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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Death with Dignity: The Case For Legalizing Physician-Assist
by Robert Orfali

“Orfali approaches this agonizing subject with common sense informed by extensive research and an acute sensitivity to the dilemmas faced by dying patients and their fami..  
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Featured Book
Mom's Story, A Child Learns About MS
by Mary Nickum

Mom’s Story; A Child Learns About MS tells the story of a young girl who sees her mother with some frightening health problems and learns she has MS but she will not die ..  
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Featured Book
The Brain Food Diet
by Frank Ryan

Draws on new research that shows that omega-3s can improve cognition at any age and help reduce the risk of cognitive decline in middle age and old age...  
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All Health/Wellness Articles

25 Most Recent Health/Wellness Articles

Stay Healthy -- Use A Personal Trainer by Stephen Lodge
A visit to a Palm Desert Personal Training gym...
Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling by Norm Goldman
If you are planning on traveling and want to know how to stay healthy, you may want to read an interview between Norm Goldman, Editor of Bookpleasures...
Stem Cell Research Breakthrough by D. Arant
Scott comments on stem cell research as well as his spiritual partners with information that can help all human beings....
Steps to Healing - Mindfulness Meditation by Sandy Fackler
From the Internet Writings of Sandy Fackler © 2003 topic is Mindfulness Meditation. Step by step instructions on using mindfulness meditatio...
Stock up on Garlic, Not Cipro; protecting yourself from anthrax by Cindy Jones
Because of the fear of anthrax many people have been stocking up on the expensive antibiotic, Cipro. Protecting yourself from anthrax like you would f...
Stomach size and its relationship with food Intake and Weight Control by Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon
A Simple Solution to America’s Complex Weight Problem: Lose Belly Fat, Stomach size and Weight "In Just 5 Minutes A Day." No diet, drug or vi...
Stop Dieting and Lose Weight: Stress Free Weight Loss Tips by Barbara Mitchell
Looking for a "non-diet" way to take off those extra pounds? Learn eight quick tips and more that you can use to jump start your weight loss today....
Stop Eating Twinkies by devrie paradowski
Societal stereotypes cast America's obese population as fast food junkies who scarf Twinkies, but the true picture of obesity has less to do with bla...
Stop Snoring Exercises for the Sleep Deprived by Dr Rick Donald
"A growing number of snorers worldwide have successfully stopped their snoring dead in its tracks, simply by doing 10 minutes of tongue, jaw and neck ...
Stop This and Prevent Dementia by Susan Berg
What habit do many people have that increases your risk for lung and heart disease? This activity also increase your chance of developing dementia. Se...
Stop! Don't Eat That Apple! by Sandy Powers
Apples have high pesticide residues....
Stopping and Quitting… by Anthony Davis
There's a difference between stopping and quitting....
Stopping prostate cancer in its tracks by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This is information I gathered for a friend of mine that has advanced prostate cancer. I am also an 11 year prostate cancer survivor. While these food...
Stories and the Brain by Susan Smith
Stories are good for the brain. ...
Strap Perfect: Bra Magic Every Woman Should Know About by Vicky Jeter
This article introduces the benefits of the Strap Perfect Concealer Clip....
Strategies by Tami Brady: Book Review by Irene Watson
An estimated 4 to 6 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, or fibromyalgia, according to the National Fibromyalgia Partnership....
Strategies to Help You Stick With a Healthy Eating Plan for Life by Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE
Learn strategies for starting a plan to eat healthy and then stick with it....
Stress Be Gone! by Joan Reinbold
The United Nations has done lots of studies and one of them has to do with stress. There is even a label for it, “The 20th Century Disease”....
Stress Free Weight Loss Secrets by Barbara Mitchell
Looking to lose those extra pounds you put on over the holidays? Here are a few easy weight loss strategies that don't involve diet plans or vigorous...
Stress Management Strategies by John Domino
Here a a few stress management strategies mentioned in the Mentoring To-Go text. ...
Stress Relief Using Aromatherapy by Cheryl Wright
Self-help guide to relaxation and stress relief using Aromatheraphy and massage....
STROKE! A Blessing In Disguise? by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
How can a stroke be a blessing in disguise? We all get lazy from time to time; we all procrastinate issues away; we all become couch potatoes,we all ...
STROKE; My Cell Phone Saved My Life by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
At the age of 67 at the time (May, 2012) I have always taken care of myself, so I got caught by surprise when the stroke hit me in May, 2912. There w...
Strong Black Woman Syndrome by Zhana Books
African American Sistahs and Brothas getting real ...
Strong Voice for Over-50s America by Peter Paton
Strong Voice for Over-50s America ...
Structure or Flow by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD
I believe that to be powerful we must transcend this duality. We can plan and structure, but we must also let go of all notions of control....
Subliminal Persuasion - How to change your mind by Steven Harold
Subliminals are ideal for busy people. They communicate suggestions below the level of the conscious mind without having to take time out from a busy ...
Successful withdrawal of inhaled steroids in childhood asthma by Dr. B.J.C. Perera
Perera BJC. Successful withdrawal of inhaled steroids in childhood asthma. Respirology 2005;10:385-8 ...
Sugar Poisoning Revisited by Michael Basso
Sugar “poisoning” revisited By Dr. Michael Basso During the last few weeks I have been constantly reminded of the past. My…high scho...
SUICIDE; Could Be the Result of BULLYING by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
BULLYING; SHAME AND A BIG BLACK EYE FOR AMERICA... I think it's fair to say, that almost everyone in America has been bullyied at one time o...
Sun Cancer by D Knuth
An article that warns Floridians on the dangers of having too much exposure in the sun....
Sunny Side of the Street by Patrick Kennedy
The warm weather is coming just around the corner and worries should be set aside; especially the view to the other side of the street which always lo...
Supplement for my short story titled : 'No title yet' by Koty Lapid
After getting many enquiries about Qigong I decided to write more about it as a supplement for my short story titled: 'No title yet' ...
Support for those who have autoimmune diseases
and or chronic pain.
by Denise Contreras
Hi I invite those of you who want support who has an autoimmune disease and or Chronic pain to join me I started a support group for people who have a...
Support Groups and Asthma Organizations That Can Help You and Your Loved On by Stacey Chillemi
Managing the Stress of Asthma can be devastating for the people and their families who are affected with the lifelong disease. Many people who have be...
Support Our Troops by TONY NERONE
And to what degree of support do we give to actual murder. I want our troops safe sure, but I also do not want them killing innocent children. End tha...
Sure Cures for DEPRESSION by Dr. Joe Reed
Depression is a destructive state of mind that is treatable. ...
Surgeons support by Neil McHugh
Suggestion to the subconscious mind can replace sedation and here is how it works....
Surgery Costs Hidden From You by Linda Meckler
When you are scheduled to have an outpatient or inpatient surgery do you know all the charges you will accumulate? I have spoken to many people who ha...
Survivng the monday morning meetings by Daniel Swift
One of the greatest obstacles many people have to achieving the weight loss they want and keeping those pounds away is their job. All jobs have some d...
Swine Flu and Your Family by Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD
EASY to Understand Info on Swine Flu that Tells You What You Should I Know and Do? There has been a tremendous amount of media coverage around rec...
Swine Flu as a Conspiracy by Sam Vaknin
In May 2009, as swine flu was surging through the dilapidated shanties of Mexico, I received a mass-distribution letter from someone claiming to have ...
Swine Flu: Symptoms and Prevention by Jaycee Fox
Swine flu -- it's all over the media. What is it? What can I do? And how worried should I be? These are the questions I ask myself, especially as a mo...
Symptoms of Alcoholism by Jeffrey Taylor
One of many articles contained on the website...
Tackled Demons by Janet Buck
Tackled Demons" addresses the crucial function of writing as two good oars in the raging rapids of grief. The prefix of "dis" in disability meets its...
Take care of yourself: by Jacinta M
This article suggests things that one can do to take care of him/herself in order to acheive a better state of wellbeing. ...
Take Me! by Vincent Martin
A poem, a simple poem, a sad poem, real life in verse......
Take the Archaea Active Challenge by Carol Hope
So many people have difficulty dealing with their digestive systems and having their bodies receive the level of oxygenation and hydration it needs to...
Take Your Health In Your Hands by Andreas Moritz
By taking your health in you hands, you free yourself from the clutches of physical emotional and spiritual limitation....
Taking a Break by Susan Kelley
Every writer needs a break even if it's only taking a few days off from the keyboard,...
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Featured Book
Body Trauma - a writer's guide to wounds and injuries
by David Page

Body Trauma covers the overall organization of the US trauma system, how doctors evaluate and treat trauma victims, as well as special sections on specific injuries such ..  
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Featured Book
Analyzing Sports Drinks
by Nina Anderson

What's right for you: Carbohydrate or electrolyte replacement...  
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