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Sept 11, 2001
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Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age
by Beverly Mahone

Whatever! is an inspirational and humorous look at growing older through the eyes of a self-proclaimed diva and baby boomer. Topics include weight gain and menopause, mi..  
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Idiots and Children
by Diana Estill

Family and observational humor from award-winning author Diana Estill...  
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Peace on Earth
by Paddy Bostock

Peace on earth? Don't bet on it...  
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25 Most Recent Humor Articles

All Those Clothes by Patrick Kennedy
Look at your closet, it is filled from end to end and top to bottom Ö There is a theory that if you havenít worn an item in a year, and youíre not wil...
Alle's Southern Sunday by Alle Wells
A Southern Christmas Dinner...
Allergy Capital of the World by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
If you're allergic to something, it's more than likely you live in North Central Texas....
AM I OLD YET?? by Barbara Sue
A little something that a lot of us know and can identify with.....
Ambush in the Iceplant II by David Taylor
Part Two...
Amelia, the mosquito, the fly and the flu bug by Thomas Garrett
It's amazing how literally children sometimes take what they hear. This was written a few years back, but is still fairly current, ...
American Oddities - Life In The USA In A German's View by Wilfried Voss
I will take the liberty of addressing some American oddities that, despite a twenty-two-year involvement, linger in my mind. First of all, though, let...
American Politics for Dummies by William Neven
First of all, Jay Leno and David Letterman do not report the nightly news!...
Among lawn plants, I'm an ax murderer by Thomas Garrett
Shrubs cringe when they see me coming....
An Apple a Day by Tom Hyland
Ever get what you thought was a really great idea for a piece, start writing it... then totally FORGET what the real gist was? I JUST DID! ...
An Elephant Story by Mark Lichterman
Careful here. Don't want anyone dieing laughing....
An Interview with Ann Coulter by Dennis Coleman
I am a mere writer, in search of a juicy quote....
An Interview with Author Dan Marvin (Briefs from the Reading Room) by Frank Mundo
Funny interview and review of Dan Marvin's unusual book....
An Invitation to the White House by Andrew Rafalski
A BYOM party...
An Ode to Ozone Depletion by S. Michael Wilson
In which the author waxes poetic about the joys of global warming....
An Old Crabb by D. Kelly
My pool boy Sven....
Anal Bomb by Mark Lichterman
No one listening to the rambling of the suspect, the six cops hunched behind their squad cars, the three other members of the bomb squad hunched behin...
Analog TV by George Albitz
Past history...gone into oblivion...never to be seen again....
And They Had a Pool Party ( Laughter From a Child) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
She asked one little girl why Jesus had turned the water into wine, and her explanation made me laugh. ...
Angels In the Heater Vent (Humor From A Childs Heart) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
after we had finished the lesson, we could not for the life of us figure out what Mikey was doing talking into the heater vent...
Annoying Hiccups; Hiccup; Hiccup; Hiccup... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
HUMOR is a big part of the holiday season...HO...HO...HO. HUMOR is also good for everyone the year around...HA...HA...HA... In the year 201...
Another email from my brother by Paul Kogel
Just another funny email from my brother....
Apocalypse North by Ian Thorpe
The north of England is a different country - and that's the way we northerers like it. American readers will not get all the jokes here but I am sure...
Appalachian Adventures and Diversions by Maggie Bishop
A sarcastic list of unusual diversions in the mountains....
Are things out of hand in public schools? by Dennis Coleman
Is it just me?...
Are We Suffering From Terminal Seriousness? Joke/Week by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
CLEAN HUMOR SITE; ARE WE SUFFERING FROM TERMINAL SERIOUSNESS? Laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you! I've been in the humor business ...
Are You A Baby Boomer? by Suzanne Flaig
Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. I was born in 1946....
Are You a Closet Contest Enterer? by Tom Garrison
Are you one of those? You know, a person who partakes in that guilty pleasureóa contest enterer? ...
Are You a Collector? by Patrick Kennedy
Look around you. Do you need everything you see in your residence? Or are you a packrat collector of things. One personís junk is another personís tre...
Are you made of the Right Stuff? by George Fripley
All the questions you should ask yourself before you go into a political career....
Are You Smarter Than Your Kids? by Ian Thorpe
Could you sit todays examinations and do well?...
Arias and Aidas by Mel Hathorn
A true story about a disasterous wedding...
ARIZONANS SEE UFO! by George Albitz
NASA says it's a research balloon....
Art in the strangest of places by Karen Nivens
Art is all around us. Even when ordering take-out at a pizza place up at the bar....
Art Shows by Scott Haas
The events are real. Only the artists name is hidden to avoid the obvious embarrassment. ...
Arts/Etcetera by Doug Holder
An experience from the trenches of the small press....
Artwork and Real Life by Jackie (Micke) Jinks
...look to Public Building for artistry...
As a Manner of Speaking by Mary Terzian
Tall answers from short people...
ASBOlutely mad by Ian Thorpe
The international news is so bleak I have only been able to find very British items that I could squeeze a few laughs out of for the past couple of we...
Ask Marge--Today's Tips for the Do-It-Your-Selfharmer by Marjee Berry-Wellman
Not accident prone but want to be? You won't want to miss today's Q&A article....
Assinine Names by Cynth'ya
EM>I plead the fifth on this one /em>...
Astronaut Kidnapper by George Albitz
Ground Level Space News...
Attraction by Richard Rydon
Automated Madness by Allyn Evans
The Day I Disconnected. I screamed first! :)...
Baby and Noah by Sandi Pujari-Harrian
I'm certain that this gem has plenty of dangling participles and misspellings. I hate to edit, though I know I should. I just started to write on...
Back By Popular Demand: CORNY HUMOR! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
Go ahead admit love corny humor, don't you? ...
Back Pain: It's NOT FUN!! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I know a lot of you out there suffer from chronic pain. I know just how you feel; I have degenerative osteoarthritis, and I'm in pain 24/7......
Back the net, help everyone. Do you remember themestream or by David Taub
Digging up a previously written article from the days of Themestream and
Backyard Politicians by Jay Driskell
Politics as usual - in the birdbath....
Bad Day by Walt Hardester
I took this picture today....
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  19. Well, There's a Power Struggle
  20. Tickle Fingers

Featured Book
Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road
by Diana Estill

Fifty-five hilarious tales that'll make you want to keep your partner, claim your kin, and hug your dog...  
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Punk Slut
by Mark Sutton

If you enjoy a nice slice of raunch, combined with crushing disappointment, then 'Punk Slut' is just for you..  
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