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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
I Can't Stop Now - Part 1
by S D

Raw determination and perseverence in the face of every kind of abuse imaginable... but its a picture painted with humor, hope and waves of sensitivity, unfettered loyalt..  
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Featured Book
Making Changes
by Patricia Hilliard

Sick and tired of low pay and boring work, some women office workers decide its time for making changes...  
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Featured Book
Go To Liberty
by Patricia Hilliard

Go To Liberty tells how four women come together to defend their park. ..  
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25 Most Recent Women Articles

Further Education, Marriage or the Sex Industry? by Owen Jones
It sounds very sexist, and certainly very politically-incorrect, to refer to a girl's future with those three options, but in most developing countr...
ghostgirl by Marcia Roberts
My note to declare that I will not stop fighting to keep my kids safe and healthy!...
God's heavenly timepiece !~! by Paul Nipperess BMin Financial astrology was employed by many entrepreneurs, late in the 1900s a...
Goddess Shift, edited by Stephanie Marohn: Book Review by Irene Watson
Women are now in positions of power in every branch of government, business, and social organization. They are providing a new style of collaborative ...
Got Problems? Pretend You're a Character in a Book by Saralee Rosenberg
Skills used to write fiction can also be applied to everyday problems....
Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson, Black Women, and the Emmys by Aberjhani
In sixty-one years of Emmys only a few black women have won the award. (AP photo by Matt Sayles)...
Hair Survival: How to keep your hair healthy during cold winter months by Stephanie Bell
Caring for your hair in winter months...
Hair Wars by Helga Ross
Come on Baby Boomers! Follow where I lead. Read about the battle I 'happily' lost. Let's have a Long Hair Renaissance while we still have enough...
Half Orphan by Patricia Struntz
How can someone feel like an orphan even though her mother is still living?...
Have You Lost That Lovin' Feeling? by Cynthia Roberts
Do you need a homing device to relocate your sex drive? Nearly one third of American women actually “aren’t in the mood” and proclaim a headache comi...
Helping victims of domestic violence by rashmee sharma
A review and study of South Asian encuntering domestic violence....
Hen Lit – A Genre For the Older Woman? by S Peddle
Is "Hen Lit" the perfect answer to the reading needs of the baby boomer generation?...
Her Femininity by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Gemstones Canvas ...
High Tide by Nadine Laman: Book Review by Irene Watson
With a poignant first-person narrative, Nadine Laman introduces surprising new relationships and tragically concludes old ones from the life of her su...
Hormone Replacement Therapy yes or no? by Karen Dunn
How to Make an Informative Decision about Estrogen, Progesterone & Other Strategies for Dealing with PMS, Menopause and Osteoporosis...
Hot Read in the Hot Summer - Free to Bloom by Jill Green
It's the end of the summer and time to read a quick, exciting and absorbing tale, Free To Bloom, about a woman learning to take risks and live indepe...
Housewife, lots of free time? by Nalisa Miharbi
An article to refute misconception on housewives...
How Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Saves Lives by Maria Ferguson
Significant progress in mammography technology continues to help physicians diagnose breast cancer in its earlier stages. When coupled with new treatm...
How far would you go to survive? by Dana Hoesch
"No Hole Deep Enough" is a study in the strength of the human spirit and the will to survive....
How Henry Miller and Norman Mailer inspired a Feminist Comedy© by Bengta Boydstrom
Bengta Boydstrom explains how and why she wrote Achieving It All....
How I Use Travel As A Way To Discover More About The True Self by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
The research for my first book was a fantastic experience. Hearing readers' responses is an ongoing delight....
How Self-Esteem Sabotages Entrepreneurial Businesses by Kathleen Aston
Self-esteem is the root of all success … and all failure. Working on it moves you way up the line to success! I wanted to share a bit more in...
How To Choose The Right Clothes To Cover Problem Areas Of The Body by Athena Goodlight
By minimizing the problem areas and highlighting your assets, your figure can look its best....
How to Jump from a Ferris Wheel and Land on Your Feet Vol. One by M. Jacobs by Miriam Jacobs
... for many other women, adversity has become a means to survive with a strong desire to rise above the adverse situation and land squarely on their ...
How to Keep your Sex Life Sizzlin' After 50 by Beverly Mahone
Sex is a natural part of life. it connects the passion between two people so there's no reason for you not to want to enhance your sexuality...
How to Understand a Widow by Annie Estlund
Widows are often shunned by their friends, simply because they are misunderstood. Learn about widows so you can help them....
How Tracy totally healed her monthly painful ovulations by Pauline Houle
Tracy connected her painful ovulation to her unresolved old wounds during her marriage....
How You Can Be a Good Friend to a New Widow by Annie Estlund
Step by step instructions for widows' friends who want to understand and help them as they go through the rigors of widowhood....
I Am a Lady by Nicole Lasher
A public statement. An announcement of determination. This is my pledge to myself. It can also be yours if you like, but this was written mostly fo...
I Don't Want To Get Married by Sandra Mushi
Some serious food for thought - a friend forwarded me this article. This is for your loved sister, who is pretending that 'I don't want to get marr...
I love Women by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
On ladies, women, girls and females. ...
I'm great by Sabine Neuber
Self greeting...
I'm leaving it up to Julia by Darlene Caban
Why I'm not searching my daughter...
If Wives Only Knew What Widows Know by Annie Estlund
Widows from Annie's website tell wives what they should appreciate their husbands...before they are widowed. ...
If you think someone is following you... by Tracy Evans
Based off of my novel, Fatal Kidnapping, I have researched the subject of what to do in case you think someone is following you....
Illusion by Patricia Struntz
Do we really want what is real or do we crave illusion? Has life become so difficult, meaningless and frightening that we yearn to continuously escape...
Importance of Woman by Shamin Bashir Shah
An article about the prestige and importance of woman...
In Kilingiri by Janna Gray
A taster or a teaser ... call it what you will....
In Style - The Punk Hair Do by Jean Rafaelo
Neon colors and punk hair dos go hand in hand. The most definitive method of getting noticed is to make a loud bang using your hair. ...
In The Restaurant by Feather Foster
Some observations....
in today's email. by Paul Nipperess BMin
..... new star signs for rednecks, from my friend, Lew....
Insecurity: Female Penis Envy by Candida Eittreim
The one hope I had held, would be that the Women's Liberation Movement could open us up to the idea that we all possess our individual strengths and w...
Interview with Adrianne Kalfopoulou, author of Broken Greek by Irene Watson
This memoir/testimonial is divided into 5 chapters and an epilogue that braid recurring and overlapping themes of cultural identity, multiple belongin...
Interview with C.J. Golden, author of "The Tao of the Defiant Woman" by Irene Watson
Golden's, "The Tao of the Defiant Woman" is a resource for women dealing with the dramatic changes that life throws in their faces. The book is the r...
Interview with Gina Rossi on Quiet Fiction by Gina Rossi
Jane Riddell interviews Gina Rossi on writing, and her new contemporary women's fiction offering - the novel 'Life After 6 Tequilas'(March 2013)...
Interview with Jill Smolinski, author of The Next Thing on My List by Irene Watson
Jill Smolinski's latest novel, the critically-acclaimed "The Next Thing on My List" introduces readers to June Parker. She works for L.A. Rideshare, ...
Interview with Nadine Laman, author of High Tide by Irene Watson
With a poignant first-person narrative, Nadine Laman introduces surprising new relationships and tragically concludes old ones from the life of her su...
Interview with Susanna Chelton Sheehy, author of Marking Time by Irene Watson
Many women reach a point when their love lives and careers begin to feel stale, and the children they have cared for over the past couple decades are ...
Interview, The Displaced Nation by Corine Gantz
An interview of novelist and Blogger Corine Gantz about her personal experience as a long time expatriate, and how she was inspired to write her novel...
Invisible Woman by Joy Jones
In search of a new lipstick, a reality hits home for a woman d'un certain age....
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Featured Book
Making Changes
by Patricia Hilliard

Sick and tired of low pay and boring work, some women office workers decide its time for making changes...  
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Featured Book
The Immigrants' Daughter
by Mary Terzian

A compendium of memories of coming-of-age in Egypt and trying to change outdated traditions to the demands of modern life...  
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