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Sept 11, 2001
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eMaya, on Climate Control, How to stop Global Warming
by Dilip Dahanukar

Can reduction of greenhouse gases lead to FAMINE? Can we do without Nuclear Power? Can land sustain increasing population? Are we all doomed? You will find the answers in..  
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Domestic Building Surveys
by Andrew Williams

This is a practical guide showing how to undertake a domestic building survey. The text describes the practical aspects of surveying with a full description of the author..  
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The Protocol Officer Handbook (unavailable)
by Delma Luben

Rules and regulations for military protocol itineraries, entertainment, and ceremonies. ..  
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25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

Another Dose on 'Bourgeois Press' by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Rmember what I wrote on the newspapers we read quite sometime ago? You can call it a project in marketing.......
Anti-American? by Cynth'ya
Click 'Behind the Scenes' and judge for yourself....
Aphorism to Assignment - Fabulous Writing And Assessment Prompts by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these suggestions to build your writing engagement activities....
Appreciative Inquiry: A Significant Tool for Effective Parent Coaching by Gloria DeGaetano
Learn about Appreciative Inquiry (AI), which has been researched and used successfully in corporations, community organizations, and in some school se...
Are Our Educators and Administrators Smart Enough to Teach Our Children? by Cheryl Donovan
Standardized testing; How can one standardize an education. Even the teachers have trouble passing these types of tests....
Are You a Conservative? by Edward Phillips
One of the purest objectives of education is to bring society to a higher state of enlightenment....
Are You in The Mood? by Dana Reed
Too many of today's writers don't pay heed....
Arizona Literacy by Mary Lacey, Desertrat
This is written by a teacher, my husband, Vince, and his concern for education in Arizona, the second poorest state in the Union....
Article about Prophet Yahya Agron Belica/John the Baptist Reintroduced by Abdul Alim
الكاتب ويدخل النبي يحيى ب...
As Modern Daze Carz Death (Caskets)Traps... by - - - - - TRASK
Read My Poem Later In Week Re Literary Criticism On This Same Modern Daze Carz......
Assessing the Assessor. by Sally Odgers
Assessing the Assessor....
Assessment Issues in the Underrepresented Student Community by Mark Rockeymoore
This article explores some of the issues pertaining to the relationship between K-12 standards and assessment as they pertain to minority student achi...
Astrological Prediction to Beauty Tip - Writing And Assessment Prompts by Meggin McIntosh
Consider these suggestions for your classroom writing period....
At The Water Cooler of Learning (attached) by David Grebow
Why our addiction to formal training is only 20% of the solution when people are trying to learn to do something new (article attached as pdf file)....
Author hired as writer in residence by Jodi Thomas
WTAMU has hired Jodi Thomas, a nationally recognized author, to be it's first writer in residence since 1975. ...
Author School Visits - Part 1 by CJ Heck
Always plan ahead ... ...
Author School Visits - Part 2 by CJ Heck
... for schools. ...
Author Yolanda Gaston & the Healing Through Literacy Workshop by Yolanda Gaston
Jan 3, 2011 Press Release: Author Yolanda Gaston Will Conduct "Healing Through Literacy" Workshop at Virgil Grissom Library......
Author's Assistants by Yvonne Perry
WITS team members Sarah Moore and Mindy Schwartz are our author's assistants. Together, they help authors get their books in front of a wider audience...
Authors Share Book Marketing Expertise by Dana Reed
Courtesy of Maureen McMahon, Co-Owner of Books We Love, located at
Authors: Don't Roast Weenies Over Your Books by Scott Zachary
Defamation in fictional writing....
Autism teaching| Reading schools| Improving reading comprehension by Lindamood Bell
Lindamood-Bell® Professional Development offers workshops for educators, and also provides a comprehensive school/district-wide model to develop langu...
Avoid the Circus like Atmosphere: A Discussion on the Benefits of Servant L by Rande Matteson, CFE, CHN, Ph.D.
Avoid the Circus like Atmosphere: A Discussion on the Benefits of Servant Leadership in Corrections. ...
Awareness by Robb Hill
It has been through years of trial and error that I have learned to learn those things that I did not know about myself....
Back to School---or School For First-Timers by Sandra Graham
Going back to school for first-timers can be as tramatic for parents and grandparents as for the little ones....
Backward Doctors by Cynth'ya
What's so wrong with our country where we applaud people who have a title but are in debt spiritually and financially? What's up with weighing ego a...
Basic Marketing Tips for Newbies by Joyce White
Most of us believe the first and foremost marketing advantage is maintaining our own Web site....
Basic Marketing Tips for Newbies by Joyce White
We need to keep in mind, the more traffic we can pull in to our web, the more opportunities we will get for sales and affiliate revenue! Nevertheless,...
Beating Writer's Block by John DeDakis
Some Suggestions ...
Because Of Sarah no H by
A fictional story about how a little girl changed a teachers life, and the lives of others. ...
Becoming Respectable by Lloyd Lofthouse
In the world of Self-Publishing...
Becoming the Element of Earth by Patricia Della-Piana
You must understand the elements completely before you can effectively work with them for magical purposes. ...
Becoming the Element of Fire by Patricia Della-Piana
You must fully understand the elements before you can work with them magically....
Being Different, Being Gifted by Karen Lowry
The impairments of ADHD throughout each grade level....
Being Metaphor: A Metacognitive Strategy Part I by MaryAngela Nangini
From Attribute Listening/Listing to Analogy to "Being Metaphor" is a metacognitive strategy that helps to develop human potential and to harness and t...
Being Metaphor: A Metacognitive Strategy Part II by MaryAngela Nangini
Being Metaphor incorporates efficacies of other models for transformative learning...
Benefits of Creating an e-Book by Karen Cioffi
You know . . . an easy way to turn your knowledge into possible income is to create a booklet or e-book. Obviously, an e-book, if you use sources such...
Best Back to School Behavior Control Ideas Ever by Ruth Wells
Back to school doesn't have to mean back to behavior problems. This article explains how to have a better school year from the first day of school....
Best Ways to Reduce Stress by Laura Hageman
Article addresses ways to reduce stress. Click on link to read full article....
Better Characters: Dressing from the Outside In by Shannah Biondine
An informative look at character development...
Beyond What You See by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Perhaps my greatest lesson came from a young girl I never got to me, but I read her story everytime I walked into the adap...
Bio Terrorism is For Real by Narendar Singh
This article deals with bio threat in the South asian Regiopn...
Biotechnological Approaches in the production of rosmarinic acid by Onyeche Onyeka
Abstract Rosmarinic acid, an important phenolic compound, is commonly found in species of the Boraginaceae and the subfamily Neptoideae of the La...
Birds in the Birdcage by Lorri Proctor
The Allied Front in Salonika in WW1...
Bishop's 17th Annual Respect Life Rally by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Summary of the Bishop's 17th Annual Respect Life Rally - Deidre A. McQuade's talk entitled, "Imitating Jesus in Pro-Life Conversations." ...
Bizarre Plots by Dana Reed
How to outthink TV script writers....
Blaming Your Troubles On Others Is Disempowering! by Daniel Blanchard
This article empowers all of us to take charge of our own lives....
Blogging about abuse and domestic violence by Zada Connaway
Be sure to visit to read my comments on abuse and domestic violence. There will be more to come, as I freq...
Bloomington Indiana Welcomes America's Columnists by Cynthia Borris
Join us in Bloomington... ...
Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Virginia Allum
Teachers may find that using a current or interesting medical disorder is a great way to recycle medical language and stimulate discussion. BDD gives ...
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Featured Book
How To Learn
by Will Clark

A how-to-learn study guide for parents, teachers and students...  
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Geotechnics for Track Engineers
by Dave Brooks

A comprehensive guide to geotechnical engineering for railway track engineers...  
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