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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Evolution in the Universe The Solar System and beyond
by David Hamilton

A book that offers a new theory of Solar System formation. Other articles describe further evolution in the universe...  
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Featured Book
by Frank Ryan

Our human genome is full of viruses with genetic sequences similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS. These viruses have played an important role in human ..  
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Featured Book
Heaven now in ruins
by Ernest Paquin

An extreme fallout followed by a great echo placed Heaven in ruins and disrupted the entire Universe...Perhaps the accident in the Garden of Eden triggered the Big Bang t..  
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All Science Articles

25 Most Recent Science Articles

Glover Edinam et al. Studies on Community-Based Forest Management in Ghana by Edinam Glover
Studies on community-based forest management in Ghana and other research activities at the Tropical Silviculture Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland...
Glover Edinam et al.'07.Operationalizing Sustainable Dev. in Legal Systems by Edinam Glover
Initially coined by the Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, the Principle of Sustainable Development acq...
Glover, Edinam K. & Hollo, Erkki J. 2008. COMLAND/IGU (1): 39. by Edinam Glover
Glover, E. K. and Hollo, E. J. 2008. Approaches to halt and reverse land degradation in Karai Location, Kenya. ...
Glover, Edinam K. 2009.Management of forest environments WAC 25: 210. by Edinam Glover
Glover, E. K. 2009. Management of forest environments and sustaining forest-dependent communities: Options for dryland Africa based on experiences fro...
Glover, Edinam K. 2010. Re-thinking Legal Transplants by Edinam Glover
Glover, Edinam K. 2010. Re-thinking Legal Transplants. ...
Glover, Edinam K. Selection of Drought-Tolerant Maize Varieties for Ghana by Edinam Glover
Selection of drought-tolerant maize varieties for Northern Ghana....
Glover, EK 2010. Combating Land Degradation through Participatory Approach by Edinam Glover
COMMSSION ON LAND DEGRADATION & DESERTIFICATION (COMLAND), ISRAEL. 2010. This paper provides a scientific analysis of approaches used in reh...
GNUBG: NNP DB Cheats Honestly by roy crabtree
Go visit for a great game that plays Backgammon like a wizard at world class levels. The developers are to be congratulat...
Gravity Waves in the Electromagnetic Field by John O'Sullivan
Gravity waves of the magnetic field are curved from mass of the electro field as general relativity....
Herbal Therapy for Skin Infections by Cindy Jones
Does your skin scratch or burn? You could have symptoms of common fungal infections. These superficial infections can be easily treated and prevented ...
Herbs That Really Work by Cindy Jones
Many people shy away from herbal treatment, waiting for them to be 'proven' therapies. What many people don't understand is that 'proof' can already b...
Holy numbers and Sacred Geometry come from… by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
Everyone should know where the numbers 666 and 144 and 13 come from....
How Curiosity got our groove back by Susan Smith
As Americans mourn the passing of Neil Armstrong, earlier in the month of August, NASA has breathed new life in the American spirit by the success of ...
How The Web Went World Wide by Peter Paton
How The Web Went World Wide ...
Human Flesh in the Production Line: The Inhuman Lifesaving Idea by John Orizon
Human Flesh in the Production Line: The Inhuman Lifesaving Idea...
If this were 1930, newly-discovered Sedna would be a planet. by William Neven
Reason being is because it is roughly the same size as our farthest "planet", Pluto, so - come on, Congress - support Bush's Space Exploration progra...
Immanuel Velikovsky by Maurice Williams
This brilliant man rocked the scientific community in 1950 with his "Worlds in Collision."...
Insidean atom: a journey into the Quantum World by David Hamilton
The author attempts to explore the mysterious quantum world....
Interview with Carl Zimmer by jamie hale
The following interview was conducted with Carl Zimmer science writer, Yale University Lecturer and author of The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evo...
Is Cause & Effect Obsolete? by Leonard Brunk
What does this mean if cause and effect is obsolete? ...
Is God just a part of the Evolution of Creation? by Joey Lawsin
If He exists, God did not create creation. Man created God. ...
Is Reality Just a Computer Simulation? by Allen Epling
Similarities between physical behavior at the quantum level, and computer programs, suggest maybe the universe is a running computer program....
Is there a doctor in House by roy crabtree
Oftimes questions seem to resolve quite plainly; but at times even the best experts just get it wrong. Time and time again....
Is There Life out There? by Benjamin Plybon
Most scientists believe life exists on other planets somewhere out there but their searches over the past 50 years have produced no trace. I believe t...
Is This a Purpose-Driven Universe? by Edward Phillips
it is about a disease of bones called oesteoporosis by S Riz
Can milk fulfil calcium demand of your body??? ...
It's a big universe after all by William Neven
Washington sets sights on round-trip tickets in the solar system...
Jittery journey of jatropha by Sanjib Chaudhary
Biofuels can be an alternative to the fossil fuels. Farmers in Nepal have started planting jatropha, one of the promising biofuel sources....
Kalame, FB, Luukkanen, O, Elsiddig, EA, Glover Edinam.Forest Utilization... by Edinam Glover
Forest utilization and management in Kosti Province, Sudan by smallholder farmers. ...
Lemon Grass: May Help Prevent Cancer by Cindy Jones
We are now finding out that many herbs and food components are important in our diet to promote health and prevent cancer....
Lichens, Beautiful Symbionts by Kevin Fitzgerald
Lichens are symbionts of at least two different organisms. Think lichens are boring? Read on ......
Lies and Bigfoot by Linda Newton Perry
Linda Newton-Perry's Newspaper Column, "A Matter of Time!"...
Life on Earth: Is This a Dumbed-Down Existence? by Edward Phillips
The case for a better life…somewhere....
Lifeblogging by Dan Ronco
How would you like total memory recall?...
Linguistic, psychological, and cognitive sciences:architecture:metaphors by Barie Fez-Barringten
Communication between disciplines is facilitated by metaphors, in general; and metaphoric axioms directed at facilitating multidiscipline communicatio...
Louisiana State Bird--The Brown Pelican by Shannon Farlouis
The Louisiana stste bird is the brown pelican. It is no longer an endangered species....
Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich by Sam Vaknin
No one dared challenge Lysenko until 1964 - 9 years after Stalin died - even when he claimed, between 1948 and 1953, that wheat plants can produce see...
Machine Olfaction Device (MOD) Sensors (Part Three) by Najib Altawell
The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM/QMB) is an extremely sensitive mass sensor, capable of measuring mass changes in the nanogram range. QCMs are pie...
Machine Olfaction Device (MOD) Sensors (Part Two) by Najib Altawell
Polymers can be used for many devices combining unique optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Conducting polymers can be used for optical eff...
Managing Oral Mucositis by Frank Whyte
Oral Mucositis is a troubling disorder for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, primarily for head and neck cancers. This arti...
Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow by Michelle Pillow
Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow (Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
Mars Wonderings and Wanderings by Michael Mennenga
Destination Mars...????...
MARS! by Susan de Vegter
The Red Planet is about to be spectacular!...
Mass Extinction by Franz Kessler
A super-populated planet earth will suffer from severe ecologic problems. But this isn't the whole story... The author has a master's, PH...
Mathematics: The Language of Numbers by Willie Maartens
Do you talk the talk? Do you understand the semantics of mathematics? ...
Maximum Parallelism: Order Without Sequence by roy crabtree
WIP: Work In Progress. Do we need quantum unit computers to speed things up? Nope. The local ones networked together ar...
Measuring the world by Smoot by Warwick Cairns
A weird way of measuring things...
Memes: Virus-Like Traits Pass from One Human Mind to the Next by Donna Quesinberry
An earlier article on Memes~...
Memories Are Made Of This by Willie Maartens
Does water have memory?...
Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan
This is the prologue to my forthcoming book, The Mystery of Metamorphosis: A Scientific Detective Puzzle. Note two free chapters available from www.f...
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Science Articles
  1. Predicate of Reality: Wheeler's Paradox Co
  2. The Pale Blue Dot
  3. Einstein and Bohr were men of faith
  4. Phobos-Grunt Re-entry
  5. Is This a Purpose-Driven Universe?
  6. The Speed of Light
  7. Universe in a Glass of Wine
  8. Life on Earth: Is This a Dumbed-Down Exist
  9. New Science Perspectives on Ghosts and Oth
  10. China and the Barbarians
  11. Finding The Fourth Dimension
  12. My Thoughts About Reality and Fantasy
  13. The Pi Day of the Century
  14. The Cylons Cometh: Human-Machine Hybrids a
  15. Casting Light on Dark Matter
  16. ET Where Are You?
  17. But Who's Going To Clean The Toilets?
  18. From Galileo to Apollo
  19. Water
  20. What Does Skin Do?

Featured Book
Darwin's Blind Spot
by Frank Ryan

A different way of looking at evolution, now increasingly espoused in leading scientific journals, universities and presentations...  
BookAds by Silver
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Featured Book
Darwin's Blind Spot
by Frank Ryan

A different way of looking at evolution, now increasingly espoused in leading scientific journals, universities and presentations...  
BookAds by Silver
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