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Featured Book
Obama's Islamization of America
by Will Clark

What are Barack Obama’s plans for our great nation, America? His words, inclinations, and actions strongly suggest his plans are not the same as those who fought for and ..  
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Featured Book
Obama, Hillary, Saul Alinsky and their Useful Idiots
by Will Clark

A book coming soon. Or, I might wait to see if Hillary Clinton decides to run for President of the United States. If she doesn’t decide to run, which is unlikely, my res..  
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Featured Book
The Looting of Social Security--Free E-book
by Allen Smith

-Every cent generated by the 1983 Social Security payroll tax revenue -money exclusively earmarked for the retirement of the baby-boom generation-is gone, spent by our go..  
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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

THe Diphenhydramine Self-Disclaimed No Disclaimer Story by Nathaniel Durham
This is when you want to intensify mentally and you lose it instead until you struggle out of a Chinese finger bracelet....
The Diplomacy Game by Emile Tubiana
We all know that Israel prefers peace over any war. The Camp David Accords, signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Men...
The Dirty River Is Rising by E T Waldron
Political Hell!...
The Disintegration of a Failed Political Ideology by Edward Phillips
Also, meet Tom Herndon, the graduate student who corrected a key economic study that pulled the conservative lynch pin. (picture: Tom Herndo...
The Double Standard by Emile Tubiana
The Double Standard...
The Doughnut Hole by John Braswell/Kawheeta
A view of the Medicare Part D...
The economic case for paying a living wage by Stephen Cafaro
People who work for a living should be entitled to a living wage!...
The economic consequences of illegal immigration by Stephen Cafaro
Illegal immigration has caused a decline in the American standard of living....
The Egyptian Economy and the Elections by Emile Tubiana
The Egyptian Economy and the Elections...
The Egyptian Economy and the Elections by Emile Tubiana
The Egyptian Economy and the Elections...
The Egyptian Vote by Emile Tubiana
What we see may not be up to our standards but we cannot force the people to our ways. ...
The Election and the Financial Crisis by Emile Tubiana
Can we Expect a fair election this time? Can we choose fairly our candidate.?...
The Election and The Financial Crisis. Part II by Emile Tubiana
Can we Expect a fair election this time? Can we choose fairly our candidate?...
The Election Results...and the Politics of Smart v. Stupid by Edward Phillips
The Right lost the elections, but rather than accept defeat gracefully now they want to steal the reasons why they lost, re-write history before the i...
The Elections Are Now Over by Emile Tubiana
Be honest with yourself and tell yourself what you feel now...
The End of American Empire by Daniel Brown
Why the end of America's empire status might actually be a good thing for Americans....
The Endangered Middle Class is on Life Support.. by TERRY MASON
SOCIAL COMMENTARY FROM BISHOP MASON Renowned Bishop Takes Aim at the Republican Party and Its Values!!!!...
The Enemy Within: Selling Alternative Reality to the American Public by Susan MacAllen
What information - and who - is shaping your view of your world? Consider that distorted news information from multiple sources is fed to you on a da...
The European Union as a Fear-driven, Defensive, and Phobic Project by Sam Vaknin
When communism crumbled, the resulting new and liberated states feared the clutches of a resurgent Russia. The European Union offered “enlargement” (a...
The Evils of Democracy by David Ray
In our modern media-fueled, mass education society, freedom = liberty = democracy. But is that reality? Hardly....
The Failures of America’s Anti-war Movement by J Michael Kearney
America's anti-war movement was an organizational success, but a strategic failure......
The Fall of the Arab World by Emile Tubiana
Only the future will tell who was right...
The First Amendment Gets Kicked Around - Again by Alex Drinkwater, Jr.
Another attempt by the Left to squash ideas it does not agree with....
The First Gentleman by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
This tiny piece is dedicated to three great ladies. Becky (MistyDawn) who noted that this campaign might get rough. Kimmy, whose art always sees the t...
The Fouler Snares Himself by Timothy Buchanan
A brief look at Tom Daschle's miserable tenure as Senate Majority Leader...
The Future of the Right-to-Die Movement by Derek Humphry
What needs to be done to improve laws on choice in dying at life's end....
The Gathering of the Clan by Thomas Richard Harry: Book Review by Irene Watson
A unique book in its field, "The Gathering of the Clan" by author Thomas Richard Harry, is potentially explosive in its implications for America's two...
The Gaza War by Emile Tubiana
The Gaza War is not the first time the Hamas terrorists attacked Israel ...
The Global Warming Controversy by Niki Collins-Queen
To what extent has humankind’s fossil fuel burning and deforestation contributed to global warming? The answer has economic and political consequences...
The Great Game Revisited by Alexey Braguine
In diplomacy stated objectives are not meant to inform but to cover real intentions....
The Great Indian civilization overtook the total slave system in ancient so by ayub mohammed
Where as the definition with its applications of the words ‘slave’ and ‘female slave’ from the context of the Hammurabi code of laws to the code of la...
The GW Bush Legacy ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
will go down as one of the ugliest periods of American History. ...
The High Cost of Over Government by Bruce Ricketts
Has Canadian goverance kept up with the time?...
The Human Trade in Kosovo, 6 June 2000, International Herald Tribune by Marian Douglas-Ungaro
Trafficking in women and girls for prostitution; international organized crime; Nigeria, European Union countries, southeast and eastern Europe - the ...
Although I chose the Category, Political Science, because this whole mess is about, and because of Politics, it is not available in the selection list...
The Illuminati by James Hall
Why are so many Americans intrigued by the idea of a nafarious global netweek?...
Excerpts from my award-winning article on "The Impact of Neo-Immigration on African-Americans." To read the entire 4000-word article visit my website...
The Impending Social Security Crisis: The Government's Big Dirty Secret by Allen Smith
This article is Chapter One of my new Kindle ebook, "The Impending Social Security Crisis." The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the Social S...
The Infamouse Devide-N-Rule Policy by Abdinasir Mohamed
The Infamous Devide-and-Rule policy: A short essay about this treacherous name calling to devide the strenght of the perceived adversary....
The Injustice of This War (WWII) by David Taylor
Who did the 'Democracies' of the West Think They Were?...
The Inversion of Colonial Roles by Sam Vaknin
The traditional mercantilist roles of colonizer and colonies were inverted over the last few decades. ...
The Invisible Youth by Dragon Blue
Author's Note: The Invisible Youth is an international outreach program for the homeless youths in our country, the USA. We are a clearing house of i...
The Irony of Our Policy by Emile Tubiana
The Author's view on our Middle East Policy....
The Irrelevance of the United Nations by David Ray
Face facts. The U.N. doesn't matter unless the United States says it does....
The Israeli Peace Envoy by Nomde Lum
Americans now can rely on the Israelis to help us negotiate with the First Nations....
The Jewish State? by Shezray Faisal
Recognising a reality...Israel...
The jobless economic recovery by Stephen Cafaro
The recession is over and it is just a matter of time before the USA economy is fully healed!...
The Ladies of the View Don't Know Jack About Kevorkian by Jane St Clair
On "The View," Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg talk about Jack Kevorkian. Too bad they got their facts wrong. ...
The Large Picture of Politics-One Person's Pathway to World Governance by Arnold Meagher
A few thoughts on what it means to be a citizen of Planet Earth and its implications for world governance....
The Legacy of Apartheid. by Elaine Bunbury
How the legacy of Apartheid still affects South Africa to-day with three major problems viz. HIV/Aids, poverty and crime and how this is illustrated i...
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Political Science Articles
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  18. Why Mitt Romney Pays Only 13% and Not 35%
  19. It would be wise to reevaluate the Iran si
  20. Rick Santorum For President - http://www.r

Featured Book
The Haitian Drama, history taking the wrong turn
by Antoine Raphael

Haiti, like any country in distress, needs a politico-socio-economic philosophy to pull itself from standstill and be on the road to self-determination. Thus, in a way, H..  
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Featured Book
Obama, Hillary, Saul Alinsky and their Useful Idiots
by Will Clark

A book coming soon. Or, I might wait to see if Hillary Clinton decides to run for President of the United States. If she doesn’t decide to run, which is unlikely, my res..  
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