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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Ni'il: Waking Turtle
by James Boyle

Chief Dan Connor and Stephanie return in the third volume of The Ni'il Trilogy. This time though, the entire universe could depend on them. Can they keep Turtle from waki..  
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Featured Book
The Dragon and The Rose - Part 2: The Confrontation
by Diane Hundertmark

Richard has faced the "Turning Point" in his life, but it is yet to be seen if he will survive the "confrontations" to come. The reason for the PG rating is the same as f..  
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Featured Book
The Wizard and the Warlord (The Wardstone Trilogy Book Three
by M. R. Mathias

The Wizard and the Warlord - The Wardstone Trilogy-Book III** is the gripping conclusion to the epic fantasy trilogy that M. R. Mathias wrote in a Texas prison. This comp..  
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25 Most Recent Fantasy Articles

Insanity Resides on Facebook by Hannah Nkunga
When Facebook invades the mind and wrecks the soul... Here is how Mandy Fish found herself with a rare type of insanity called the Facebook psycho...
Inside or Out by Vanessa Kittle
A few thoughts on the 2 basic types of fantasy story...
Interview by David Page
An interview by
Interview for "The Anvil Stone" author Kathleen Cunningham Guler by Irene Watson
The Anvil Stone brings the volatile tribal nature of Dark Age Britain to life and deftly interweaves it with its mystical Celtic roots and the promise...
Interview JustGhostories - D. S. Dollman by Mary Cunningham
Interview with renowned Ghost Story author, D. S. Dollman...
Interview Michael K. Bialys,The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1 The Novus by Irene Watson
Michael Bialys' fantasy novel "The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1, The Novus" is an extraordinary coming-of-age tale featuring Makenna, a normal 12...
Interview of C. Newcorn, author Crossover: Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree by Irene Watson
In the land of Féyree, Fey folk aren't just born with wings. As young sprytes, they must grow, learn and survive a series of nine increasingly dangero...
Interview of Paul Feld, author of "Sailing Through Life" by Irene Watson
A delightful, poignant, at times sad yet overall positive story of a boy and his mentor, a retired sea captain. The relationship creates an adventure...
Interview with Brian R. Hill, author of "The Shintae" by Irene Watson
After recoveing The Shintae, an ancient relic of mystical properties, the Maraen warrior Kaer is surprised by the enemy and left for dead. Surviving ...
Interview with C.S. Marks, author of Elfhunter by Irene Watson
C.S. Marks skillfully fills the fantasy genre's female protagonist void with the dynamic duo of Gaelen and Nelwyn, cousin wood-elven hunter-scouts, t...
Interview with Chariss K. Walker by Chariss Walker
An Interview with Chariss K. Walker as she talks about her new dark urban fantasy book, Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)...
Interview with Debra Killeen, author of Legacy of the Archbishop by Irene Watson
"Legacy of the Archbishop" is the fascinating third volume in Debra Killeen's "Myrridian Cycle." Killeen thrills readers again with all the adventure ...
Interview with Drew Silver, author of The Vampire Within: The Beginning by Irene Watson
“The Vampire Within” is a well written vampire tale. It is the first book in a trilogy. Students are approached by a research scientist to participa...
Interview with E. A. Rappaport, author of The Legacy of Ogma: Book One by Irene Watson
“Dungeons and Dragons” and” Lord of the Rings” fans looking past Harry Potter for their next good read are in luck. Sorcery, swords and monsters abou...
Interview with fantasy author, Jon Sprunk by Kimberly Bennett
Please stop by my new website and read my interview of fantasy author Jon Sprunk. Jon touches on his past and future writing projects....
Interview with Jayel Gibson, author of Quondam: An Ancient Mirror's Tale by Irene Watson
A dragon spawn is derided by those around him, but one woman, Cwen, comes to love him. Will he choose to love her, or will he choose to be a dragon? W...
Interview with John H. Baillie, author of Midnight's Delight by Irene Watson
Jacob Fincowicz didn’t like his name. So he changed it to Jason Midnight – which he doesn’t like any better – and became a Private Investigator. But n...
Interview with Jon Fischer, author of The Creature of the Wildcard by Irene Watson
I have never read a fantasy as unusual as “The Creature of the Wildcard.” It is a cross between a metaphysical philosophical book and a fantasy novel...
Interview with Maria Lucia, author of Liberation: Bk 1 Andrusian Chronicles by Irene Watson
Amora Madre has just experienced the shock of her life. Not only has she learned that her childhood imaginary friends are real, but they are not human...
Interview with Michael Parziale, author of "Twilight of the Past" by Irene Watson
"Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time" a new Sci-fi fantasy novel revolves around Newl Rift as he attempts to unravel the truth about a mysterious war...
Interview with Michelle D. Starr, author of Inoculation Eternity by Irene Watson
Before humankind ever existed there was Eternity, a place with no time, no sickness and no war. Then suddenly life as all it's inhabitants...
Interview with Nick Ruth, author of The Dark Dreamweaver by Irene Watson
Travel beyond the realm of consciousness to the magical world of Remin, an enchanting land controlled by wizards and powered by dreams, with Nick Ruth...
Interview with Robert D. Berger, of The Divine Theory of Everything Bk 1 by Irene Watson
Was the Universe, and our own Earth, created in just seven days? Did man evolve, or spring to life fully grown and sentient? Questions abound, and it ...
Interview with Sean P. Griffin, author of Animalkind by Irene Watson
When Thane, son of the Vegan King, experiences debilitating headaches, he soon finds himself undergoing a metamorphosis that ultimately culminates in ...
Introduction to Fairy Tales by JC Pinkerton
What child doesn't love fairy tales? These magical stories can take us to worlds far beyond our imagination. Fairy Tales are a delight to read n...
Introduction to the novel SONG OF THE UNICORN by Paul Ward
An author's journey begins.......
Invincible by D.L. Carroll
Invincible ...
Is Narnia a Christian Allegory? by Jacob Schriftman
The new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, is coming out this week and is sure to attract new readers to C. S. Lewis’ books. This is a fitting opportunity ...
Island of Darkness ....... Molly's Reviews by m j hollingshead
The reader is moved along from action to action, situation to situation as dogged characters remain focused upon their goal. ...
Jim Butcher Shares First Chapter of Bestselling Book Changes by Frank Mundo
Bestselling author Jim Butcher Shares the first chapter of Changes, the latest installment of his hit urban noir fantasy Dresden Files Series, on my s...
Keep the Shine by Sherri Godsey
A Dragon speaks on the 'Shine' that gleams from Dragon scales and the human heart......
KEYED IN by Stefania H
The frozen river recaptures an episode of a time she lost Shane....
Kindle Save Me from the Dark, Lonely Abyss that is Writing by Neil Ostroff
Blogging about my experience putting together and selling an e-book...
L.C. Martin's Author's Spotlight by L.C. Martin
Jeanine Berry is a 2003 Eppie finalist and 2004 Eppie winner. And she's the author of The Secret Sky, which is one of three books in her fantasy seri...
La vecina del décimonoveno by Moisés Morán Vega
Se pueden hacer muchas cosas en un ascensor....
Legacy of the Archbishop by Debra Killeen: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Legacy of the Archbishop" is the fascinating third volume in Debra Killeen's "Myrridian Cycle." Killeen thrills readers again with all the adventure ...
Leprechaun Shenanigans! by Karen Michelle Nutt
If you’re walking along a wooded path on a moonlit night in spring and hear the tapping of a tiny hammer, you might be lucky to catch a glimpse of an ...
Less Is More by Daniel Arenson
Writing tips by Daniel Arenson, author of the fantasy novel FIREFLY ISLAND....
Let there be Dragons by Karen Cole
Well, once upon a time there were people, according to the intellectuals. They said, “If there was not a God, we would be forced to invent one.” ...
Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles, Maria Lucia: Book Review by Irene Watson
Amora Madre has just experienced the shock of her life. Not only has she learned that her childhood imaginary friends are real, but they are not human...
Liz 4 Prez by Tom Hyland
The following is a copy of an email I sent to EL-T today, after reading one of her recent blogs. When I sent it, I asked for her opinion and if it wou...
Local news paper by D.C. Mac
Local news paper does story on book...
Love of maths turns to words by Martyn Croft
Article from the Thanet Gazette, Nov 2008...
M R Mathias is the Author of The Confliction–The Dragoneer Saga Book III by William Potter
Hold on to your dragon! You’re about to journey through a brave new world of hearty survivors straight into a dragon riding, troll fighting adventure...
M. R. Mathias Announces The Release Of The Legend Of Vanx Malic Book Three by William Potter
Once again Mathias has created another exciting masterpiece of a novel with the familiar captivating style that we have grown to expect. A Top 500 Ama...
M. R. Mathias Releases The Wizard and the Warlord – The Wardstone Trilogy 3 by William Potter
The entire trilogy was written on notebook paper in a Texas prison cell with several hundred ink pens. It is a testament to one man’s desire to rehabi...
Making up names in books by David Burrows
Writing fantasy, it's sometimes difficult to come up with good names. I have a method that led me to some difficulties, but it sort of works, interest...
Meet Deborah Harkness Author of A Discovery of Witches by Frank Mundo
Read the First Chapter of her bestselling new book, A Discovery of Witches....
Didja ever play - "WHAT IF ?" Do you ever DREAM ? What IF - MONEY WAS NO OBJECT ? "Listen my children and you shall hear, ...
Men & Women by Herman Yenwo
Men tend to forget everything but women remember everything. Maybe this is why men need an instant replay in sports....
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Featured Book
The Third Peregrination
by Edward Patterson

Book Two of The Jade Owl Legacy Series..  
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Featured Book
The People's Treasure
by Edward Patterson

The People's Treasure is the fourth installment in The Jade Owl Legacy Series...  
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