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Featured Book
Operation Market Time, The Early Years 1965-66
by James Steffes

This is the story of Operation Market Time in the early years of the Vietnam War...  
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Featured Book
Moveable Forts and Magazines: A Novel of Vietnam
by Dick Rose

Why did the Admiral’s son go underground? What is the chief-of-staff covering up? What is the involvement of the Public Affairs Senior Chief? "Moveable Forts and M..  
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Featured Book
A Hard Place (A Sergeants Tale)
by Jacamo Peterson

Vietnam 1970-72, Quang Tri Province,Mike Force Platoon,Special Operations from Chu-Lai to Phu-bai and west to the border. The soldiers and the missions...  
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All Military Articles

25 Most Recent Military Articles

Iraq: Should We Still Be There? by Ann Scarborough
(CBS) Amid cheers from the 5,000-member crew of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, President Bush declared the battle of Iraq had ended in vict...
Is ‘Literary’ a Dirty Word? by Sandy Knauer
Maybe we can resuscitate the word ‘literary’ before it’s too late...
Israel 'Hits Hezbollah Bastion' by Peter Paton
Israel 'Hits Hezbollah Bastion' ...
Israel and Turkey: The Impossible Alliance by Sam Vaknin
Prior to 2008, it has been a common – and misleading – truism that relations between Turkey and Israel have never been better. The former is ruled by ...
Israel Calls Up Army Reservists by Peter Paton
Israel Calls Up Army Reservists ...
Israel Claims Iran Link to Crisis by Peter Paton
Israel Claims Iran Link to Crisis ...
Israel is engaged in combat against Extremist Islamist Terrorist Organizati by Peter Paton
Israel is engaged in combat against Extremist Islamist Terrorist Organizations ...
Israel's Blunder by Ronald Hull
I am not a political or military analyst. I am just a student of history who hates what war does to people and feel that I need to comment on this con...
Israelis Mass On Lebanese Border by Peter Paton
Israelis Mass On Lebanese Border...
Jane Fonda: Traitor by Mark Lichterman
She can lead her present life the way she wants and perhaps SHE can forget the past, but we DO NOT have to stand by without comment and see her ...
Javelin Photo for the Curious Among Us by Hanley Harding
A picture of the MANP Javelin AAM... new to the U.S. Army arsenal. This is a "fire-and-forget" anti-armor weapon....
Koa Kahiko: Random Thoughts on Militarism by Kalikiano Kalei
"Koa Kahiko" is Hawaiian for "Wise, ancient warrior". Regrettably, there usually isn't much wisdom in modern war, as perhaps Vietnam and Iraq illustr...
Korea's Imminent Unification by Sam Vaknin
The regime in North Korea is all but dead on its feet. These are its last days. China is facing the terrifying spectacle of a crony failed state with ...
Lean On What? by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
A Little Label Says So Much...
Learn How Deployment Affects Children and Their Families Left Behind by Stacey Chillemi
The Soldiers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Suffer during Deployment...
Learn How Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Linked to Dementia by Stacey Chillemi
Recent Studies Are Showing That Veterans with PTSD Are More Likely to Develop Alzheimer's As They Get Older ...
Learn How Substance Abuse is Linked to Veterans by Stacey Chillemi
“Learn How to Cope With the Stresses of the Military without Having to Resort To Drugs”...
Learn how to develop keep the fire burning with your spouse after you come by Stacey Chillemi
When military life ends and civilian life begins your going to experience many changes in your life. Some of them you will be able to handle and some...
Learn How You Can Help Your Child Cope with Deployment by Stacey Chillemi
Learn How You Can Help Your Child Cope with Deployment...
Learning To Make the Best of Your Time While Your Spouse Is Deployed by Stacey Chillemi
“The secret to success is learning how to value your time by creating realistic and productive goals while your spouse is deployed”...
Line Kansas-Memories of Korea by David Baillie
Taken from the book...
Luftwaffe Air-Evacuation in WW2 by Kalikiano Kalei
Fifth in a series of brief articles prepared for publication in 'Der Adler', the official newsletter of the LARA (Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Associa...
Made in America, Sold in the Nam” Rick Ritter, Paul Richards: Book Review by Irene Watson
With present-day military conflicts issuing strong comparisons to the Vietnam War, certain questions must be asked. Have we learned anything since th...
March (PG rated for language) by Mark Lichterman
From the black macadam of the camp onto the dirt road going south, “Hup-two-three-four!” The day was hot, bright and dry, and soon a light cloud of br...
Marine Corps Drill Instructors!!! by Joe
When you speak of excellence in military bearing, appearance and deportment, the Marine Corps Drill Instructor is at the head of the class! ...
Memorial Day - A letter by Richard King
Memorial Day was set aside to honor our departed military heros... Not firemen, not policemen, not anyone who hasn't departed while wearing or since w...
Memorial Service for Darrell Shifty Powers by John Domino
A recent article written by Chuck Yeager, MajGen. ...
Men Who Ansered the Why? American Warrior by Resa Kirkland
Why are warriors willing to die for others?...
Military Appreciation Night, Monday, November 16, 2009 by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
Image (c) 2008, Karla Dorman...
Want the GI Bill? You better sign up when you first join or regardless how unfair it is, you will never get this opportunity again....
Military Pay by Mark Lichterman
This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers acr...
Mondale Backs Pre-Emptive Missile Strike by Peter Paton
Mondale Backs Pre-Emptive Missile Strike ...
My brother's retirement from the USAF on 06/15/10 ... by Joseph* OneLight*®
I'm SO Proud of him for the service he rendered to our country! The following is a speech that was given at his retirement ceremony: ...
My Father Was A Soldier... by Zahala San Simone
For Veterans Day, I think every family in America can tell a story—something they’ve heard, someone they know, or an incident they recall that helps t...
My Humble Opinion 89 by Jennifer Butler
Progress is leaving the pacifists out of wars....
N Korea Tests Long-Range Missile by Peter Paton
N Korea Tests Long-Range Missile ...
NASA N819NA, 20 Years of Dryden Flight Research by Kalikiano Kalei
NASA N819NA is a Lockheed F-104B Starfighter, a two-seat version of one of the hottest fighter aircraft ever designed. Born right after the Korean War...
NAVY Motorcycle Training Wasteful? by Mark Carroll
In an effort to try to respond to sailor fatalities on motorcycles, the Navy requires training for any rider before they are permitted to ride on base...
Navy SEALS Respond by Mark Lichterman
In this Incredibly powerful video! Senior CIA, FBI, Military and many other U.S. government intelligence officials describe how Obama has comprom...
Need to know or need to share. by Lem Yedowicz
Emphasis lately seems to be on increasing the sharing of security information between a broad range of police and military units - but there is a dang...
New Mentality For New War by Peter Paton
New War...
New Orleans, the Big Stank by Cynth'ya
Run for shelter ye meek of stomach. The following is the way I used to write before I learned how to be politically correct. And since my estrogen gel...
Newspaper bias towards our troops by Dave Harm
We all need to protest... when soldiers are not respected...
No Face by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Since my hotel is so close to Red River Army Depot, I am treated to the stories of many soldiers. Down through the past several years, the stories hav...
No Matter Where We Stand by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I am all for freedom of speech, but when you are speaking of freedom of speech, what do you think that entels does that give you the right just to sta...
Obama Disapproves of Funding for WW2 Alaska Native Unit Pensions by John Fredrik
President Obama disapproves of funding for WW2 Native Alaska Unit that defended Alaska, and fought the Japanese....
Of Uniform Concern: A Casual History of the USAF 'Blue Suit' by Kalikiano Kalei
A casual overview of the US Air Force's blue service dress uniform, bringing together information applicable to its development and continuing evolut...
One Navy Lady by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Toledo was a Lady, indeed ......
One Soldier's Victory Over Moral Rot in The Army by J. David Galland
Please visit and read the true story of Master Sergeant Steve Croteau's four year battle to correct a grave injustice against him which ultimately led...
Our Compassionate Fighters by Haven Mankin
. The USA fights not for another’s land, not for another’s oil or gold, but for the innocent and for peace! We must do something about evil’s existe...
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Military Articles
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  2. A Cold Warrior's Final Patrol: Russian Sub
  3. Of Uniform Concern: A Casual History of th
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  10. Learn How Substance Abuse is Linked to Vet
  11. We Owe Our Veterans – Partie Deux
  12. Sack Lunch for the Soldiers
  13. Hysterical Recreation or Historical Reenac
  14. Remembering Frank James Morgan (1916-1985)
  15. A Brief History of the Convair F-106 'Delt
  16. Free Speech and The Courage to Lie
  17. Betrayal in Benghazi
  18. Defense Against the Poor Man's 'Nuke'
  19. Lean On What?
  20. A Son Remembers His WWII Dad

Featured Book
Rolling Thunder (Book1 in the five-book Wings of War series)
by Mark Berent

Rolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war. Its characters range from men in the field to the Pentagon and the..  
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Featured Book
Moveable Forts and Magazines: A Novel of Vietnam
by Dick Rose

Why did the Admiral’s son go underground? What is the chief-of-staff covering up? What is the involvement of the Public Affairs Senior Chief? "Moveable Forts and M..  
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