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The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland
by Lonnie Hicks

This is a book done "real time" which traces the rise of Obama, written from the perspective of his political values and background. It goes on to predict how he will gov..  
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Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps
by Lonnie Hicks

A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection..  
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The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Day of Apocalypse by Eddie Thompson
(The people of Jena, many in fear of the unknown, await the arrival of an angry nation who have no idea who we are.)...
The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Jena-Cide by Eddie Thompson
How a small, southern town was sacrificed for America’s national sin. The author, quoting a term often used by supporters of the "Jena Six" to illustr...
The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Justice Or Mercy by Eddie Thompson
(Al Sharpton recently visited our town. I was asked if his visit would help the Jena Six. Following is part of that discussion.)...
The Battle Against Racism In Jena: Prejudicial or Preferential Treatment by Eddie Thompson
The discovery that the Jena Six did not receive prejudicial treatment but instead received preferential treatment will come as a shock to those outsid...
The Battle Against Racism In Jena: What We've Learned So Far by Eddie Thompson
What have we learned in the wake of the trial of Mychal Bell, the first of the so-called "Jena Six" to stand trial for the charges against him in the ...
The Battle To Re-define "Marriage" by Eddie Thompson
(Why are gay lobbyists encouraged to promote their lifestyle while born-again Christians are called "bigots" for promoting theirs?)...
The Beauty of a Ghazal by Dhruv Foster
Essay on technique of Ghazal...
The Beginning of LIfe by Hilarie Roseman
The nature of human life and the application of human rights to reflections on human genetic material...
The Bible vs. Rock Music, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Roleplaying Games by Frank Creed
Is Biblical speculative fiction compatible with Christianity?...
The Big 'T' by Maryann Miller
What does it take to succeed as a writer?...
The Big Blue Nowhere by Katie Gabrielle
Does such a place exist or is it just a figment of your imagination?...
The Big Circus Tent by David Schwinghammer
The Republican party recently hosted a conservative convention co-sponsored by the John Birch Society. ...
The Big Heavy and Worthmores by Marvin Kirsh
life got you down-something on your chest?.......
The Biggest Hypocrite in America by David Arthur Walters
He was the most influential minister of hate in his day....
The Biggest Liars by W. Korol Selley
Novelists are the biggest liars the world has ever known, and most of them are pretty good at it....
The Bird's Nest by Katie Gabrielle
Sometimes a sweet friendship between a puppy and a little bird teaches us all about what really matters......
The Birth of a Book by John Brown
The early morning thoughts of a writer !...
The Black Hole that Threatens to Swallow America by Edward Phillips
Wealth inequality is a thousand times more deadly to our survival as a nation than anything since our first revolution....
The Blues Hour with Jom Lehrer by Timothy Buchanan
How PBS fails to produce the "balanced news coverage" that it boasts of....
The Catholic Priesthood: Ancient Gay Refuge? by Randall Barfield
Hasn't the Roman Catholic priesthood sometimes been used as a sort of refuge for gays on a level higher than that of the Protestant clergy?...
The challenge of change by Walter Jones
Everyday I hear someone telling me practice makes perfect, perfect what?...
The Challenge: 140 Characters - One Pitch by LK Griffie
Describing a book in 140 characters...
The Circle of Rage by Lucille
Why it is payback time for China against its early colonialists....
The code of the Nazarene by Claudio Ianora
interpreting the secret sayings- G.O.T. ...
The Color Human Rights by Arthur Wilson Jr.
Hypocracy of fact....
The comment ABC News doesn't want you to read by M.L Bushman
Censorship on behalf of the government and the oil companies by ABC News...
The Community Choice Act Resolution Project by Anita Cameron
The Community Choice Act Resolution Project is a project of the Center for Disability Rights and its Advocacy Team. It's aim is to get cities, towns, ...
The Condition of Being Humble by C P Whitaker
Whitaker encourages us to let humility be our constant companion....
The Congregational Rock by David Arthur Walters
A history of the Early American Congregationalism of Orestes Brownson's family...
The Convenient Way Out by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
There is a growing trend today to put everything into God's lap as a way of rationalization but when it covers a greater area of responsibility,...
The Creative Personality by Lakshmi Sharma
About the Creative Personality...
The Creative Personality by Lakshmi Sharma
The Creative Personality is very different to the non-creative personality....
The Creative Process by Miranda Pope
Musings on how it all works....
The Cuban Crowd by David Arthur Walters
Gustav Le Bon drew a difference between the Latin crowd and the Ango-Saxon crowd....
The Culture of Retaliation in South Beach by David Arthur Walters
The City of Miami Beach is plagued by bullies...
The Da Vinci Revelation by Earnest Mercer
The Da Vinci Revelation takes up where the Da Vinci Code leaves off. This article was written by Michael Di Nunzio who lives in Germany. For more ...
The Day Our World Changed by Lori Zecca
Ordinary People—Extraordinary Circumstances...
the day the magic died by jing javier
I read an article entitled "to be young again". It was so vivid and graphic that it moved me to reflect on how the magic of youth in me perished. ...
The Days of Swine and Roses by Edward Phillips
It's time for a new national discussion about wealth--before another civil war begins. (picture from
The Death of a Nonviolent Revolutionary by David Arthur Walters
Dave's death brought to mind the 2001 Inauguration of President Bush ...
The Death Of Civility by Eddie Thompson
Why is America spiraling into a cesspool of political vitriol?...
The Demise by Brion Ofrika Bey
The fall of one group welcomes the rise of others. The issues underlaying the African American struggle are a result of indulgence in a foreign cultur...
This essay presents a brief overview of the development of the nineteenth century English novel....
The devil as better bet – sometimes by Anthony Muchoki
The devil as better bet – sometimes Laughing to stop crying By Anthony Muchoki There are times I have some kind words for ...
The Diamond is Man's Best Friend by David Arthur Walters
Yes! Jewel-Lotus! Amen!...
The Differences Between a Contract Of/For Service by Martin Ade-Onojobi-Bennett
This essay highlights the major differences between a contract of/for service. ...
The Dirty Fight Against Clean Rite by Damaa --
A neighborhood's plight against big business invasion....
The Dumbing Down of America by David Schwinghammer
Was the London Daily Mirror really right? Are American IQs heading south?...
The Dynamics of Desire in Capitalist Economies by Marriah Star
Capitalist economies thrive on non-symbolic desires. Niche companies fulfill symbolic desires....
The Elusive Legacy by John Prophet
A personal essay about the author's desire to leave a legacy....
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  1. Private Foundations....Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  2. When is Freedom Day?
  3. Retro 60s Flashback: You Don't Own Me!
  4. Abortion?
  5. Unforgettable Moments in Life
  6. The Meaning of Life
  7. Ignorance and Arrogance
  8. Vituperative Recriminations
  9. Advice on Writing a Novel
  10. The Story behind the National Debt
  11. Inequality
  12. Retro 60s Flashback: NATASHA, that Femme F
  13. A Meaningful Life
  14. Obama, a Modern Caesar?
  15. Retro 60s Flashback: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Wee
  16. Are You Normal? Do You Want to Be?
  17. A Self-Analysis (Jay Dubya)
  18. I'm Afraid to Write!
  19. Coal: Energy and Pain in Eastern Kentucky
  20. Boredom Can Kill

Featured Book
Essays on Human Potential, Volume I
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

An anthology of essays exploring the subject of Human Potential...  
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Featured Book
Beyond Religion, Volume III, ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The Third in the Beyond Religion series, followed by Visualization - Creating your own Universe (also available as eBook on Smashwords)...  
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