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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
ELOHIM—Masters & Minions. A spiritual thriller, sequel to On
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

As superpowers struggle for supremacy, Dr. Peter Thornton continues his lonely battle with his gift of healing. Eventually, he enters a realm where only gods dare to trea..  
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Featured Book
Love On A Rotten Day
by Hazel Dixon-Cooper

What's LOVE got to do with it? Discover the not-so-romantic style of your favorite sign. Find out who's the cheater, manipulator, bully, brat, nutcase, or nympho.  
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Featured Book
ELOHIM-Masters & Minions [Winston Trilogy Book Two] ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

This sequel to One Just Man is now available on the Amazons in Kindle edition (as well as in paperback)...  
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25 Most Recent Vision/Metaphysical Articles

Hatred and Intolerance, Fear and Distrust by Greg Pendleton
A Call From Beyond...
Haunted Home Sweet Home by Dallas Franklin
Not long after moving in we found out we weren’t the only ones living there. Most of us had some ghostly experience during our time there but none see...
Healing Meditation by Donna DeVane
Meditation for balance and healing....
Heaven by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
From a Collection of essays Beyond Religion II. (No. 27, Nov. 1997) The cover of The Gate is included as heaven is now the permanent residence of my m...
Hermes and Postmodern 'Creativity' - Pt4 of 'Alchemy and the Imagination' by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This fourth essay in the sequence 'Alchemy and the Imagination' by Dr. Ian Irvine looks at 'alchemical' and 'Hermesian' aspects to: 1) Derrida'...
Hermes Negatively Polarised - Pt 5 Alchemy and the Imagination by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
'The Gods are dead' say secularists and monotheists alike - but Part 5 of Alchemy and the Imagination, by Dr Ian Irvine, uses Jungian foundations to...
Hiding Data: Excluding the Folk by Regan Lee
For UFO Digest: discusses the irony of UFO experience of "the folk" and as "living folklore" and the research hoarding of skeptical UFO pundits....
High Strangeness On The Ranch by Regan Lee
What are the paranormal connections between the Evan's Colorado ranch and the "Skinwalker" ranch in Utah?...
Hoaxing the Trent Hoax Theory by Regan Lee
New information on attempts at hoaxing the famous 1950 Trent UFO case in McMinnville, Oregon....
Hoping to create a bridge between religions and New Thought spirituality by Judy Mezen
THE MAGI OF FUTURITY A Story for the Seeker in Each of Us ...
Hospital Notes on Death and Dying by Judith Bailey
Father's Day remembrances of endurance and determination, despite the 'odds'... and after all, who really knows the definition of 'living'..??...
How and Why CryptoNumerology Works by Gary Tenuta
Several years ago I discovered alphanumeric patterns within the structure of the English alphabet. I wondered if the English alphabet was somehow "enc...
How Many People Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? by Jan Tincher
How to Succeed and Excel in Life now by Sunimal Alles
The % of success and joy in life is directly related to the utilization of Natural Talents (Thoughts, Drive/Will and Skills) ...
How Will We Ever Know if it's Full Disclosure? by Regan Lee
A true, full disclosure on UFOs will never happen. ...
Hunter's Moon by Robin Ouzman Hislop
Hunter's Moon...
I Could Hear The Drumming! by Laurie Brenner
A true story of my adventures with a dear friend in this life and AFTER he passed over....
I Like Ike by Tom Hyland
Hi Mr. Ed: Are you old enough to remember "I LIKE IKE" cigarettes? I remember them being on display on the front counter of FISHBA...
I Remember the Song that was Playing... by Robert Petranek
from memory, without a net, without a need.... ...
Ignorance is Alive! by Tom Kitt
The most profound attribute of ignorance is that it protects itself. ...
Indistinguishable from God? by Ronald Hull
The work of two other authors got me thinking... and that can be dangerous....
Intelligence via Information Processing by Sagolsem Singh
Instinct, Intution, & Intelligence...
Intelligence via Visualization by Sagolsem Singh
Genes, Brain, Books & Senses...
Interview with Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo – Part 2 by Howard Charing
In the second part of the interview with Javier, we continue to explore the use of Healing plants and Ayahuasca. Javier discusses his involve...
Interview with Ayahuasca Mestizo Shaman Javier Arevalo – Part 1 by Howard Charing
Javier was interviewed by Howard G Charing and Peter Cloudsley in the Peru, Amazon Rainforest 2000. In this interview Javier discusses his in...
Interview with Shaman and Peruvian Mystic – Alonso del Rio. by Howard Charing
Alonso del Rio, is a powerful maestro who interweaves Shipibo and other icaros with sacred music of his own to lead you on your journey; he is both a ...
Interview with Shipibo Ayahuasca Shaman Enrique Lopez in the Amazon Rainfor by Howard Charing
The second part of an interview with Shipibo Shaman Enrique Lopez. Interviewed at Mishana, Amazon Rainforest Peru, November 2007. Enrique discusses h...
Interview with Shipibo Shaman Enrique Lopez - Part 1 by Howard Charing
The first part of an interview with Shipibo Shaman Enrique Lopez. Interviewed at Mishana, Amazon Rainforest Peru, November 2007. Enrique dis...
Intuition by Debbie Walker
Short introduction to Intuition...
It Started with Peter and Paul... by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
To date, 72 entries. You can read them also as blogs on AD. ...
It's a Frame of Mind by Cheril Goodrich
Being in a certain frame of mind is a result of a process that is seldom understood. By beginning to learn what frames of mind means, it is possible t...
Jesus and Time by Tom Kitt
Be aware of your timelessness for all is endlessly one. ...
July 11, 2010 Solar/New Moon Eclipse by Hazel Dixon-Cooper
Traditionally, eclipses are viewed as scary omens of dire happenings. Not this one!...
Jupiter / Uranus Cycle II (2011) by Shane Ward
Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. Is there an astrological link? Should we be considering these events with a more long-term view?...
Karen Frazier, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow by Michelle Pillow
Karen Frazier, Interview by Michelle M. Pillow (Originally published in Paranormal Underground Magazine)...
Karma and Reincarnation by A. Santo
The twin beliefs of karma and reincarnation are among Hinduism's many jewels of knowledge. Others include dharma or our pattern of religious conduct,...
L.A. UFOs: Looking Back by Regan Lee
UFO sightings growing up in Los Angeles....
Large Picture Thinking by Arnold Meagher
Sharing a few long suppressed thoughts...
LATEST SOLAR SYSTEM PLANET not the last by Laurance Pearsongreer
New concepts in Astrology ...
Lavender by Regis Auffray
More from Sha'Tara......
Lesser-Known Prophecies of Nostradamus by Nomde Lum
100% genuine!...
LiberateFreedom by Suzie Palmer
Dearest All, Please take a few moments to read the following and watch the three minute film on "Towards Ending War." You will be highly inspired...
Libra As A Life Partner by Teddy Mathis
Get an overview of the Libra horoscope 2015...
Licking Monkey Bars On A Cold winter's Day by Brian Morrisey
Editorial on writing poetry...
Life On The Flip Side 1: Things We See In Dreams by Potato Terror
i>A Potato's Eye View on Deams and Visions.../i>...
Love and Where To Find It by Greg Pendleton
Where Love flows, Love grows...
Love is Closer Than Your Breath by Tom Kitt
In life, we are engaged in activities similar to movies playing. And just as movies we are similar in our illusion. As we gain the wherewithal to rele...
Man’s Dominion by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
“…and have dominion… over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” (Genesis 1:28, part.) ...
Many articles on blog by Jimmy Henderson
Articles relate to psychological and emotional wellness, relationships , parenting and coping with trauma,as well as meditation, imagery and psychic d...
Me and Sister Joan by Edward Phillips
With Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry in supporting roles. [image: Daily Kos]...
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Vision/Metaphysical Articles
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  5. Gravity
  6. Alchemy and the Imagination Part 2: The Ro
  7. Silver Granite
  8. Who Are You In Relationship to Me?
  9. The Mirror Shattered
  10. Ethereality’s Memoir
  11. Omniscient Elements
  12. Alchemy and the Imagination - Part 1 (Ian
  13. THE END !
  14. The Providence
  15. Shirley Sherrod, an Opportunity
  16. Me and Sister Joan
  17. Universal Family
  18. Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder

Featured Book
The House of Music
by Lois Santalo

Opera star Philippe Weintrob of Vienna shares with an American woman a recurring dream of a house of music where groups regularly perform. Philippe is convinced this mean..  
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Featured Book
YESHUA, A Personal Memoir of the Missing years of Jesus
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

Visionary/Metaphysical fiction is set in the context of a historical novel. It is inspired by the statement by Edgar Cayce, the late American prophet, that Jesus had visi..  
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