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King Obama: America's Greatest Danger
by Will Clark

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101 Obama Blogs
by Will Clark

Now available in Kindle - and only $.99. This is a book of 101 blogs I posted on Authorsden during the past three years regarding Barack Hussein Obama and his administrat..  
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Choas, Synchronicity, and capitalism
by Arthur Jackson

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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

The M.O.B. (McCain, Obama & Barr) vs Liberty by Robert Williams
John McCain wants war for a hundred years; Barack Obama wants to keep some troops in Iraq and put the rest in Afghanistan; Bob Barr voted for the Patr...
The Man has had a Sex Change by Desmond Devlin
How Feminism was exploited by the Mainstream Media....
The Mayan calander or Thomas Jefferson by Jeffrey Allen
Maybe we should look at real threats to our welfare and our future rather than obscure threats such as the Mayan calendar or the Revelations found...
The Meaning of this Election by Emile Tubiana
Did our administration learn anything from the outcome of our recent elections?...
The Measure Of A Man by Kathy Schultz
How quick we are to defame a person through the building of our ego, or in our fears, but when the whole story comes out, many should hang t...
The Middle East, North Africa, and Obama by Emile Tubiana
After we saw what happen in those countries, our policy needs an urgent overhaul. ...
The more laws in a Country, the more corrupt the Political System (Tacitus) by Desmond Devlin
Regulation and documentation stopping my Brother from doing the Theory Test....
The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Harvey Tordoff
An argument in favor of the International Community taking responsibility for the problems in Kashmir....
The Murder of Three Teenagers in Israel by Emile Tubiana
The Murder of Three Teenagers in Israel exposed blatantly our president's wrong policy....
The Myth America Pageant” by Robert Wickes: Book Review by Irene Watson
Author and self- proclaimed "Ordinary Joe," Robert Wickes, releases his new book “The Myth America Pageant: How Government & Politics Really Affect th...
The Nanny Government Strikes Again by David Ray
Another day, another government "protection"...
The National Debt … by Joseph* OneLight*®
A History Lesson ...
The New Face of the Democratic Party by Emile Tubiana
The new face of the Democratic Party as seen at their convention...
The New Republic Can by Malynda Walker
A short article about the state of America today written May 23, 2002 in collaboration with Eric Martin....
The New Slavery and the Dissolving of Capitalism by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson
The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight... ...
The New York Times destroys Obama by Emile Tubiana
The New York Times destroys Obama Friday, January 3rd, 2014 sources David Kirkpatrick and publish by Carolinr Glick...
The News of Today by Emile Tubiana
Is this the democratic way we want to teach the world? Why are my Democrat friends so blinded when they don't like the question? They deligitimize,...
The next two years ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
will be interesting. ...
The Nuts at Acorn Could Cause Obama's Fall by Mark Lichterman
By Dick Morris: What makes ACORN particularly embarrassing for Obama is that he used to be one of them. He served as general counsel for ACORN in...
The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama by Mark Lichterman
Jack Wheeler is a brilliant man who was the author of Reagan's strategy to break the back of the Soviet Union with the star wars race and expose their...
The Obama administration's role during the Israeli election by Emile Tubiana
The Obama administration's role during the Israeli election was allegedly larger than reported in the US. US strategists: Obama campaign interference ...
The One Percent by Bilal Qureshi
The Other Two Americas by Jeremy Vaeni
There's still Black & White, Rich & Poor...not to be outdone, here comes our friend, good ol' North & South. ___________________________________...
The Palestinian State is not Enough for Peace by Ahmed Hany Hassanain
There are many other things that should be done in the Middle East other than creating a Palestinian State if peace is to be reached. ...
The Penduleum is Swinging by R. Steven Reynolds
Read the article listed at the URL. in·doc·tri·nate : To instruct in a body of doctrine or principles. To imbue with a partisan or ideol...
The People's Fund by Mel Hathorn
I would like to toss out an idea for public discussion and debate. If you are so inclined, please respond or forward this to your friends....
The phenomena of a New India—Anna Hazare and his Indians by Viktor Kumar
he emergence almost overnight of a star for 1.21 billion Indians in Anna Hazare as a symbol of faith, determination, hope, honesty is a miracle of sor...
The Pivotal Error of the Obama Administration about Israel and the Jewish P by Emile Tubiana
As an American Jew, I can say, that Obama and his Jewish advisors and followers seem to know very little about the Jewish history and the history of t...
THE PLAN from Robin Williams by Paul Berube
Ya gotta love the reasoning here. Sure does makes sense to me....
The Police Chief That Wouldn't Leave by David Ray
Ex-Dallas Police Chief Terrell Bolton just will not go away. Please go away. Get a freakin' job like the rest of us...
The Political Economy for Poor Americans: Then and Now by Manes Pierre, Ph.D.
Political economy for poor Americans is being revisited as we are getting closer to the 2007 expiration of the Voting Rights for African Americans as ...
The Politics of Cats and Dogs by Tom Garrison
We all know cats and dogs are different. Do those differences reflect political differences between liberals and libertarians?...
The Politics of Fear, Duplicity, and Just Plain Stupidity by Alex Drinkwater, Jr.
A Few Thoughts on Reaction to the Tucson Shootings by Certain Members of the Press...
The Poor Nation's Defense Mechanisms by Sam Vaknin
To avoid confronting such unpalatable truths and to fend off a tormenting self-image, the citizenry of these places developed a host of psychological ...
The Power of Asking Questions by Mel Hathorn
Asking Questions is a way of regaining our power in an time when many of us feel powerless....
The Power of Free Expression by Emile Tubiana
The Power of Free Expression is my personal opinion...
The President and Saddam Hussein by Christopher Erickson
A short article comparing President Bush and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein...
The President’s Apology by Emile Tubiana
Vive la France qui vient de bloquer l'accord Iaranian avec l'Ouest, L'accord n'etait pas acceptable par les pays Arabe et Israel. ...
The Price of Oil by Niki Collins-Queen
John Perkins the 2004 New York Times bestselling author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" helped me understand the questions: "Why is Anti-Ameri...
The Primaries - How Stupid Are The Democrats? by Ian Thorpe
There are a few basic rules to politics, one is "don't hand your opponents an advantage."...
The Problem With The Federal Budget by David Ray
It's not a simple as some would have us all believe....
The Problems With Democracy by Jay Dubya
Author Jay Dubya identifies many of the problems of American democracy and then discusses them in depth....
Well, Galz n' Ghoulz - up on my SOAP-BOX again ... As my Dad used to say, after dealing out a Poker hand: "REA...
The Purpose of the U.S. Constitution by J Michael Kearney
The U.S. Constitution neither gives nor guarantees us our rights. It's sole purpose is to limit and restrict government....
The Real Problem with Healthcare: The Answer no one wants to Hear by Lateef Warnick
How do we provide affordable healthcare as long as there is capitalism?...
The Reason why the USA Economy is failing by Stephen Cafaro
Protectionism and Nationalism are not dirty words. They represent our best chance of revitalizing the faltering American econony....
The Relevance of Pigment in Politics by Peg Hicks-Moore
Here we are in a new millennium, and we still define people first and foremost by what color skin they have....
The Republic of Texas by David Ray
An intellectual excercise...
The Rich and Our Jobs Overseas by Paul Kogel
Why? oh Why? oh Why?...
The Right to vote by Bruce Humphrey
How many times have people spoken up only to be forced down by a stronger voice, or by those who think they are of a higher intelligence....
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Featured Book
Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist
by Allen Smith

Social Security is on the verge of a deep crisis. The only thing of value that Social Security has is its annual tax revenue, which is not enough to pay full Social Secu..  
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Featured Book
Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist
by Allen Smith

Social Security is on the verge of a deep crisis. The only thing of value that Social Security has is its annual tax revenue, which is not enough to pay full Social Secu..  
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