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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
AfricaSoul - photography by Albert Russo and Elena Peters
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Africa (Sénégal and Kenya) - Photos by Albert Russo and Elena Peters, with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Jérémy Fraise..  
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Featured Book
AfricaSoul - photography by Albert Russo and Elena Peters
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Africa (Sénégal and Kenya) - Photos by Albert Russo and Elena Peters, with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Jérémy Fraise..  
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Featured Book
Sri Lanka / Serendib - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Sri Lanka with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier,and from the Dhammapada (teachings of the Buddha), in English and French..  
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25 Most Recent Cultures Articles

Coffee Sizzling on the Camp fire, well not quite. by Everett Beal
Hard to rise and shine in the brisk mountain frosty daylight.A limo trip to the north Georgia mountains to detox the systems.Unusual story shared by n...
Collection of Short Articles- Leonie Campbell by Leonie Campbell
This is a collection of short articles about the author Leonie Campbell and her books 'Angels of Saigon' -new release! 'The Baby Merchants' coming...
Commanding Respect by Nduka Onwuegbute
Onwuegbute narrates his adventures in becoming a foster parent....
Comparatively Speaking (Part 1) by Jonathan Richardson
How we see and hear Race...
Confessions of a Bookworm by David Arthur Walters
Confused by Faction, a Bookworm becomes a Man!...
Conflections # 1 by Judy Meeker
Judy C. Meeker photo...
Conflections # 2 by Judy Meeker
Judy C Meeker photo...
Conformity? by Winter Knight
Why are we judged by how we look in a country thats supossed to have equal rights and treatment?...
Consulate questions deportations by Karen Palumbo
Mexican official says police profiled illegal immigrants, overstepped authority..........
Context by Barie Fez-Barringten
Where , when,who and what are we doing?...
Coronado Unified School District Busing by Mark Carroll
The CUSD continues to try to stick the cost of busing to its customers. Most of the families which need busing in this area are military. This distric...
Corporate Greed--Why the Outrage? by Timothy Buchanan
Corporate finance scandal is just another symptom of the gross lack of character in America....
Cosmopolitan Urban Culture by Barie Fez-Barringten
How many of you ever thought about urbanism (populate) as a culture (condition) or that urbanism could be cosmopolitan (universal)? The title is t...
Cotton by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
South Arkansas and East Texas share much history and a country culture which is much richer than anything I ever learned in social studies ......
Could Flower Power have saved the world? by Gregory Sams
David Jay Brown, the editor of the Spring edition of the MAPS Journal asked me to contribute a piece to that edition which was themed towards "psyched...
Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail by Claywoman
A book Review/Critique of a personal journey on the migrant trail ...
Crying Mountain by Lili Dauphin by lili dauphin
Crying Mountain depicts a young girls's journey through a devastating hurricane captured in diary kept when she was eight years old. Lili's book is a...
Cultural Industry: An avenue of Poverty alleviation by Sultan Razzak
Cultural industry could be a new avenue for poverty alleviation. Culture expression, cultural product and marketing have been discussed in this articl...
Cup-Marks and Pre-Historic Rock Carvings: Portals to Other Realms by Gary Varner
What is the purpose behind the ancient stone carvings found around the world--a shaman's passage to the spirit world, healing or curses?...
Cynth'ya in Internat'l Review by Cynth'ya
Authors Den poet selected to join literary powerhouse of writers around the world in newest anthology by Cyberwit Publishing....
Dance and the Martial Arts- by Satrajit Sanyal
Dance being used through the ages as a medium to hide and subvert martial crafts. ...
De fantastische brieven van Ernest Pasaribu. by Eva Pasaribu
De uitverkoop van familieleden om gokschulden te betalen....
Dear Birthmother Letters Should Be Illegal by Laurie Frisch
"Dear birthmother" letters and solicitation to get newborn babies for adoption should be illegal....
Death - Finality or Infinity? by Tom Hyland
Death by a Thousand Cuts by Timothy Buchanan
The worst is yet to come, and here's why....
Death in Folklore and Mythology by Gary Varner
How is death treated in mythology? Did the concept of death create the need for religion? An article by Gary R. Varner....
Death, Defiance and Destruction by Timothy Buchanan
The truth about Freddie Gray and the riots in Baltimore. What the Lawless Left won't report....
Deluge Myths based on Fact? by Gary Varner
Why are flood myths found around the world so similar? Do these myths contained in oral literature have a basis in fact? Folklorist Gary R. Varner del...
Despite deaths, trailers still a smuggling tactic by Karen Palumbo
Recent discovery of 40 Brazilians second since trucker's life sentence.......
Detroit Institute of Arts by Mitzi Jackson
Three-pieces of art at The Detroit Institute of Arts “Art begins with resistance - at the point where resistance is overcome. No human master...
Did you know? by Alexander Foxhall
Some facts about Australia - her history, geography, fauna and people - that are little known outside of the "wide brown land"....
Dig For Ancient Pyramid In Bosnia by Peter Paton
Disaster On Our Shores by Mr. Ed
Yet Many Are Still Chanting 'Drill, Baby, Drill'...
Discovering the passion (urbanism) by Barie Fez-Barringten
An architects view of the city, its culture and being. ...
Do Illustrations speak more than words? by Stefania De Angelis Williams
An Interview with Fern Wood, the illustrator of How to Speak “Culturese”, the booklet on dos and don’ts when travelling abroad by Stefania De Angelis ...
Do not Keep a Dog and Bark Yourself by Vasu Ramanujam
Why do paid public servants serve themselves while ignoring the people they are paid to serve?...
Do White Democrats Hate Black women?? by Pearl Jr
Who has the best interest of Black? Republicans or Democrats??...
Doc's love of animals and earth drives work by Jerry Engler
A retiring veterinarian says "reality" would make a great policy for the United States....
Does Black pacifisn Equal Social Suicide by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
It's Black History Month an oxymoron I think. Does this mean I play dead for the rest of the year. Humm....
Domestic Violence and Pets by Mr. Ed
New Laws Attempt to Address This Issue...
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark by E Detetcheverrie
Prejudice is alive and well, nourished by the media....
Don't Bury the Past by Joyce Bowling
A brief description of one southerner's view on a favorite word...that continues to live from her past....
Don't desert me my American Friends by Miller Caldwell
LOCKERBIE Dumfriesshire Scotland...
Don't Send Mother Hens To Kingdom Come: Writing Across Cultures by Beth Fowler
Communications can go haywire when writing for an audience whose homeland is far from the author's. Ask former U.S. president Clinton. When the presid...
Down The Barrel by Lori A
The notion that this was it, this is where we live now, for better or worse, enemies or friends, sent fear into my heart. The notion of stayin...
Dr. Martin Luther King had a Dream.....Not A Nightmare by Debra Sawyer
Black on Black Crime and the Prison Plantation...
Dreams by Carol LaCroix
Dreams are a part of the American way....
Drug cartels want migrants' routes by Karen Palumbo
Fight to control corridors on Arizona border turns violent.........
Drug raids expanding to two Mexican states by Karen Palumbo
Main trafficking routes in territories bordering Texas will be targeted........
Duality: The Trees of Mythology by Mitzi Jackson
College folklore and mythology is such a cool classs enjoying very much. ...
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Cultures Articles
  1. The Chinese Experience in Hawaii
  2. Cup-Marks and Pre-Historic Rock Carvings:
  3. What If?
  4. Hey Dumb-Ass
  5. Britain, Britain
  6. Detroit Institute of Arts
  7. Primer on Islam
  9. Why Democrats Have No Integrity
  10. Deluge Myths based on Fact?
  11. Moving On...
  12. 20th Century Blues
  13. African Americans and their issues of Iden
  14. The Olympic Slaughter Goes On and On and O
  15. Autopsy of a Green Dream
  17. Ethiopian Folklore and Folkmedicine
  18. Stunned
  19. Disaster On Our Shores
  20. The Spirit Land

Featured Book
Ma William and Her Circle of Friends
by Giftus John

A story of life in a Caribbean island as portrayed by a shopkeeper and her "trusted freinds."..  
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Featured Book
RomaDiva - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

photography by Albert Russo and poetry by Eric Tessier, Albert Russo, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky, in English, French and Italian..  
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