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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Confession of a Paedophile Priest
by James Skivington

An alcoholic journalist, unemployed and with a failed marriage behind him, sets out to track down an Irish priest accused of child abuse in an orphanage...  
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Featured Book
by Donna Lagone

Why did Rosie on her death bed asked me to promise to always keep her silver mirror in the family. What silver mirror and why?..  
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Featured Book
For Nil Consideration
by Dave Brooks

The first in a series of books based around the fictional Sheraton Moss estate in Teesside... only this story actually happened! Based on the real life events of a trauma..  
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25 Most Recent Drama Articles

Living My Faith: Our Wake Up Call by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Just when we start whining the Lord...
Living my Faith: They Without Sin by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
They without sin cast the first stone......
Male Sexuality by Martin Brant
What does male sexuality have to do with Martin Brant Novels...
Marcelo In The Real World by Glenda Bixler
Written for Teens - It's a must-read for anybody who is interested in autism and, especially, asberger's syndrome...
Matt is Alive and Well by Tom Hyland
Due to several unrelated mishaps - and my losing my cool - this is an APOLOGY to MATT & AD ... So now, all is - JUST DUCKY aga...
Mental Passage by Walter Jones
Direction and path lead to placement and position but none more that sef evaluation. Where will you sleep tonight...
Midnight In New York by Julie Glass
Have to read to find out, it's a song, I hate limits...
Million Dollar Baby worth every cent by Eric Croas
My review of the DVD release: Million Dollar Baby....
MO' PO' CRAPO ! by Tom Hyland
If you have had enough of my diatribes, please don't read any further, your Blood might Boil! Read the Words in the PIC ... That is a Real P...
Most Precious Moments in a Hospital by Rebekah Rosie Lang
This could be classified under Health/Wellness as well. It is not about me. It is about my Grandfather. Written for a Yahoo group as well....
Murder In Hercules ( Expanded and Revised ) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Little did I know what I read in that paper that morning would shatter my sense of serenity......
My 60,000 Hit Today! I Give You LOLA! by Sage Sweetwater
Dear Readers I Thank You For Supporting Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties! Today I Received My 60,000 Hit! Pulp Fiction Rocks! I Appreciate You All!...
my beloved mother by g koshi
the plot summary of my short film "Anbulla Amma" (with my beloved mother)...
My Humble Opinion 76 by Jennifer Butler
Animals frequently have sex in public. People rarely do....
My Joy by Christian Cashelle excerpt by Christian Cashelle
This is a short piece from a novel,My Joy....
My Second Chance at Life by Laura Hageman
Article about my second chance at life. This article was recently bought by a website. Clink on link to read full article....
My Unlucky Angel by Sunrise Land of smile
The lady spending time with two crazy man who are her son and her husband. Event though she got a very hard life ,but she give love to people around ...
Nightmare by Andrew Halmay
Report on a very strange dream...
no longer available by Kareem Love
Jackie Cross, a young black female who had work up her way up the law firm to become partner, who personal life had suffer from fail relationship afte...
No Matter How We Feel by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
For all the spotlight we are putting on them, it makes me wonder how much help we are giving these children whose Father is gone forever, and whose M...
Nonna ( A Biography Continued) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
She was gone, but never has she been forgotten......
Be fascinated and intrigued with this unique anthology of six modern tales – three novellas and three short stories – that will touch your heart, ...
Of Gods and Wine by Sarah Cole
This is a paper I wrote for an introduction to theatre class discussing the idea that Christ is simply and extension of the Dionysian myth....
One Hour Photo: Snapshot of psychosis by Eric Croas
DVD Review...
Our Heart Goes Out by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
We all need to do what we can......
Paranoia by Dana Reed
Is it just me?...
Parents from Hell by Georg Mateos
Ngati and few more other children had come by our pages, most, from Karen Lynn Vidra. Some read and comment/review the topic, some just read it, a...
point Made by Joan Bray
Lost Love, woman waits for her true love but he never shows up....
Poison Reality: A Symphony of Bittersweet by Nedyne Shorts-Nettles by WR Potter
Vierna Bates, a woman scorned, finds herself staying in a hotel the local newspaper labels “a rape den.” She decides to stop moaning her pending divor...
Polarity in Female Psyche: Burrowing into the Mystery in Vijay Tendulkar's by Hemang Desai
Read it...
Powerful performances in Philadelphia: Anniversary edition still ring loud by Eric Croas
DVD review of Philadelphia: Anniversary edition...
Press Release by Jerod Williams
Xlibris Releases The Manipulation, Love, Lust, & Betrayal of a Career Woman -- New Book Tackles the Many Hassles of Modern Society Through The Eyes of...
Writer Dueweke performs as both a poet and fabricator of prose in this offering....
RE-Discovering “SELF” by Deirdre Brown by Derek Brown
This poem, “Desiderata”, by Max Ehrmann, was given to me when I was met with confusion and adversity as a young girl. Not a child, but not yet an adul...
Rescue Mounts For Trapped NY Cat by Peter Paton
Trapped Cat...
Review of Dolores Claiborne by Nolene Dougan
Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto....
Review of Supernatural - Season 2, part 1 by Nolene Dougan
The dead should stay dead - didn't you see Pet Sematary?...
Review of Thirteenth Tale by Dianne Setterfield by Nolene Dougan
What good is truth…? What you need are the Plump Comforts of a story. The soothing, rocking safety of a lie....
Right Before My Eyes by Sunnie Day
She goes about life wrapped up in her own materilistic world, not realizing that life is not all about her. ...
Rita -- A First Hand Account by Ronald Hull
I stayed home, so my story is boring. Not so, my friend, Donna Kimble's account... ...
Rovella Starr By Carol Denise Mitchell by Stuart McCallum
"Rovella Starr" A modern day, must read classic....
SayWhatNews Interview by Markeise Washington
Markeise Q. Washington is a visionary who had a dream and made it reality. By fighting through the hardships and obstacles of starting a business from...
Secrets by paul svendsen
Harriet Beale, self-absorbed, obsessed with her beauty and unusual vocal talent, travels a long journey from Southern privilege in Virginia to so...
Shakespeare and the Occult by Helen Gordon
Shakespeare's plays and poetry show knowledge of occult imagery (ghosts, witches, alchemy, etc.) One source was Rosicrucianism. ...
She Could Hear The Silence by RM Green
This excerpt from my soon-to-be published book features the completed first chapter. Five female college friends get together for a much-needed Happy...
She Could Hear the Silence Part VII - Sarah II by RM Green
This is another chapter from my upcoming novel, anticipated to be published June, 2007....
She Could Hear The Silence' - Part III - Phaedra by RM Green
This is the third excerpt from the author's upcoming new novel. All reviews and comments welcome!...
She Could Hear The Silence' - Part IV - Simone by RM Green
This is the fourth excerpt from my upcoming novel, Simone. ...
She Could Hear The Silence' - Part V - Sarah by RM Green
This is another excerpt fro my upcoming novel. There is only ONE more excerpt to be posted, and that will be under 'Short Stories'. Then you will ...
She Could Hear The Silence', Part II - Daphne by RM Green
This is the second excerpt from my upcoming new novel. All comments and reviews welcome!...
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Drama Articles
  1. Shakespeare and the Occult
  2. BGE Sucks !
  3. Le choc psychologique de Francis
  4. The Young Wife and an Age Old Dilemma
  6. MO' PO' CRAPO !

Featured Book
Electra: A Gender Sensitive Study of the Plays Based on the
by Batya Casper

In this book, I studied the deep structure of the Electra myth and applied it to plays as early as those of Aeschylus,Sophocles and Euripides, through Shakespeare's Romeo..  
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Featured Book
The Girl From Kosovo
by Graham whittaker

Caught in a world of drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, Nikita Tarasov plans her escape...  
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