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Featured Book
Body Trauma - a writer's guide to wounds and injuries
by David Page

Body Trauma covers the overall organization of the US trauma system, how doctors evaluate and treat trauma victims, as well as special sections on specific injuries such ..  
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Featured Book
Behind the Mask: the Mystique of Surgery and the Surgeons Wh
by David Gelber

A look into the world of surgery, the thought processes of a busy surgeon caring for the sick and injured...  
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Featured Book
Life, Lies, and Sex: A User's Guide to Being in a Body
by Mikaya Heart

This is a book about love: how to develop unconditional love every moment of every day, by allowing Universal energy to move through your body...  
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25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Sit Back and Relax: Ways to Practice Relaxation by Judith Wordsworth
We are living in fast paced world. Everyone is busy going to school, working on different jobs and finishing some stuff on the side. We all want thing...
Six Weeks to a Healthy Lifestyle by Betty O'Brian
This exciting step-by-step manual has already trained thousands in how to change from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a fresh, natural LIVE-it! I...
Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes (Type 2) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
In the year 2012, there's an epidemic of diabetes cases all around the United States! Diabetes is the #8 killer behind, with heart disease and cance...
Sleep: Nature's Fountain Of Youth by Darlene Zagata
We need the proper amount of sleep in order to look and feel our best. With our hectic schedules we sometimes neglect proper rest. Read why sleep is s...
Sleepless Nights by George Warholak
As we enjoy our normal evenings and weekends, the shift workers are on the job....
Small Breasted Women Are Sexy by Linda Meckler
Small breasted women are sexy. Clothes today are made for small breasted women. Do you believe this? Read on....
Small Kindness by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
When we are kind to others we leave little 'breadcrumbs of warmth' throughout the world. ...
Smallpox - Another Biological Weapon? by Karen Phillips
Symptoms, treatment, and prevention of smallpox....
Smart conversion from toxic to non-toxic by CSea Perkins
For 52+ years people have been born into a toxic chemical environment. Our bodies adapt the best they possibly can. What if we modify the amount of ...
Smart Food is Fun by Patrick Kennedy
Smart food is probably all those things we do not want to eat. But there are exceptions that follow the nutritional pyramid of health. ...
Smell' of new cars linked to cancer by Vena McGrath
Everyone knows that 'new' smell about a new car or any kind of vehicle. But how many know about the risks from that smell?...
Smoking Can Cause Early Menopause by Beverly Mahone
What would you rather have---an early menopause or lung cancer?...
Smoking Can Cause Mental Illness In Later Years by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I quit smoking in 1970 at the age of 23, and it's one of the best things I've done for myself, those around me and my pets. In 2010, it has been 40...
Smoking Sucks: How I Quit Smoking! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I went to a job interview one day, and the woman doing the interview asked me the following question. "What is one of the best accomplishments in you...
SMOKING! Until Death Do We Part by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Enough bad things have been said about smoking, and over the last several years, I have added my two-cents, in the form of 17 articles. There is NOT ...
Smoking/Heart Attacks...You Made Your Bed... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
This is one of my favorite quotes...because it is so true...especially when it comes to drugs; drinking or smoking, etc. Of the ten kids in my family...
Smoking: 201 Reasons to Quit by Muriel L. Crawford: Book Review by Irene Watson
About thirty million Americans who smoke say they want to quit, but lack the motivation. "Smoking: 201 Reasons to Quit" by author Muriel L. Crawford, ...
Smoking: Committing Suicide One Puff At a Time! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
When I first started writing seriously in July, 2006, I promised myself I would not be a preacher or crusader for anything. If people out there want ...
Smouldering Discrimination by Marvin Ross
While smoking is unhealthy, it is also beneficial for people with schizophrenia because of its action on certain parts of the brain. This article was ...
Snake Oil? by Tom Hyland
DISCLAIMER - Full credit for the GERM of this idea goes to MR. ED - Ole PEE-WEE ED! As he has not yet had an opportunity to AGREE to this ne...
So You Think You Can Dance? by Taryn Simpson
A series of articles about Parkinson's disease...
So, Get Over the Blues by Patrick Kennedy
The past is the past and it is gone, so I must get over it, we all must say. Move on and forget the woe-is-me what-have-I-done lately blues. Things ch...
Soaring generic drug prices: 8 tips to save you money by Martine Ehrenclou
Many generic medication prices are increasing. Some generics are the same price as the brand. My article explains why and how to save money with medic...
Social Hygiene by David Arthur Walters
Havelock Ellis along with several liberal lady friends led the popular mode of the sexual liberation ...
Social Media May Be Hazardous to Your Health by Beverly Mahone
My doctor says spending hours at a time at a computer can create havoc on the body....
Social Values and the Health System by Sam Vaknin
We should distinguish social and cultural values from economic and operational values. Efficiency, for instance, is an economic-operational value, not...
Solitaire by Patrick Kennedy
Solitaire is usually defined as single-player games of concentration and skill using a laid out deck of cards. But being a senior citizen can bring an...
Somali Community Access Network- SomaliCan by Jibril Mohamed
Somali Community Access Network - SomaliCAN is a 501 (C) (3) Community based nonprofit corporation that provides community development services, behav...
Some Important Information About the Cancer Disease by eugene geminiano
This article contains information about the dreaded illness, that is the, cancer and its different forms....
Some Thoughts on Diabetes Mellitus by Joseph Juliano MD
. By Joseph Juliano, M.D....
Someone asked me how does it feel to live with Lupus (SLE)? by Denise Contreras
I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004. I was in remission for two years that was in 2010 and since 2012 Lupus has been active again. That seems to be the...
Sometimes A Nap Is In Order by Chris Tatevosian
Sometimes A Nap Is In Order By Chris Tatevosian How important is it to get eight hours of sleep, you ask? When you're dealing with chro...
SorryTo All My Den Friends by Felix Perry
Soul Retrieval - a traditional healing practice. by Howard Charing
Soul Retrieval, an ancient body of practices which can restore well being and healing transformation....
Sound Heals by Keith Varnum
Music medicine soothes the soul and heals the body. Researchers throughout the world are reporting intriguing new ways about how sound vibration heals...
Sound Therapy by Darlene Zagata
Studies show that certain sounds can increase stress levels but sound therapy can help alleviate stress and treat illness by using sounds that calm an...
Soy vs. Paraffin Candles Ė The Great Debate by Stephanie Davies
You may have heard stories recently about the benefits of soy wax, or about how paraffin wax is unhealthy or not good for you. In this article we will...
Special Steering For Handicapped Hands by Linda Meckler
Is it hard for you to turn the steering wheel of your car? Do you have arthritis or tendonitis? Do you actually need assistance sometimes to make a U ...
Specific Needs by Suzie Palmer
Sent to a local newspaper... sharing the housing quandries facing many people. Thanks for reading....Love to Everyone xoxo :-D ~...
Spell Stressed Backwards and You Get Desserts by Barbara Mitchell
April is Stress Awareness Month. Let's face it. We are all going to face some stress in our lives. Although not all stress is bad. A new home, jo...
Spirit by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
People who survive impossible situations have called upon this energy to keep their bodies functioning long after they should have perished. ...
Spiritual Experience Seized? by Leland Waldrip
Recent work in the field of brain studies has revealed that physical stimulus of particular regions of the brain can induce feelings of deep spiritual...
Spiritual Strength & Conditioning by DeBorrah Ogans
Did you know that many universities and colleges employ a strength and conditioning coach to train their athletes? Their responsibilities include pro...
Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body and Spirit: To a More Vibrant You by Barbara Mitchell
Wasn't this a cold snowy winter? I for one am ecstatic that spring is in the air. I can finally open my doors and windows. Let in the fresh air. A...
Springtime is almost here. Enjoy Video & Poems by Joyce White
Winter is almost over. Time for new birth, spring, and enjoying Mother Nature! Enjoy poems and video. ...
St. Jude Children's Hospital (Partners In Hope) by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
HAVE YOU MADE YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION, YET? For just $19 dollars a month, you can help these tiny tots to have a better life! As Bill Co...
State-To-State Health Departments Are Prepared For Terrorist Biological Events by Victoria Murray
Since 9/11/01, our nation faces a new world. The Health Departments in our country has been very busy, thinking on an even larger scale and updating ...
Stay Healthy -- Use A Personal Trainer by Stephen Lodge
A visit to a Palm Desert Personal Training gym...
Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling by Norm Goldman
If you are planning on traveling and want to know how to stay healthy, you may want to read an interview between Norm Goldman, Editor of Bookpleasures...
Stem Cell Research Breakthrough by D. Arant
Scott comments on stem cell research as well as his spiritual partners with information that can help all human beings....
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Featured Book
Walking the World: Memories and Adventures
by Alan Cook

Named one of the Top 10 Walking Memoirs and Tales of Long Walks, by ďAs Tolkien said, not all who wander are lost. Alan Cook is a walker who is alwa..  
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Featured Book
Mom's Story, A Child Learns About MS
by Mary Nickum

Momís Story; A Child Learns About MS tells the story of a young girl who sees her mother with some frightening health problems and learns she has MS but she will not die ..  
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