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Palo Verde: The Wanted Poster
by m j hollingshead

Don't mess with Marshal Watson, or any of his family...  
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Featured Book
Tuchy's Law--- wisdom from those that cross my path
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Tuchy’s law is a lifetime collection of the most impactful words of wisdom that came to Tuchy Palmieri, over the years, and under all circumstances. This unique co..  
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Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horr
by Nickolaus Pacione

The anthology that carries the name of the author in the title. From the maven of the horror genre featuring a story never before published in the United States. He does..  
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All Sept 11, 2001 Articles

25 Most Recent Sept 11, 2001 Articles

Our New War... Part 26, Lack of Logic by Hanley Harding
No WMDs...? Not hardly...!...
Our New War... Part 27, A Tribute by Hanley Harding
General Paul Tibbets has passed on....
Our New War... Part 3 by Hanley Harding
A bigger problem looms on the political horizon......
Our New War... Part 4 by Hanley Harding
The news media should stop alarming and stick to educating....
Our New War... Part 5 by Hanley Harding
"Please Mr. President... don't f _ _ _ this up."...
Our New War... Part 6 by Hanley Harding
Our war is getting through, but not our help......
Our New War... Part 7 by Hanley Harding
You think we aren't able to try Osama...?...
Our New War... Part 8 by Hanley Harding
Now we'll see what we're made of......
Our New War... Part 9 by Hanley Harding
The time to deal with Saddam Hussein and his mad ambition is nearer than we think......
Our Troops - Encourage Them & Their Families by Angela Watkins
Be a source of strength and encouragement for military families. Several ways churches can help. A reserved solider is part of the country's armed f...
Our Voices by Cles Wilson
From September 11 to date, I wanted to share with you the reactions/comments I got from family, friends, co-workers, strangers, associates, anyone.......
Patriotic Chinese Flags by Nomde Lum
An excerpt from my new book, *Discordant Sound.*...
PNAC and WWIII by Stan Carter
The neo-cons playbook is called PNAC and it details world domination....
Preserving America's Freedoms--At What Cost? by Gary Varner
America fears for its safety and acts to protect it. But at what costs?...
Pursuing Your Destiny in the Wake of Disaster by Michelle Rosado
Inspirational speakers, mentors and best-selling co-authors Michelle and Randy Rosado are featured on
Rawa: Exposing The Truth by Candida Eittreim
Rawa reports cases of women pouring kerosene over themselves and burning themselves to death, rather than live the way they do....
Rising From The Rubble by Lori A
I plan on using my fingers to get the word out to Americans that we aren't alone. It is safe to live and travel abroad. I won't be paralyzed by fear. ...
Senator Pat Roberts Plan by Candida Eittreim
Not only is his plan unworkable, it's dangerously inept. The budget costings on this pork barrel proposal, will treble, at a time whe we can least af...
September 11, 2001 by Michael Timothy
Never forget and always remember the men, women and children who left us that fateful day....
September 11, 2001 - A Survivor's Faith by Susan Smith
As we approach another anniversay of September 11th, Dawn Robinson tells her story of survival and faith as she escaped the Twin Towers...
SEPTEMBER 11, God’s Eyes & The Suicide Bombers by Peter Abrahams
Soon the anniversary of the bombing of New York will be upon the World. Some would then say or think to themselves: “If God exists, where was He when ...
September 11th Memorial Bridge by Ray Sikorski
What better way to show our nation's and our world's connectedness than a bridge, linking the island with the mainland? ...
September 11th: A Wounded Spirit by Candida Eittreim
Those planes did so much more damage than hitting buildings and killing thousands of innocent lives. In military parlance, the collateral damage has b...
Seven months later by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
September 11 was a day that no American will EVER forget. NOR SHOULD THEY....
Simply An American by TL Gray
What everyone should be on this saddest of days. Sept, 11, 2001....
Small Community Scarred by 9/11 by Peter Paton
Small Community Scarred by 9/11 ...
Squib In Linier Time; Our National Disaster by Loit Overstreet
World Trade Center Tragedy was no surprise! Not to me anyway, I have seen this one coming but no one would listen to me. May we have the presence of ...
Terror In America by Jeffrey Bennett
A Christians Perspective Of Sept. 11th...
The 'Greatest Generation Would Be Ashamed. by Anthony Jenkins
The Appeasing of The Enemy...
The 9-11 Report by Candida Eittreim
The truth is, our people are being led by a group of self saving, greedy, amoral members of Congress, who I submit, do not have our best interests at ...
The 9-11 Report -Deception by Candida Eittreim
Here is the reality behind 9-11...
The Course of History by Emile Tubiana
My view about the course of history since 9/11...
The Danger Next Door: South America by Candida Eittreim
Both CIA and DEA have filed reports long before September 11th on the peril of allowing this group to go unchecked. Almost all of their quasi-revoluti...
The Day a World Wept by David Furlotte
This is something I wrote simply to show the viewpoint of one Canadian who feels the pain of my friends south of the border. ...
The Day We Changed (9'11 A Defining Moment) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
we know some names like Father Mychael Judge the priest who died while comforting others, telling them that Jesus loved them. And men like Todd Beame...
The Evaluation by Matthew Stern
If you could say anything to Osama bin Laden, what would you say? This was my test speech at Toastmasters evaluation speech contests in October 2002....
The Great Mosque Debate ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
Setting a few things straight. ...
The Heros of 9/11 Will Never be Forgotten! by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
The will and spirit of the American people will never be broken by anyone! American's are the most giving people in the world...and through their fo...
The Image (Non Fiction) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
There we many like Father Mychal Judge though, men who would carry the disabled down the steps, because the elevators were of cour...
The Imprortance of Remembering 9'11 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
We need to remember 9'll because it defined a generation in many ways, we in the post 9'll generation have kept our...
The Journey Back to Humanity by Richelle Putnam
The long, wearisome journey back to faith and hope....
The Middle East: Making False Assumptions by Candida Eittreim
Trying to pinpoint responsibility on one man, is an unrealistic view of the face of terrorism....
The Nature of Terror by Michael Mennenga
How do you understand the mind?...
The New York Terrorist Attacks Do Not Equate With Pearl Harbor by Rosemary Patterson
A brief discussion of how the analogy of the Twin Towers Attacks and Pearl Harbor is an inappropriate analogy....
The Other Response to 9/11: Peaceful Tomorrows by Antony Adolf
By now, we all know the condemnable responses of the U.S. government to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As these ripple-effect tragedies ...
The Presidental Election: Cutting Through The Hype by Candida Eittreim
As background to the players, you need to know that huge, the world's largest, oil reserves were discovered in Russia. Every major oil player, arms m...
The Psychology Of Patriotic Denial by Tova Gabrielle
Why No One Was Asking For A Motive For The Secretive Stance Of The Bush Administration Towards 9/11...
The Psychology Of Terrorism by Candida Eittreim
We know what the true spirit of Freedom Fighting is. It's inherent in every American who loves this great nation....
The Real Battle Has Just Begun by Candida Eittreim
The harsh reality is, it’s not safe, and the road ahead is full of snares and pitfalls. The real battle has just begun in Afghanistan, and it is the m...
The Real Roots of Our “War on Terror” by J Michael Kearney
Our current "War on Terror" is a war between two faiths - the asceticism of radical Islam and the hedonism of western commercialism....
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Sept 11, 2001 Articles
  1. 13 Years of Lessons Since 911
  2. Why Afghanistan is just another half-baked
  3. 9 / 11 : PRESS For TRUTH
  4. Our First 9/11

Featured Book
Older The Better
by Blak Rayne

One man lives on the edge. Another lives to forget. Can one bad choice be made right after fourteen years of denial?..  
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Code Blue - a writer's guide to hospitals, including the ER,
by David Page

This reference book describes all of the major aspects of a modern hospital needed in writing both fiction and non-fiction...  
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