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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
21-Seconds To Wealth
by Neeta Blair

A comprehensive game played over a period of 21 days, arranging the contents of your consciousness with ideas and wealth concepts to create the financial experiences you ..  
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Featured Book
Effort and Surrender
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson writes foreword for inspirational book on yoga...  
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Featured Book
The Happy Couple Playbook-Football Strategies for Winning th
by Jim Hamilton

The Happy Couple Playbook will help everyone score consistently and change the game from couples competing, to ensuring they are on the same team…the winning team...  
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25 Most Recent Self-Help Articles

Success In Writing: It's Not About The Editing (For Beginners Eyes) by Susan James
Success In Writing: It's Not About The Editing (For Beginners Eyes)...
Support Groups by Jeannie May
Support – to hold up, to encourage, cheer on, be there for, champion, assist, and strengthen. All this and so much more is provided by the countless v...
Surf the Wave of Abundance by Keith Varnum
Bank account bare? Bedroom barren? Body running on empty? Buddha not showing up? Why? Maybe because your beat is off! You’re out of step with the Abun...
by Robert W. Pelton (1302 words) What would you do if you got lost while hiking in the mountains, woods or desert? What would you do if w...
Survive or thrive? You decide by Donna DeVane
Survive or thrive? The choice really does depend on you. You decide what you wish to experience and just keeping doing the things that lead to that e...
Surviving Loss and Thriving Again by Tina Tessina
How to get through the grieving process and bounce back....
Sweeter Dreams by Michael Riley
This article provides tips and insight about the need for a good night's sleep, and how to get it, after suffering the end of a loving relationship....
Swim At Your Own Pace: An Open Letter To One Grieving by Nordette Adams
Alternate Title: Ignore callous folk......
Sylvester Stallone's Inspirational Speech by Paul Kyriazi
Wisdom from Rocky Balboa....
Take 5 minutes to learn 5 myths & 5 realities by Denise Richardson
Observe National Consumer Protection Week -Feb 4th -Feb 10...a little time spent now can save you a lot of money (and a whole lot of aggravation) late...
Take Charge Success Strategies by Jo Condrill
In every decision we make, there is power--power to shape and control our own lives. The thrill of the game of life is charting a course, accepting pr...
Take control of your credit by Angelo McCutchen
taking control of your credit...
Taking A Stand For Your Life by TB Wright
How can we harness the incredible power of taking a stand for our lives? Find out how!...
Taking Charge of Your Life by Roger Ellerton PhD CMC
It is the rare individual who always lives his or her life at cause; however, far too many of us live a large portion of our lives at effect - respond...
Taking on Goliath" by Rob Marshall: Book Review by Irene Watson
Taking On Goliath is about facing the challenges that we come up against when pursuing our dreams, the Goliaths we meet along the way. Base...
Taking Stock of Your Finances by Deborah Taylor-Hough
i>"All of us who are intimately familiar with overspending know that it is very easy to five-and-ten dollar ourselves into oblivion. The good news is...
Taking Time For You by Stephanie Davies
It is of vital importance that each of us take some time out of each day for ourselves. With busy schedules, work, kids, and a million things going on...
Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery by B. Sinor: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery" by author Barbara Sinor contains true grit bleeding tales told by people you will never meet but wh...
Taming The Terrible Twins Within: Becoming Who You Can Be by William Cottringer
A lifelong struggle is to reconcile opposites to become more whole. ...
Tantric Lovemaking: A Plug for the Total Orgasmic Experience? by Alvin Romer
This short article borders on self-help in dealing with sexual dysfunction and ways to enhance a better sex life....
Tap Your Creativity by Sheri Hoff
Creativity is often an elusive concept. It is difficult to define or teach, but we know creativity when we see it. ...
Tapping Primal Life Force by Keith Varnum
No being with heart would shackle another free being. No being whose spirit still lives would ever kill the spirit of another being—by any means....
Tax Tips For Writers by Guy Hogan
A Turbo Tax testimonial....
Teach Him Through Telling Him" by Mel Menker
Have you ever wondered if your husband is really listening to you? Is he able to "connect" with your thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions? The answer...
Teen Challenge Put To the Challenge by Mary Coe
If Dwight ever needed a drink; he need one now. Will he get through this day without a drink?...
Teen Challenge: Help for Substance Abuse by Mary Coe
Approximately 86% of Teen Challenge graduates from the 18 months program; are drug free after five years....
Temperamental Consciousness by Hal Manogue
The history of philosophy is to a great extent that of a certain clash of human temperaments....
Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind by miguel rafael villanueva
Begin a worry free disposition in life...
Ten Commitments for Men" by Tom Massey: Book Review by Irene Watson
MAKE A DIFFERENCE! BUILD CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY! Unfortunately, manhood does not come with an owner’s manual. Often we have to make it up as we ...
Ten Commitments for Women" by Susanne Blake: Book review by Irene Watson
REALIZE YOUR POWER AND CREATIVITY THROUGH EXPLORATION OF THE FEMININE It is vitally important that every woman makes the effort to bring forth th...
Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” by Vickie Berkus: Book Review by Irene Watson
“Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” will improve your mental fitness by helping you understand some of the same principles that can be learned in psyc...
Ten Signs You Need to Get Organized by Christina Scalise
Ten signs you need to get organized and the solutions that will help you....
Ten Steps to a Balanced Life by Jerry Lopper
A balanced life is possible, even with the fast paced responsibilities of family and the demands of work....
Ten Steps to Self-Confidence by Stacey Chillemi
Self-confidence is like being rich - it is something we think everyone else is but us. Yet feeling insecure about ourselves is perhaps the most common...
Ten Tips For No Longer Hating Those Who Hurt You by Stephen Russell-Lacy
I know who my enemy is: the individual who maliciously damages my property: tramps all over the flower-bed in the garden: scratches the car with a key...
Tend To Your Garden Within by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
To live life fully with joy requires one to know self without the filters of societal conditioning, familial conditioning and one’s ego....
Tevevision Fast by Wambui Bahati
For a wonderful, healthy and pleasurable experience, I challenge you and your family to take a TV fast. Your eyes, your brain, your ears, and your who...
Thank a reader a day; they deserve it!!!! by Christine Jones
Make a reader feel special, as they deserve this for what they give authors. Why is this so? Read on....
That's Life by Tim Connor
The only thing in life that is certain is its uncertainty. This article helps preople realize what they can control in life and what they cant....
The #1 Cause of Loneliness--and How to Overcome It by Jack Zavada
Maybe the cause of your loneliness is not what you think. Jack Zavada explores the true cause of loneliness and what to do about it....
The $100,000 Self Improvement Experiment by John Carinci
The Article is based on the self help book: "The Power Of Being Different" which has now been published in 4 countries. ...
The “Easy Chair” method for Prayer and Meditation by Robert Felix
Prayer meditation does not require an extensive command of technique, or any religious training whatsoever. It is so easy that anyone with an open min...
The ‘N-Word’? Powerless! by Wambui Bahati
I used to spend a lot of time being offended by almost every thing. What a waist of pure God source energy....
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #1 Respect by Jeff Brown
A geneal introduction to my 14 part series on Personal Growth, along with the first article: #1 Respect. Why is respecting yourself and others vital t...
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #13 Talents by Jeff Brown
If you work on developing your talent you'll find other talents, talents upon talents to multiply you to success. ...
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #2 Integrity by Jeff Brown
Why is integrity a key to your success in life? How is it defined? How does it apply to your life? All answered within this article....
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #3 Accountability by Jeff Brown
To be accountable is to truely be successful, but it's more than that. You have to be accountable to that inner voice that tells you to run, quit, mov...
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #7 Sacrifice by Jeff Brown
Obedience? Hey, I'm an American, we're all about Dis-Obedience. Ask Thoreau. Yet sacrafice and obedience, even if it's to your own rules, are essentia...
The 14 Focal Points of Personal Growth: #8 Education by Jeff Brown
Education is not just the three R's. It goes way beyond learning just the material that was forced on you at an early age. ...
The 3 Questions of Life by David Emerald Womeldorff
These 3 Questions of Life can help keep each of us focused on outcomes, relating in resourceful and empowered ways, and taking daily steps in creating...
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Featured Book
The Handyman's Guide To Profit
by Bill Benitez

With unemployment and foreclosures still at record levels, operating a one-person handyman business is an attractive opportunity. The Handyman’s Guide To Profit contains ..  
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Featured Book
Living Alone
by Peter Mulraney

Information for men who find themselves on their own...  
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