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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The ART of Grandparenting
by Valerie

From pot holes to hugs, The Art of Grandparenting confirms grandparent status is our golden sign that we have completed the “cycle of creation.” Filled with personal stor..  
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Featured Book
The Shadows of Nikki
by Christine Patterson

"The Shadows of Nikki" is based on a true story of child abuse. The reviews are in. The book has been republished by a new editor as of October 26, 2014...  
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Featured Book
Mother and Us 2nd Editions
by Kathryn Carrington

Sometimes growing up in disfunction is difficult, but even God has a since of humor, when lessons are to learn for the betterment of SOUL...  
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25 Most Recent Family Articles

Baby Adoption - As Baby Grows Up by Laurie Frisch
As an adopted baby grows up, questions will arise. Who is my mother? Why didn't you help my mother keep me? ...
Baby Boomers – Take a look! by L.M. Richard
My Personal BABYBOOMER RETIREMENT Book You don’t need to be retired to take advantage of this book. You can start using this book today-retired ...
Baby Boomers: Choose to Make a Positive Change in Your Life by L.M. Richard
I am truly amazed at how good I feel almost every day and I’m 50 years old! Remember how you felt about 50 year old people when you were 15? Hmm! D...
Baby Nicholas, mother unknown by Vena McGrath
How would you handle finding an infant's body amongst rubbish being sorted at a rubbish tip?...
Baby ultrasound scrapbook ideas by Tracy Ballisager
A baby ultrasound scrapbook can remind them of the journey they have covered. From the womb to the world it is a long journey. A baby ultrasound scr...
Back To The Basics, Support America by Ron Spangler
The threat facing America this Xmas is simply too great....
Back to the Bradshaws by Julie Leek
Geneological research has become a popular hobby today, but most confine their interest to their own families. What would motivate a stranger to keep ...
Bad Impressions- Child sexual abuse by Denise Edwards
Sexual abuse is not always violent. more often than not, it is seduction. That's why children don't tell. This is a reality. We must be very careful...
Bad Things Happen to Good People! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
I don't know if anyone has ever been promised a rose garden! I don't know if anyone has a crystal ball, to forecast the future, etc. Some things h...
Bader Field Future by Carl David
Bader Field again being considered for development...
Statue of Liberty National Monument Emma Lazarus’ Famous Poem A poem by Emma Lazarus is graven on a tablet within the pedes...
Barely Coherent Rambling by David Ray
Someting or another about American societal evolution...
Battle of theBooks: Advocating Literacy by Jennifer Leese
Articles written for the Picket News ...
Be prepared for endless frustrations when dealing with CRA's! by Denise Richardson
The big three Credit reporting agencies continue to challenge our patience when trying to correct errors or fraudulent information contaminating our o...
Be Someone Special: Put a little "Magic" into a Child's Life by Jennifer Leese
Articles written for the Picket News ...
Beginnings. by Thomas Miles
A brief look into my childhood...
Being Single - Again by Mileah Shore
Adjusting is not an easy task....
Betrayal of Trust by Debora Hill
This is one of the columns I wrote when I was writing about elderly care for Access Life....
Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Triumph Over Suicide and Mental Illness by Jerry Pollock
Bipolar Disorder can destroy lives. The disease almost took mine except for my wife Marcia receiving Divine intervention....
Blame it on the Devil! by Mortimer Mgillicuddy
A true story of a child and the devil, when the devil catches the blame for being the thief he truly is....
Blessed With Two Mother's by Laura Fall
I sadly lost A Mother Sunday Febuary 6- 2011 ...
Bloody Family Feuds by Linda Meckler
Do you have a family member feuding with other family members? Are you uncomfortable at family gatherings? Do you hold a grudge for years? Do you thi...
BOOK REVIEW: Power of One (The) by m j hollingshead
Written in first person...
Book: Wondrous Creatures ( Child's Picture Book)(The Ant and The Bee) G by J MC
Wondrous Creatures: The Ant and The Bee with added Bonus Poems and Questions and Answers. Fun children's Picture Book.Plus Poems and Rh...
Books Of Your Desire And Thirst Of Reading by Smith jone
Buying online books with WalMart Promo Code can help you save money and buy some more books with the extra money saved....
Boomer Advice for the Golden Years by Marcia Ripperger
As you enter your golden years, you may find yourself giving advice to your children and grandchildren. However, you may also find yourself seeking so...
Boomers Caring for Aging Parents by Marcia Ripperger
As your parents age, it may be necessary for you to begin to assume the role of caregiver. As you begin assuming a helping role in your parents’ lives...
Boomers delaying retirement, studies find.. by Karen Palumbo
Some work longer by choice, but many can't afford to quit........
Boomers in the Burbs by Beverly Mahone
What is interesting to me is the fact that these towns are all an arm’s throw away from a major city where crime runs rampid --yet they manage to stay...
Born to Raze Hell by Aubrey Hammack
Bounder Blues by David Taylor
First Time out with our new to us Bounder...
Breakdown of the Family by Holly Ferguson
Growing up in a single parent home can be frustrating for both the parents and the children. For many years, the enemy has used the breakdown of the f...
Breaking News! It's all relative. by Karen Harrington
It's true. We're all related....
Breathing deeply by Kornelia Rebel
How to cope with unpleasant visitors???...
Breathing Easier: Doing our Share by Jennifer Leese
Articles written for the Picket News ...
Bringing a Bit of Sunshine Into Recession Cooking by Arleen Kaptur
With more people cooking and eating at home, it does not have to be boring or the "same old thing." It may take a bit of extra work, but it is well wo...
broken miRRor by Cynth'ya
70,000 families and more. Hedge fund experts know how to keep money that's not even theirs to begin the tune of multi-billions! (The 2 capi...
Broken Vessels-Tribute to a Family by Bernice Camp
In loving memory of my Mother, without her this book would not have been written. To my sisters, for their un-ending love and caring they’ve given...
Budget Q&A: Answers to Your Questions about Making a Budget by Julie Zorgo
Making a budget and sticking to it is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. It’s not that hard, and the benefits are tremendous....
Budgeting on a Low Income by Laraine Barker
If you have to cope on a low income, you MUST work to a budget--a very tight one!...
Bushfire! by Olita Williams
True events of the recent fire storms in Tasmania....
Bushfires rage across Victoria, Australia by Vena McGrath
As the heatwave conditions continue down the East Coast of Australia and into South Australia, bushfires rage through Victoria....
Busy mother of four finds time to publish poetry by Lorena Evans
Parenting, at-home parents, writing...
But Daddy by Walt Hardester
Good thing.............
Butt Birds and Other Grandmonkey Quotes by Karen Weaver
Grandchildren are fun people you borrow, spoil, and return to their owners. They love you unconditionally. And they are endless sources of inspiration...
California Earthquakes: Pet Care Tips by Diana Guerrero
Earthquakes have some California residents rattled. Animal disaster preparedness expert and author Diana L. Guerrero states that worries over addition...
California Fires ......... Molly's Weep by m j hollingshead
worrisome days...
Calls from College by Beth Elaine
When the phone rings, a parent never knows what to expect......
Camping and Horse Back Riding by Linda Meckler
When my children were young my husband and I purchased a membership in a real live cattle ranch in the mountains which had been re-created into a camp...
Camping Weekend by Katryn Dougherty
Where we can find some inspiration....
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Family Articles
  1. A Last Letter from Dear Old Dad
  3. Back to the Bradshaws
  4. Alzyisms - Part 6
  5. Words Fail Me: The Harrowing Life of Careg
  6. Alzyism's Part 5
  7. It's Coming, It's ready, It's Here!
  8. Grandfather's Ramblings / Comentarios del
  9. A few thoughts on Christmas
  10. Alzyisms Part 7 - Partial Reconciliation
  11. But Daddy
  13. Family Heartbreak
  14. All in a day's work!
  15. Is your Facebook Friend a Digital Criminal
  16. Cats are Smarter than you Know.
  17. The Women In Our Lives
  18. You are for Sale; Underground Chat Rooms S
  20. Family

Featured Book
by Helen Vandepeer

A christmas story for children of all ages that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.Easy large print..  
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Featured Book
¿Recuerdas en tus sueños?
by alex canton-dutari

La tercera novela corta de Alex Cantón-Dutari recoge recuerdos ancestrales y los entrelaza a través de la fantasía. El lector podría sentir la necesidad de perpetuar sus..  
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