the film 44 Minutes...
Talent to span a lifetime of hits - Producer Michael Z. Gordon by Pamela Faye
For Music and Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon doing it 'My Way' lifts a legacy of hit songs....
Tales of Love by Linda Alexander
Copyright 1995. Published, "100 Years of Moving Pictures, The Centenary of the Motion Picture" official souvenir magazine. Note: You may notice a few ...
Talking To Tommy by Paul Mc Cann
Interview With Tommy Fleming...
Tantra Bensko by Alex Nodopaka
Fleshy talents of Tantra Bensko ...
TANVIR NatureTalk...
Tap Dance Day! by Betty Jo Tucker
Today is National Tap Dance Day. In fact, it’s the 23rd National Tap Dance Day, having been signed into law by President George W. Bush back in 1989 t...
Tapping The Emotional by Victor Pryles
The finest way to energize your art is to tap into the emotional brain. A short survey of ways to accomplish this to lift your art to a new, higher le...
Tarot Affirmations: The Empress Meditation for Devotion by Suzi Dronzek
Using the Tarot and creative visualization for devotion....
Taylor Hicks Interview by Linda Alexander
2006 Winner of Fox TV's "American Idol," Taylor Hicks ... copyright June 2007, published in the Frederick News Post [Frederick, MD] - no reprints w/o...
Teenage Wasteland by Sara Ellis
The ultra-violence of "Battle Royale"....
Television Commercials: I Push the Mute Button by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
My television-watching over the past decade, is at an all-time low and getting lower by the month. I've dropped more than 90% of television watching...
Television Interview by Marsha Cook
Info on Marcus Bryan & Associates INC. ...
Tempted By Illegal Movie Downloads? by DeWayne Strickland
The net is crawling with all kinds of sites that offer unlimited movie downloads. The question is, which movie sites are legal? ...
Ten Great Canadian Films by Victoria Rl
Canadian film-making often gets overshadowed, but there have been some truly great Canadian films. Here are some that are worth a look....
Ten Great Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen by Garrett Cook
For Halloween, each week I'll be posting ten more great horror movies that mainstream viewers might not have encountered yet....
He has been called my some the next E. Lynn Harris, but the path for Terry E. Hill to superstar status as an author has been slow in coming. The power...
Thank You Michael Jackson For Rocking This World!!! by MISHA MCGLOWN
Celebrating the life of the world's biggest star and contemplations on life and death, in general....
That Creative Spark by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Thomas Kinkade takes Paintbrush to Canvas when he is creating his masterpieces, but many of us are not looking at our own creative spark, we do not ha...
The Story Behind THE EZEKIEL CODE. by Gary Tenuta
Ever read a novel and wonder how the heck the author came up with the idea in the first place? Sometimes the story behind the story is as insightful a...
The 17th Annual Festival of the West by Stephen Lodge
Taking my annual trip to Rawhide, Arizona...
The 3 Most Important Things NOT to Do While Waiting to Get The Call by Raquel Byrnes
Common mistakes writers make online and how to avoid them....
The Adult Video Awards Show – 1990 by Linda Alexander
This piece was written at the tail end of my interview and research period for my book, Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X, a look into the adu...
The Altan Experience by Paul Mc Cann
A Concert Review And Interview With Altan,One Of Irelands Best Traditional Music Bands . ...
The American Idol of Public Opinion by Cynthia Borris
The Rocker and the Writer...
The Apopka Chief April 27, 2007 by Amy Sellers
Check Passing...
The Apopka Chief March 23, 2007 by Amy Sellers
Book Signing by Amy Sellers at Chick-Fil-A...
The Apopka Chief News July 28, 2006 by Amy Sellers
The Apopka Chief News July 28, 2006...
The Artist: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
"The Artist," a mostly silent black-and-white film, has already won numerous awards and is one of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees. ...
The Best TV Show of the '80s by Kimberly Ware
Growing up in the 1980's was filled with so much memories of being a teenager. The television shows were a great portrayal of why this era was called ...
The Billerettes by Michael Madden
The Billerettes are a troupe of male majorettes. They are the brainchild of Bill Weston, a Buxton resident who has been honoured by the Queen for his ...
The Black Virgin in Brooklyn and Egypt by David Arthur Walters
Postmodern Bonus: Our Excremental Culture...
The Brilliance of Laurie Lipton by Ruby Orman
My jaw fell open and my mind exploded with the heat of inspiration. I could almost touch the strange macabre images spread across my computer monitor....
The Bucket List: Movie Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Dance the tango with Antonio Banderas. Sing a duet with Debbie Reynolds. Have lunch with Johnny Depp. After watching “The Bucket List,” I’ve decided t...
The Calling: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
A Mysterious, Suspenseful Thriller Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon shows off her impressive acting chops in two films opening on August 29 this y...
The Campaign: Film Review by Betty Jo Tucker
Although played strictly for laughs, "The Campaign" hits home during this presidential campaign season. I admit being tired of all the speeches, attac...
The Colour Crimson by Lorri Proctor
Some ideas on a favourite colour...
THE COMMUNAL RIOTS AND FIZA by uppalapati Prasanthi
Recently I had seen the movie, Fiza. I want to share my feelings regarding that film. This was the film which was picturised about the traumas and t...
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Featured Book
Free Download - The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Mo
by Sam Vaknin

Moral deliberations in sixteen modern films...  
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Featured Book
Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia
by Jay Dubya

Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia is adult literature featuring adult humor and content. The work is a satire/parody on Miguel Cervantes' Don Quixote, published in 1605. Under..  
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